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With Bobby Angel

Bobby is fluently bilingual (French & English) and has been in the customer service industry for over 18 years. He developed a passion for helping others after reading the book “Raving Fan – A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service” given to him by his first employer.

He also breathes entrepreneurship and has been in business for over 12 years. He has formerly owned a small distribution business as well as a franchise with one of the biggest Poker Leagues in the world. He is also runs a very successful Network Marketing business where he specializes in building culture and team duplication.

He has been using business automation to catapult results in his own business and now want to bring that same concept to you so that you can spend more time on activities that makes your income grow.  Bobby is a Certified Consultant with Infusionsoft and is looking forward to assisting you in the growth of your business.

Bobby strongly believes that serious business can and should be fun because people thrive when they enjoy what they do.

Bobby Angel’s Areas of Expertise:


  • BRANDING AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Developing your story, creating your brand, pin-pointing your pain points and solutions.
  • INFUSIONSOFT ® SYSTEM SET UP: Preparing your contact list in Excel, preparing, and uploading tags, importing your contacts, and setting up your profile. Setting up your email and additional domains.
  • INFUSIONSOFT® LANDING PAGES & CAMPAIGNS: From basic handshake campaigns to more complex customer re-engagement campaigns with lead scoring.
  • INFUSIONSOFT®BUSINESS AUTOMATION: Automating internal processes with internal webforms.
  • MARKETING: Developing your e-book, creating content that attracts your avatar.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Creating your accounts on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter. How to best leverage each platform with your marketing.
  • NETWORK MARKETING: Recruiting, leadership development, duplication.
  • MINDSET & MOTIVATION: How to push through the challenges that come along with learning something new.

Personal Coaching Options:

1 Hour with Bobby @ $167.00


3 Hour Package @ $467.00

Register Now For 1 Hour of Coaching
Register Now For 3 Hours of Coaching

All Personal Coaching Fees are a non-refundable purchase.

Other Courses That Bobby Suggests:

  • Learn how to build a powerful online business.

  • Create, or amplify, your product offering.

  • Learn how to build your own lead pages and much more.

Learn more…
  • Time mastery strategies for business owners.

  • Become more profitable.

  • Create more certainty in your business by getting organized.

Learn more…
  • Build a solid foundation with Infusionsoft.

  • Launch your first campaigns, emails and landing pages with confidence.

  • Leverage your marketing and learn how to identify your hot leads.

Learn more…
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