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Work Life Balance

Using the SWOT Method to Create Greater Work-Life Balance in 5 Phases

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SWOT is an accounting term that stands for ‘strengths, opportunities, threats, and weaknesses.’  Not only am I married to a CPA, as a business owner, I make it a priority to understand the fundamentals of [...]

Shark Tank’s Daymond John Is Talking Work-Life Balance and You Should Too

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  Daymond John sat in a cushioned arm chair on stage in front of several thousand people – nothing new for this star of Shark Tank and creator of the multi-billion-dollar brand, FUBU.  Investor, mentor, [...]

80% of People Quit Their Resolution by February – Here is How Not to Be One of Them

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According to an article published in US News, 80% of people give up on their resolutions by mid-February.  Perhaps it was the champagne talking.  Maybe it was your best friend who challenged you to run [...]

Why Measuring Progress is Essential to Achieving Your Goals

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  At the end of each year, I take time to reflect on the progress over the previous months; contemplating, and writing, at least 100 ways in which my life, and the life of my [...]

Shift Your Beingness – Shift Your Results – Part I

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In business, and life, it is easy to set goals and many people do.  We tell ourselves that we are going to lose weight, make more money, and get more organized, however sadly, many of [...]