Susan’s Investments

Susan is a startup founder and investor.

Susan is an investor, founder, and cofounder in several companies. She is passionate about investing in women-led startups and has a minimum requirement that any company she chooses to work with, or invest in, has women represented in the C-Suite and on their board. The following companies have been founded, cofounded, or invested in and do not include any minor investments on crowdfunding platforms.

To inquire as to Susan’s availability to advise your company or have a paid board position, please email with the title ‘Advice from Susan.’

Radius AI

Using AI Powered Computer Vision to Make Your Space More Profitable and Productive

Susan is a cofounder, board member, Co-CEO, and investor in RAI. RAI specializes in ai-driven, human centric, computer vision to provide business intelligence in both the retail and health care sectors. RAI has a current valuation of $500 million.

Lite Pink

Lite Pink is the best tasting, low calorie, low sugar, premium rosé flavored wine seltzer.

Susan is an investor in Lite Pink – a female founded, female invested, company in the alcoholic beverage sector. Lite Pink is a refreshing, ultra low carb, wine seltzer. Lite Pink was founded by Lori Harder. 

Guud Guuds

Where the good stuff happens!

Susan is an advisor, cofounder, and minority stakeholder in Guud Guuds which is a high conscious e-tail, social, and gamification platform. The aim of Guud Guuds is to create an online community that inspires people to do good through transacting, posting, and sharing.