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Although it’s no secret that working in technology is largely a male-dominated industry, many people don’t realize just how significant the disparity is between men and women in tech. Only 2% of U.S. tech companies have at least one female founder, and just 28% of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) industry is occupied by female professionals.

And while there have been marked shifts toward increased inclusivity, many thought leaders are determined to accelerate progress on women’s participation even more- including successful tech entrepreneur and mentor Susan Sly.

Empowering Women in Technology

Being a woman in the tech industry can be uniquely challenging, but those obstacles appear long before the beginning of a career.

Advocates for women in business and technology point toward the deeply ingrained societal beliefs and environmental factors that affect young girls’ interest in STEM subjects. For decades, people believed in the stereotype of boys having better skills in math and science than girls. And according to research, these negative gender skills gap stereotypes can significantly lower girls’ test performance in STEM subjects. Changing the implicit bias against women is crucial to arm girls and women with the confidence to succeed in science and technology.

Moving forward to the college and university years, studies show that expanding introductory STEM courses can attract a far higher number of female students. Additionally, intentional improvements in departmental culture can draw more skilled and motivated female STEM faculty.

And finally, it is critical to empower women in tech by facilitating inclusive workplace cultures and supporting intentional recruitment practices. Mentorship and professional support can also make a difference, which is where Susan Sly aims to have a lasting impact.

Women in Tech Statistics

Statistics paint an eye-opening picture when it comes to understanding the present state of women in technology.


Women comprise 25% of the workforce in large technology companies (Deloitte Insights).


Women leave the technology industry at a rate that is 45% higher than their male counterparts (Forbes).


Women-led tech companies received $1.46 billion in venture capital investments in 2016, compared to male-led companies that received a total of $58.2 billion that same year (DataProt).


At the current pace at which women are gaining representation in the technology sector, achieving equality could take over a decade (TechTarget).


Research shows that female managers at tech companies make an average of 10% less than their male counterparts (Paysa).

How Susan Influences Women in Tech

Susan Sly has dedicated a significant portion of her career and life to supporting women in technology and business. As a woman in tech, she helps women entrepreneurs start and grow their own successful companies and achieve significant milestones in their fields.

Her journey has been a source of inspiration for many, women and men alike. After overcoming significant personal and professional challenges in the early 2000s, Susan made a life-altering decision to start her own business. In just seven years, her profits had surpassed six figures. Today, she uses her experiences and successes to show women that they can succeed in technology and business – and exactly how to do that.

Susan is a tech company co-founder, CEO, best-selling author, keynote speaker, tech investor, entrepreneur, and podcast host. She has also launched several online courses to teach women how to build their businesses, empowering women with the tools and information they need to turn their passion into a profession. Beyond her career path accomplishments, Susan has also worked tirelessly to make a difference in the fight against trafficking, trauma, and abuse of women.

In her journey to empower women in the tech industry, Susan Sly has taken on many roles: event speaker, investor, and influencer.

Event Speaker

Susan has decades of experience as an event speaker, covering a broad range of topics, including entrepreneurship, startups, and time management. Taking a workshop-style approach, she creates engaging and inspiring experiences for her guests. Susan’s past speaking engagements have included technology sector events sponsored by MIT, Intel, Lenovo, NVIDIA, and others


With a passion for investing in women-led startups, Susan is leading the charge to increase the number of women in tech and business. Before investing in a company, she requires them to have women represented both on their board and in the C-suite.


Finally, Susan’s digital presence is based on her desire to inspire, mentor, and motivate female entrepreneurs. Her podcast, “Raw and Real Entrepreneurship,” features weekly episodes that explore how women can achieve the invaluable breakthroughs that lead to their goals.

Susan’s Experience and Drive for Women in Tech

Drawing from her own experiences and successes, Susan Sly is helping countless women create their own unique paths to success in the tech industry. She has proven to be a force for change through education, outstanding mentorship, and investment.

Learn more about Susan Sly and her vision for the future now.

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What People Are Saying About Susan

Susan Sly is an inspiration to women, from overall health, to finance, to relationships.

Jack Canfield-NY Times Best Selling Author of The Success Principles and co-author of Chicken Soup For The Soul.

As a former NFL football player, I’ve had many coaches over the years. The great ones could always inspire me to be better. I’ve had the privilege of hearing Susan Sly speak on multiple occasions, and she reminds me of some of those great coaches. Not only is her information educational and inspirational but she has that ability to connect with the listener, therefore, moving them action. She’s one of the more powerful speakers I’ve every listen to.

LaJourdain J. Birden Sr.-a former professional American football player who was selected by the Cleveland Browns in the 8th round of the 1988 NFL Draft. And now America’s #1 opportunity trainer.

What an inspiring, dynamic, magnetic speaker, presenter, and trainer. Susan Sly has got it all. She captivates an audience with her sincerity, integrity and wisdom. If you are thirsting for the best life you can live, then get in a room with Susan. She will inspire you to heights you never even dreamed of. Her personal story will compel you to live life to the fullest, thanks for the inspiration.

Natalie Cook5 time Aussie Olympian (Beach Volleyball), Gold Medalist 2000 Sydney, Bronze Medalist 1996 Atlanta, Motivational Speaker, Author, Trainer

Susan Sly writes with heartfelt joy and passion. She will improve your life.

Mark Victor Hansen-NY Times Best Selling Author of Chicken Soup For The Soul, Cracking The Millionaire Code, and more

Susan Sly is an incredible entrepreneur with a passion for assisting women.

John Gray-NY Times Best Selling Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

Susan Sly is a trusted expert when it comes to entrepreneurial productivity. She has the heart and integrity necessary to help business owners exponentially improve their results.

Rebecca ZungVoted Number 1 Attorney in America

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