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The Shift For Releasing Weight

According to the International Journal of Obesity – Weight Loss Meditation, two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese.

What is additionally staggering is that a landmark study found that only one out of six people who release weight will actually maintain that weight loss.

Maintaining a healthy body weight is essential to prevent certain diseases and live a productive life.

This is where weight loss meditations can be beneficial.

Studies have shown that in addition to a healthy eating and exercise program, mindset is also a key factor to success.

People with a positive, focused outlook tend to achieve their goals in every aspect of their lives.

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Meditation and Weight Loss: Is there a connection?

Looking for information on meditation and weight loss? Former personal trainer to athletes, physicians and celebrities, author, international speaker and balanced living expert, Susan Sly takes you through a twenty minute guided meditation for weight loss to complement your healthy lifestyle.

How does weight loss mediation work?

The Shift For Releasing Weight can:

  • Assist you with staying positive and focused.
  • Help you feel more aware of your body.
  • Contribute to a healthier outlook.
  • Help you feel more in control over your choices.
  • Help build confidence.

Weight loss meditation simply works! Listeners of the original Shift Meditation for Weight Loss report being able to be happier and much more positive. Many also report feeling much calmer during life’s challenges. We encourage you to use the Shift for Releasing Weight in the morning and the original Shift in the evening. Studies show that daily meditation can have many positive benefits.

Get the benefits of meditation and weight loss now.


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