Leading Female Keynote Speaker on AI and Entrepreneurship

Susan Sly is sought after thought leader in artificial intelligence and top female keynote speaker with decades of experience inspiring audiences of up to 20,000 people at a time, sharing the stage with some of the most well-known inspirational speakers of our era, including Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Gary Vee, Mel Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, and more.

Susan is known for engaging the audience with workshop-style participation and no-nonsense wisdom. Susan has also done many speaking events in the technology sector in talks sponsored by Intel, NVIDIA, HPE, Lenovo, and MIT.

In addition to decades of experience in entrepreneurship, what makes Susan credible is that she has built teams that have generated over $2 billion in sales in three separate verticals. She is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of RadiusAI, a Phoenix and Seattle-based artificial intelligence company specializing in computer vision for retail with offices on three continents. Susan is also a mother of four.

Susan Speaks on The Highly Popular Topics Of:


There is not only one path to success – but when you have the support of those who have walked before you, discovering your own route becomes far easier. Susan is committed to supporting individuals at all stages of the entrepreneurial journey and feels honored to be able to play even a small role in the learning and growth of entrepreneurs in the making. In her highly acclaimed show, Raw and Real Entrepreneurship, Susan has interviewed hundreds of startup founders and is also an investor. She brings exceptional insight into all facets of entrepreneurship.

Susan’s presentations on entrepreneurship have encompassed a broad range of focus areas, including:

  • What It Really Takes to Build and Scale to a 9-Figure Valuation: Susan dives into how entrepreneurs and innovators can weigh competing options to make an informed, confident decision, as well as how to make the necessary moves to position a company for a competitive advantage. Susan also explores in-depth topics such as evaluating the critical decisions necessary for turning an idea into a reality and what it looks like to develop a practical, systemic approach to strategy.
  • Going from Employee to Entrepreneur In 90 Days or Less: So many people dream of leaving their 9 to 5 and becoming their own boss, but only a select few actually make the leap – what’s their secret? Susan discusses what hopeful entrepreneurs-to-be need to know, honing in on the practical skills needed to start, grow, and scale a healthy and robust business. She also talks about overcoming the fear of starting your own business and how to overcome the barriers currently standing in your way.


Susan knows firsthand the unique challenges of launching – and successfully operating – a startup. She also believes that gatekeeping must become a thing of the past in order to foster a culture of innovation and ambition. So, she is passionate about sharing her most valuable learning experiences with others, particularly those who are hoping to make a difference with their startup idea.

Her speaking engagements have included a number of presentations on the “how” and “why” of startups that survive (and thrive), including topics like:

  • Get Your Product Into The Market Now!: Every best-selling product started as an idea – but how exactly do you turn your vision into a ready-to-purchase reality? Susan breaks down the process of turning an original concept into a product available on the market, explaining the behind-the-scenes details that go into product development.
  • How to Effectively Raise Money for Your Startup: The primary reason startups fail is a lack of cash flow, so understanding how to create value for investors (and potential new funders) is key. Susan taps into her decades of business experience – and the expansive knowledge she’s accumulated as a startup investor – to help others learn how to find and maintain the funding they need to propel their startup to success.

Artificial Intelligence

There is a lot of hype with AI. Susan is known for breaking down what is possible with AI now versus near and far future. She is known for cutting through the nonsense and assisting audiences from enterprise C-Suite executives to mid-level innovation decision makers on how to navigate digital transformation with AI.

Susan’s discussions on AI include topics such as:

  • How To Navigate Digital Transformation: Susan is considered an AI strategy architect and brings together the voices of various stakeholders to help them find a unified vision.
  • How to Go from Pilot To Production: During her five years at RadiusAI, Susan has overseen the largest computer vision deployment for exterior and interior AI analytics in one of the leading retail sectors. Susan shares her expertise and wisdom helping audiences navigate successful scaling with AI.

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Susan Sly is an empowering and authentic speaker at the bleeding edge of AI.

Marian EdwardsGlobal Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager, HPE Services, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

I had the honor and privilege to collaborate with Susan on a CoreNet virtual event to educate Corporate End Users in commercial real estate on the Metaverse. Susan is not only a true expert in her field but also an amazing speaker. Her soft yet determined approach enabled our audience to ask many questions about the future of the Metaverse and its implications in both our professional and personal lives. She brought much insight and valuable discussions during our sessions together that ultimately led to a more holistic and collaborative mindset. Her vast amount of knowledge and expertise was impressive to witness. Thank you Susan.

Brigitte BeltranAssociate Director Client Solutions

Wow that was fantastic!

I wanted to thank you so much for working with our sales team from across the country last week. You were impressive, engaging and made an outstanding impact on our team.

Your interview was energetic, funny, down to earth, extremely informative and hit home with the team. Your story is inspiring and the help you offer is priceless. The team has been commenting to me every day since about changes they are working on and actions they are taking to improve their business and their live as a direct result of your efforts.

On a personal level I am working through your resources to grow as a person and strive to get better every day. Something my company and my partner will benefit from.

Thank you again so much, we all appreciate it and would love to have you back again.

If anyone is ever looking for a reference, please send them to me as I would give you a very strong endorsement.

Thanks again,

Chris SmithFirst Access Funding Corp.

Susan Sly is an absolute powerhouse of a speaker who commands a stage and a room with ease. She is an expert in her field of AI and has many lived experiences that are extremely relevant and powerful for audiences to hear. Her gravitas and authenticity shine through…I can’t recommend her enough. Any event or room will be elevated by her presence.

Carolyn HenryVP, CMO of Americas Regional Marketing at Intel Corporation
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Women in Technology Leadership

Susan is deeply dedicated to supporting increased inclusivity in the tech industry and has presented on various topics related to this incredibly relevant issue. Her speaking engagements have included presentations to leading technology companies and events specifically focusing on supporting women in technology.

As a pioneer in the AI and technological fields, Susan Sly takes pride in sharing her experience and knowledge with fellow women – and showing them that, now more than ever, they can become leaders in these burgeoning industries.

Empowering Women Tech Students Rise

To inspire women to pursue positions of leadership in technology, Susan recognizes the importance of empowering female students to embark on studies in STEM. Most STEM-related majors are severely lacking in their number of female students, but Susan hopes her efforts can contribute to a much-needed shift.

She aims to play a role in closing the gender gap in STEM education through the education and information she provides as an event speaker.

Build Your Leadership Muscle

Susan firmly believes that leadership is a muscle that requires constant exercise, and stretching yourself is the only way to increase your strength truly. In her presentations on leadership experience, she provides an in-depth perspective on the practical steps you can take to become a better, more effective leader with the confidence you need to succeed.

Whether you are an experienced leader or only beginning to foster your skills, Susan’s speaking engagements provide an outstanding opportunity to hone real-life strategies in an interactive environment.