Affirmations For A Powerful Life


Positive Thinking Affirmations for A Powerful Life = Powerful You!

Never underestimate the effectiveness of power affirmations…

There are (too) many who have not yet learned the many benefits powerful affirmations can have on every area of life – personal and professional. We want to help you achieve the life you’ve envisioned and this is just one tool we provide to get you there.


The Benefits of positive thinking and powerful affirmations are many!

If you have never practiced positive thinking affirmations – or haven’t experienced the impact of power affirmations on your life and the results you obtain – you owe it to yourself to give it a try!

If you’re ready to try positive thinking affirmations, Affirmations For Creating A Powerful Life by Susan Sly is a revolutionary guided meditation technique designed to shift our thinking toward the positive. That’s why we refer to these type of affirmations as powerful affirmations – or power affirmations.

When we practice these affirmations, we become powerful magnets for improved health, finances, better relationships and more.  We also build self esteem, build confidence, and are able to be happy and achieve the balanced living we all desire.

This audio of guided meditations and positive thinking affirmations is appropriate for audiences of all ages.

Relax as Susan gently guides you to your center and helps you unfold your highest potential. Discover the great power of positive thinking affirmations for you, your life, and your business. These powerful affirmations can transform everything!

(digital download)



Get Organized. Get Productive. Get Results.

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