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Is Looking At Your Phone First Thing In The Morning Hurting Your Productivity?

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If you are a person who checks their phone within 5 minutes of waking up, you are not alone.  61% of people reach for their phone moments after their eyes open.  88% check their phone [...]

The Word Successful People Use That You Should Too

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I have a question for you – are you feeling a little all over the map right now wondering if you will finish the year where you want to be?  So many people struggle with [...]

Can You Stop Yourself From Procrastinating in 5 Seconds?

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While I was procrastinating on writing the Thursday 3… just kidding. I wouldn’t call myself a procrastinator however I sometimes do delay tasks until I have the inspiration thus one might call me an ‘intentional [...]

The Key to Entrepreneurial Success – It’s Tough But Worth It

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On my recent birthday weekend, I decided to go away to beautiful Sedona, Arizona and spend some time in quiet contemplation. As a mother, wife, owner of two businesses, and working on a startup, getting [...]

Why Practice Mindfulness? (Hint: It May Be THE SECRET to Being More Organized, More Productive, and Happier)

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“Mindfulness.” It’s one of those trendy buzzwords that get tossed around today. Tons of “gurus” are consistently – and increasingly – preaching the benefits of mindfulness. So much so that it’s tempting to brush off [...]

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