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Have you ever considered working with a coach?


Step Into Your Power™ Coaching With Susan Sly


Okay, you feel you have some challenges.  You have read books, attended seminars, and still find that something is missing.  You have thought about coaching and are wondering if it will help.  I totally get it.  I was once there myself and to this day use coaches for success in very specific areas of focus.

As a former athlete, I always had a coach.  When I wanted to get to the next level, I hired specialty coaches to assist me with improving very definitive skills.  As an example, after my very first multi-sport race, where I blasted the run but had a very feeble bike, I hired a cycling coach.  Within a year, I got my pro card and raced at the elite level. Had I not hired that coach, or instead hired a general coach, I am not sure I would have had the success I experienced.

For the last twenty-three years, I have been coaching people in some capacity.  In the nineties, as a personal trainer and nutritional consultant, I helped save the career of former Stanley Cup Winner, Kirk Muller.  I also coached other athletes, physicians, and people from business to help them physically perform at their highest level.  Eventually, I went into professional sales and management and there - as a business coach AND success coach I coached my team to becoming number one out of four hundred and forty-four locations.  When I went into business for myself, I built a massive sales team and have been coaching individuals to create significant results for over a decade.

Up until 2009, I had a private coaching business however as much as I was helping people, I knew that I wanted more for my clients.  It was at that time that I dove into NLP (neuro linguistic programming), hired a master trainer to coach me, and spent years learning the tools and techniques of the greatest coaches on the planet.  I also became certified as an NLP Coach, Trauma Recovery Specialist, and certified in Dream Sculpting™.  My vision wasn’t to have clients who hired me month after month and became co-dependent.  I wanted to have the skills to help my clients unlock their own potentiality, learn to problem solve, and frankly assist them with stepping into their power™.

The reality is that I am not interested in coaching people who want to speak to me every week indefinitely.  I would rather coach a few select individuals who are committed to doing the work, have an unshakeable desire to succeed, and will show up to each session ready, unencumbered, and without complaint.  As someone who is a self-made multi-millionaire, bestselling author, certified coach, has a science degree in psychology, a former pro athlete, and mom of five, I will be direct – I am qualified to coach people who want to achieve.

If you are:

  • Open
  • Ready
  • Willing to Act
  • Receptive
  • Positive
  • Committed
  • Responsible
  • Hungry for Change

Please feel free to apply to coach with me.

I want to be candid, application does not guarantee acceptance.  Because my time is finite, I only work with a select number of clients at one time.  Believe me, if we are meant to work together, it will happen.

work with life coach, success coach, and personal coach Susan Sly

“Susan Sly is an amazing coach. Just one session with her has helped me in so many ways! I feel like I got upgraded.”
- Keith Hadrill – NLP Certified Coach and Hypnotherapist

Coach With Susan

One-And-Done New Session

Duration - 90 Minutes

In a one-and-done session we will focus on a singular specific area using a variety of techniques. After this, you will leave with certainty, clarity, and be empowered to act. There is no limit to the number of one-and-done sessions you can purchase. If a follow-up on the same issue is desired then applicable pricing will be applied as below.

Cost – $497.00

Value - Priceless

One-And-Done follow-up

Duration - 45 Minutes

Cost – $397.00

Value - Priceless


Life Turnaround Package

Duration - One Year

Are you ready to commit to turning around the key areas of your life from health, to relationships, to business? Do you want to achieve the secret goals of your heart? Do you want to be that person who is barely recognizable after one year? Life Turnaround is the program for you. One week we might be working on re-organizing your home office over video chat, and the next the focus might be on your nutrition. We will be working in all areas and tackling the toughest areas first.

Over the course of one year we will focus on your health, re-define your relationships, and elevate your finances. This package will include twenty-four coaching sessions, entry into all Organize Your Life online programs, weekly text blast, and Dream Sculpting™ over Zoom or Skype.

Note – in order to apply for Life Turnaround Coaching you must currently be earning in excess of $100,000 per year.

Cost – $12,997.00

Value - What is your potential worth?

Once your application is received you will hear back within 48 hours of the next business day (M-F).

Please Note:

There is no guarantee that you will be accepted for coaching. The process is based on your application.
Coaching spaces are limited.
Your session may take up to three weeks to be added to the calendar.

Get Organized. Get Productive. Get Results.

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