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Meet Susan Sly, an esteemed AI Speaker, an award winning entrepreneur, and a vanguard in the field of artificial intelligence. As the Founder and CEO of ThePause.AI, Susan is pioneering the use of AI to empower women through their menopause journey. Her leadership since 2018 in the AI sector, coupled with her experience as a co-founder and Co-CEO of a nine-figure company, positions her as an exemplary keynote speaker for organizations seeking insight and inspiration. Susan’s speeches, enriched by her hands-on expertise and visionary foresight, are not just informative; they spark innovation and drive action, particularly in the realms of technology and AI.


Susan’s role at ThePause.AI highlights her commitment to leveraging AI for meaningful and impactful solutions, focusing on women’s health and well-being. This dedication resonates in her capacity as a top female AI speaker, where she skillfully unravels complex AI concepts into engaging and relatable stories. Her presentations cater to a diverse audience, ranging from industry experts to entrepreneurs, all while championing the role of AI in enhancing lives. By inviting Susan to your event, you’ll be engaging with a seasoned authority in AI, whose passion and expertise are shaping a more inclusive and forward-thinking technological future.

Susan is an Esteemed Member of the Forbes Business Council

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What People Are Saying About Susan

Susan Sly is an inspiration to women, from overall health, to finance, to relationships.

Jack Canfield-NY Times Best Selling Author of The Success Principles and co-author of Chicken Soup For The Soul.

As a former NFL football player, I’ve had many coaches over the years. The great ones could always inspire me to be better. I’ve had the privilege of hearing Susan Sly speak on multiple occasions, and she reminds me of some of those great coaches. Not only is her information educational and inspirational but she has that ability to connect with the listener, therefore, moving them action. She’s one of the more powerful speakers I’ve every listen to.

LaJourdain J. Birden Sr.-a former professional American football player who was selected by the Cleveland Browns in the 8th round of the 1988 NFL Draft. And now America’s #1 opportunity trainer.

What an inspiring, dynamic, magnetic speaker, presenter, and trainer. Susan Sly has got it all. She captivates an audience with her sincerity, integrity and wisdom. If you are thirsting for the best life you can live, then get in a room with Susan. She will inspire you to heights you never even dreamed of. Her personal story will compel you to live life to the fullest, thanks for the inspiration.

Natalie Cook5 time Aussie Olympian (Beach Volleyball), Gold Medalist 2000 Sydney, Bronze Medalist 1996 Atlanta, Motivational Speaker, Author, Trainer

Susan Sly writes with heartfelt joy and passion. She will improve your life.

Mark Victor Hansen-NY Times Best Selling Author of Chicken Soup For The Soul, Cracking The Millionaire Code, and more

Susan Sly is an incredible entrepreneur with a passion for assisting women.

John Gray-NY Times Best Selling Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

Susan Sly is a trusted expert when it comes to entrepreneurial productivity. She has the heart and integrity necessary to help business owners exponentially improve their results.

Rebecca ZungVoted Number 1 Attorney in America

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