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With Renée Trask

Renée has over 15 years of customer service experience.

She started out her career in the car industry in both sales & service.

In the last 4 years she left her career in the car business and became a professional network marketer quickly creating a significant income & becoming a top recruiter in her company.

After using Infusionsoft for her own business, Renée became passionate helping others automate their business and has become an Infusionsoft® Certified Consultant.

Renée has a unique ability to problem solve & think outside the box.

Renée believes in optimizing your time with business automation, “Let technology do the work for you!”

Renée Trask’s Areas of Expertise:

  • BRANDING AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Developing your story, creating your brand, pin-pointing your pain points and solutions.
  • INFUSIONSOFT ® SYSTEM SET UP: Preparing your contact list in Excel, preparing, and uploading tags, importing your contacts, and setting up your profile. Setting up your email and additional domains.
  • INFUSIONSOFT® LANDING PAGES & CAMPAIGNS: From basic handshake campaigns to more complex customer re-engagement campaigns with lead scoring.
  • INFUSIONSOFT®BUSINESS AUTOMATION: Automating internal processes with internal webforms.
  • ADVERTISING: Facebook ads, as well as ways to get organic traffic to your landing pages and website.
  • MARKETING: Developing your e-book, creating content that attracts your avatar.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Creating your accounts on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter. How to best leverage each platform with your marketing.
  • VIDEO: Creating and editing videos and launching Facebook Lives for your marketing.

Watch Renée Teach Live:

“Renée is wonderful! When I started Infusionsoft, she simplified what seemed complicated and, as I grow, she has been a great support whenever I’ve gotten overwhelmed. I highly recommend Renée if you’re looking for an IS coach!”

Judy Langmuir

“Thank you SO much Renée! I am a lucky man. Learning from a power user, rather than an application developer, cut my Infusionsoft learning curve in half. Your years in internet marketing gave me the clear unvarnished advise on my entire project not just how to use this new tool. I am grateful for the value you gave me. Our investment in your consulting has already been earned by multiple times with the aid of this incredible business automation platform. Keep up the great work and I will for sure come to you will all my future project needs.”

Steve Drake

“Renée has been an incredible help with setting up my first landing page and campaign!  She explained the landing page builder and campaign sequences in easy to follow steps, which made what could be a confusing process, much simpler.  Thanks to Renée’s help and troubleshooting, the landing page has generated numerous leads.  I would highly recommend Renée as a coach if you are just starting out with Infusionsoft, or are looking to further develop your skills!”

Sue Field

“Infusionsoft is an enormous tool that has so many capabilities. Renee was able to zone in on just the items I wanted and was able to walk me through them with ease. What I loved most about Renee was her patience and she never made me feel like I should have the hang of this already. She went the extra mile with me and I really appreciate her help and would recommend her to others in a heartbeat!”

Natalie Boese

Personal Coaching Options:

1 Hour with Renée @ $167.00


3 Hour Package @ $467.00

Register Now For 1 Hour of Coaching
Register Now For 3 Hours of Coaching

All Personal Coaching Fees are a non-refundable purchase.

Other Courses That Renée Suggests:

  • Learn how to build a powerful online business.

  • Create, or amplify, your product offering.

  • Learn how to build your own lead pages and much more.

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  • Time mastery strategies for business owners.

  • Become more profitable.

  • Create more certainty in your business by getting organized.

Learn more…
  • Build a solid foundation with Infusionsoft.

  • Launch your first campaigns, emails and landing pages with confidence.

  • Leverage your marketing and learn how to identify your hot leads.

Learn more…
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