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You CAN have everything you desire – a balanced life with greater work-life balance, better productivity, and more success in all areas of life

have it all woman - susan sly book coverIn today’s demanding society women report being more out of balance than ever before. This is affecting our health, our relationships and our careers so much so that popular online forums suggest women should give up trying to have it all.

On the contrary, work-life balance expert Susan Sly – entrepreneur, author, speaker and mother of five – believes that women can have it all and it may be simpler than we think. In this book, Susan assists women with creating a solid foundation as a launch pad for a life with less stress, greater fulfillment and empowerment.

Susan draws on her own journey from a diagnosis with multiple sclerosis, bankruptcy, divorce and hopelessness to becoming healthy, financially solid and attracting fulfilling relationships. Additionally, stories of phenomenal women who have re-shaped their lives are combined with practical tips for getting unstuck and living a HAVE IT ALL life.

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