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Infusionsoft ® 101 Workshop Program

Are you new to Infusionsoft® or have had the Infusionsoft® APP and are feeling unsure?  Infusionsoft® is an epic tool if you know how to use it and our team of Certified Infusionsoft® trained experts are here to help.

Over six weeks you will learn the basics of® and be ready to go with launching your first campaigns, sending compliant emails, creating your first landing pages, and much more.

Space is limited. Claim your spot today and start to build a solid foundation with Infusionsoft®.

Space is limited. Claim your spot today and start to build a solid foundation with Infusionsoft®.

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Course Outline

Week One

  • Tour and orientation.
  • Setting up custom fields.
  • Setting up profile and signature.
  • What is a campaign?
  • The handshake campaign – you will LOVE it!
  • Introduction to FREE Marketplace Campaigns

Week Two

  • How to get your list together.
  • Importing your list.
  • Tagging your list.

Week Three

  • Creating your first email.
  • Email templates.
  • Email copyrighting.
  • Email compliance.
  • International regulations to be your guide.
  • Image use and rights.

Week Four

  • Campaign Builder Basics.
  • How to create your first campaigns.
  • Leveraging your marketing.
  • HOT! HOT! HOT! How to score your leads.

Week Five

  • Landing Pages 101.
  • Creating your first landing page.
  • Populating it with epic content.
  • How to use landing pages effectively.

Week Six

  • Live Coaching.
  • Next Steps.

Class Starts May 8 @ 9:00 pm est.

Click here to see the complete class schedule

Class Starts May 8 @ 9:00 pm est.

Class Schedule: (all classes run at 9 pm est.)

  • Class 1: May 8
  • Class 2: May 15
  • Class 3: May 22
  • Class 4: May 29
  • Class 5: June 5
  • Class 6: June 12

6 Week Training Program


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About Diana

Diana has a strong business background, having started her career working for Fortune 500 companies in sales, training, curriculum development, video production, graphic design & marketing.  She feels her greatest strengths are her creativity and ability to simplify the complex.

In 1996 Diana decided to venture out and start her own business in a niche area of the music industry.  Her company grew to be a multimillion dollar global leader with 20 employees and over 80,000 customers.  Diana personally spent over 1 million dollars in PPC advertising and had a website with over 6000 products.  Her Company was featured in The Wall Street Journal, Wired, Arizona Republic, Fine Living TV and twice in INC Magazine.

Over the past 12 years she got involved with network marketing, is a top leader in her company, has grown a large team of thousands and created a significant income.

She has a passion for helping small business owners because she has been in the trenches and walked a mile in their shoes.  She is always looking for ways to help streamline processes and increase revenues through use of cutting edge digital marketing technology.

I have had the privilege of working with Diana Frerick in creating an Infusionsoft account and onboarding

Diana is extremely knowledgeable.  She has tips and tricks that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

She also understands my business and has great advice tailored to what I’m trying to accomplish.

I would recommend Diana to anyone who wants to use Infusionsoft to take their business to the next level!

Chris Marshall

Diana is amazing to work with! She is personable and an outstanding teacher who is able to teach to your learning style, making Infusionsoft seem less overwhelming. With her help, I was able to make a successful campaign and launch it within my first week in Infusionsoft! Something that would have felt impossible without her.

Alexandria Parker

Diana is not only amazing with knowledge but her patience and marketing provide a perfect blend of expertise and execution!

Thomas Alexander

I write this with such gratitude that Susan Sly in the ‘OYL Sales Academy’ Introduced ‘Infusionsoft’. I was then introduced to Diana Frerick for the onboarding call for Infusion Soft, I was very apprehensive. I did not know what to expect.

Diana, from the moment she emailed, to the clarity of the call and explaining how she had felt in the past and could relate to my frustrations about follow up, interaction with customers and team members in network marketing. Diana assured me my hesitation would pay off and to treat ‘Infusionsoft like a ‘pregnancy’ I would have morning sickness and possibly a few problems on the way but at the end there would be a beautiful baby. A facebook group was created  to support ‘users’ it is just awesome. Telling us to continue, keep going and then the one line.. Diana said ‘’The Goal is to create value greater than your monthly subscription fee before your next billing’’.

The whole Team behind it, the zoom training calls Diana leads. I would highly recommend it and only just got started. I have used parts of my brain that I haven’t used for many years.

Lynda Clarke

She Is One Of Us:

Those words above pretty much says it all. Diana always comes from a place of being where we are so she can design a platform of training that meets us where we are.

Diana engages all of us and steady’s the ship so we can all follow along. Advancing ourselves in software platforms can be a scary thing as many us did not receive this kind of training or computer development in our schools. Some if not most of us self taught ourselves in computer use.

Diana is a Master at being able to speak at our levels and guide us through a process that helps build our confidence and allows us to start standing tall with the rest of the Internet Marketing World. I know Diana puts in the hours when we may be sleeping to make sure we have the very BEST because that what she is The Best!!!

Always look forward to Diana’s training!!

Bruce Corkhill
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