The Top 3 Fears That Will Destroy Your Business

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Fear can paralyze us.  It can be a catalyst for procrastination, avoidance, and sabotage of the very activities that we inherently know, are essential for achievement.  Fears can stem from a variety of causes - [...]

How To Effectively Deal With Criticism When You Want to Pull Your Hair Out

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In life, and business, we will all face our critics.  Whether you finally got your post baby bod, 10 years after giving birth, and posted a bikini photo that your sister-in-law publicly slammed on Instagram [...]

6 Key Steps to Creating A Solid Career Pivot

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The 52-year old godfather of my kids stood in my kitchen and proclaimed, ‘I am embracing technology.  We are going email free.’  He was in town to do a tech incubator and over dinner was [...]

Why Measuring Progress is Essential to Achieving Your Goals

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  At the end of each year, I take time to reflect on the progress over the previous months; contemplating, and writing, at least 100 ways in which my life, and the life of my [...]

5 Strategies to Step Into Your Power™ and Stop Allowing People to Deter Your Progress

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Let me know if this feels familiar – you have a call with a person who criticizes your actions and suddenly you feel deflated. You ruminate on it for days feeling no self-worth and vacillating from anger to pity.

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