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oylbusinessbannerOYL Business Academy is designed for managers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who has a team. This six week program will help you get more organized, enhance your communication, create better structure, and improve your team’s results. Taught by NLP certified trainer, best-selling author, entrepreneur, and coach, Susan Sly, this course will help you take it to the next level.



Do you have employees, or team members?  Do you feel that your organization could be doing more and yet somehow you are underperforming?

‘Leadership’ is an overused word and quite frankly, just because someone is in a position where they run a team of people doesn’t mean that they have truly stepped into leadership.  Leadership requires effective communication, listening, mentoring, motivating, and making the tough decisions that people generally do not want to make.  OYL Business Academy is designed to help you step into your power(tm) and take your leadership skills to the next level.

In this class we will be focusing on:

  • How to communicate more effectively using NLP (neuro linguistic techniques)
  • How to get more done in less time
  • How to have conversations that result in a win-win
  • How to self motivate even during challenging times
  • How to deal with difficult decisions
  • How to lead even when it is uncomfortable

Mark Your Calendars With The Class Schedule:

Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. EST

November 01st to December 06th

PS – the most prosperous people on the planet are inspired leaders; the individuals who can selflessly be a catalyst for others to act.  I believe that you can be one of these people and I would love to work with you.



Get Organized. Get Productive. Get Results.

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