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Step Into Your Power Business Solutions

Are You Running Your Business or Is Your Business Running You?

Susan Explains Infusionsoft® and Our Phases

It Is Time To Automate Your Business

Are you ready to become more productive, profitable and progress?

Whether you are looking to generate more leads, create automated follow-up, build better client relationships, target market your list, or simply take your business to the next level, we can help.  From implementing Infusionsoft(tm) to helping you get organized – we are the leaders in productivity strategies.

Our courses, and coaches, are at the ready to assist you with taking your product or service to the masses at very affordable prices.  Where our competitors charge thousands of dollars for basic training, our programs are happily priced at a range from $297 to $997 depending the level of training.  Infusionsoft(tm) private coaching is only $127/session (coming soon).

If you are ready to get productive, get results, and rock your business – get started with us today.  If you have questions about any of our services, please reach out simply click the button below.

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Base Infusionsoft® Subscription

$99  Starter Edition

Includes one user account, contact management, email marketing, internal business automation, landing pages, & marketing funnels. Each subscription comes with the capacity to have 1000 contacts and send 5000 emails per month.  If you need more than this, you can add more now or later.

Add-ons (fees are per month)

$59  Sales Opportunity Module

A “must” if you personally interact with your customers.  This module allows you to organize all processes in your company where you come in contact with your customers.  You can even use this process when automating internal business processes that also have personal interaction such as new employee orientation.

$59 E-Commerce Module  

If you sell products and process orders, you can do it all under one roof with Infusionsoft®.  If you don’t already have a payment processor, you can easily set up Infusionsoft payments in less than a day and start selling!

$10 Additional Users (per user)

You can provide your other business owner/partners or staff with their own access portal to your Infusionsoft® account.  You will have the ability to designate permission levels on what each user can and cannot do in the main account.


Additional Contacts & Emails (fees are per month)

$25.00            5,000 contacts / 25,000 emails

$37.50            10,000 contacts / 50,000 emails

$50.00            25,000 contacts / 125,000 emails

$75.00            50,000 contacts / 250,000 emails

$100.00          100,000 contacts / 500,000 emails

Included with all new Step into Your Power Infusionsoft® clients at no additional charge:

  • A one-hour customized strategy session
  • Five+ hours of video training to help you get your Infusionsoft® account set up.
  • Training on creating a mobile handshake campaign and a customer re-engagement campaign.
  • Access to our private SIYP Infusionsoft® Facebook Support Group
  • Monthly virtual workspace training sessions
  • Ongoing training on some of the best tips and tricks on Infusionsoft®.

(Current as of Nov. 1/17)

My mind is completely blown by all I am learning and what I can accomplish with this software. This has been a game changer! You could never have told me, two weeks ago, that I would be building campaigns and landing pages on my own. It is truly an incredibly system. And that’s just part of it! There is so much more. What’s even more incredible, is Susan and her amazing team. I not only receive a system that is changing my business, but I and receiving unbelievable training and support. Susan is a true professional and she pours her heart into her students. If you are looking to take your business to the next level, then this is a no brainer!

Racquel Miller

“As a social media and web based business owner for many years, I was no stranger to landing pages, email marketing, etc., but the method and platforms I was using were not producing the results and automation I needed to up-level.  Contemplating paying a high dollar service to help me “fix” things, I instead took the leap to learn Infusionsoft myself with SIYP’s step by step, easy to follow training videos and supportive community.  Within a few weeks, I’ve run several campaigns and my first opt in landing page was a great success converting 6 new paying clients in 6 days in my network marketing business.  I’m excited to continue to learn and automate to serve my community better.”

Valerie Solomon

Do you require more specialized assistance?

POWER UP your Infusionsoft system with customized recommendations, development, configuration & training.  Join our 6 Week Infusionsoft 101 training program with Diana Frerick.   Diana’s next class starts Jan. 18.

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