Organize Your Life: Sales Academy

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Do You Want to Improve Your Sales Skills?

Have you ever observed people who seem to generate sales with absolute ease? Have you wondered if they have some special superhero type gift that mere mortals do not seem to possess? Have you questioned your own abilities to create more sales within your business? If you have answered ‘YES’ to any or all of these questions, then OYL Sales Academy is for you.

OYL Sales Academy is a six-week virtual classroom, filled with students from a variety of backgrounds that share the common goal of upping their sales. Taught by best-selling author, speaker, trainer, and sales expert, Susan Sly, this training will assist you with your own sales mastery and help you truly Step into Your Power™.

In this class you will learn:

  • How to generate your own leads.
  • How to use the proper psychology to create a more powerful experience for your prospects.
  • How to ask the right questions that lead to the sales gradient.
  • How to set yourself apart.
  • How to use power words and phrases which increase the likelihood of a sales.
  • How to generate more referrals from existing clients, patients and customers.
  • How to organize your time effectively.
  • And much, much more.

Course Schedule:   Class Starts Tues. Sept. 12, 2017

  • Tues. Sept. 12  @ 9 pm est. to 10 pm est.
  • Tues. Sept. 19 @  9 pm est. to 10 pm est.
  • Tues. Sept. 26 @  9 pm est. to 10 pm est.
  • Tues. Oct. 3 @ 9 pm est. to 10 pm est.
  • Tues. Oct. 10 @  9 pm est. to 10 pm est.
  • Tues. Oct. 17 @  9 pm est. to 10 pm est

P.S. – You are a star for reading to this point and we would love to see you in the class.


Would you like to generate more sales?

OYL Sales Academy will get you organized, focused, disciplined, and help you learn the art of suggestive selling using NLP techniques.  If these superpowers are not enough – you will also learn how NOT to turn your potential clients off!

This class is ideal for anyone in a sales profession.  We have had realtors, network marketers, commission sales people, and those who are self-employed, and rely on selling to bring in revenue, take this class.  We even had one realtor sell her first home during the session.



Get Organized. Get Productive. Get Results.

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