How to Become More Mentally Tough for Greater Success in Life, Health, and Wealth

How does habit help with mental toughness?


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If mental toughness is the “X-factor” for greater success in life, health, and wealth, it’s clear that developing or improving mental toughness is vital.

Experts say the key to this is consistency. Everything else such as desire and motivation – even intelligence and skill – can be fleeting. It can come and go or fluctuate between high and low, sporadically. Thus, it’s what you do – or go to – in those times when your usual tools fail you, that determines mental toughness.

In those times when your desire, motivation and skill may wax and wane, the easiest “go to” is habit.

How does habit help with mental toughness? Good habits help you stay consistent.

Those who are mentally tough:

  • Don’t miss appointments with others or themselves
  • Keep commitments to themselves and others
  • Don’t get discouraged or judge their efforts based on immediate results (or lack of immediate results)
  • Don’t reduce future efforts based on results already achieved
  • Don’t back off when it looks like success might be near—they increase momentum.
  • Set goals and take consistent steps toward them.
  • Always maintain effort and don’t move their goalpost if it gets hard or begins to look “impossible”; if that happens, take it as a challenge and amp up the effort
  • Deliver with consistent effort – if they say or even have decided they are going to do or achieve something daily toward their goal, they produce
  • Rarely say, “I don’t feel like it,” since life for them, is not about how the process feels, it’s about how the end or reward will feel—that’s what keeps them going
  • Likewise, they know the reward and “fun” is in the result so that even if the process isn’t always “fun”, that’s ok

How can you become one of these mentally tough people (or mentally tougher)?

Set your goals.

  • What is it you wish to accomplish?
  • What makes it tough? What obstacles do you stand to face or need to overcome?
  • How do you see someone who is “mentally tough” dealing with those obstacles and challenges?

What will your “small wins” be? Decide on how you will recognize your “mental toughness” accomplishments and acknowledge them.

  • When you wanted to sleep in but got up and worked out…
  • When you were tempted to DND that phone call with a friend, family member, or colleague that you didn’t want to take, but knew you should
  • When you were tempted to buy that new jacket even though you vowed to buy no new clothes for a month to boost your savings account instead.

Decide to “amp it up” when you’ve gotten consistent at meeting your daily, weekly, or monthly goals

  • If you make a commitment to working out daily and one day you don’t feel like it, make yourself work out 15 minutes longer.
  • If you make a commitment to making 100 calls a week for work, if you reach that goal before the week’s end, increase the goal to 150.
  • If you vow to save $1000 a month and you meet your goal, add 25% to it.

Each of the above examples will make you exercise your mental toughness – push yourself a little further than comfortable – to meet those on-the-spot inflated goals.

Again, perhaps one of the greatest keys to developing or improving mental toughness is recognizing that it’s not about motivation, but developing habits that push you forward when motivation is not there.

Interestingly, consistency is what helps to develop these habits. However, also, when you develop such habits, consistency becomes a byproduct. Thus, it’s a very symbiotic and circular relationship—hard to have one without the other.

What will you do right now – today – to improve your mental toughness? How do you think it will help to change your life for the better?


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