Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the fastest-growing fields in technology and the global market, and demand is only expected to increase. And as more and more organizations explore ways to achieve their AI goals, skilled professionals are in high demand, including talented women in AI.

Unfortunately, the rapidly-evolving field – and the technology industry as a whole – illustrates the disproportionate number of men vs. women in AI. Despite representing roughly half of the U.S. workforce, women made up just over 25% of AI and data positions in 2020.

But as Susan Sly and other leading women in AI know, this gender gap isn’t due to a lack of skill, motivation, or experience. Instead, there is a significant need for support and empowerment for the representation of women in artificial intelligence, which Susan Sly is highly dedicated to fulfilling.

Empowering Women in Artificial Intelligence

What is the connection between artificial intelligence technology and diversity – and why does it matter?

Research has shown that gender diversity (especially in leadership) results in higher productivity, market value, and profitability for businesses across all industries (Deloitte).

  • Organizations with diverse boards and business leaders were able to increase their average share price by 44% in the first year after going public, compared to a minimal 13% increase by organizations without diverse boards.
  • Since 2016, publicly traded companies of all sizes and types (in the U.S., Canada, and Europe) have achieved markedly higher net returns when prioritizing gender diversity.
  • A study found that increasing the workforce ratio of women to men by just 10% was linked to a 7% increase in companies’ market value.

There’s no arguing with the facts: women in AI and all fields have the incredible power to achieve success. And in artificial intelligence, in particular, the efficacy of systems and solutions are directly supported by teams that are just as diverse as the populations they aim to serve. But to pursue a higher level of diversity and gender equality in AI, specific efforts must be made:

  • Implicit bias and stereotypes discouraging women in STEM fields must be addressed, including in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education.
  • Positive role models and mentors must empower women.
  • Tailored training and education for women in AI must be accessible.
  • Organizations must prioritize gender diversity, particularly in leadership team roles.

Women in AI Statistics

Statistics about women in AI and the tech industry speak for themselves:


In 2019, only 22% of all AI and computer science Ph.D. program participants were women. This figure was only 4% higher than nearly a decade earlier, illustrating the languid pace of progress.


Less than 14% of AI researchers are women, which has steadily decreased over the last decade.


Female faculty make up 16% of tenure-track computer science faculty at several universities around the globe. (Stanford)

Data shows that women are less likely to be positioned in senior AI roles, making them less likely to have the opportunity to build expertise in high-profile, emerging skills. (World Economic Forum)

How Susan Influences Women in AI

Susan Sly is a leader for women in tech, particularly in artificial intelligence. She is the co-founder and CEO of RadiusAI, a company that develops innovative AI solutions for retail, healthcare, and other organizations.

In addition to RadiusAI, Susan’s professional achievements are numerous. She overcame significant personal challenges in the early 2000s, harnessing her determination and work ethic to start her own business.

Within a few short years, her business flourished; today, she works tirelessly to share her experiences, expertise, and perspective with other budding entrepreneurs. Susan is working to inspire and empower the future of women in technology and AI through her roles as an author, keynote speaker, investor, and podcast host.

Event Speaker

Susan has presented on various topics, drawing on her extensive knowledge to address start-ups, entrepreneurship, technology, time management, and more. She has received recognition for her engaging, workshop-style presentations and her unique ability to craft an audience experience that is equally educational and entertaining. Her speaking engagements have included partnerships with MIT, Intel, NVIDIA, Lenovo, and other technology and artificial intelligence leaders.


As a committed investor in tech-based start-ups, Susan has focused her attention on working with women-led companies. To receive her investment, an organization must demonstrate gender equity through female representation on its advisory board and in its C-suite.


As a podcaster and digital influencer, Susan consistently serves as a role model for the generation of women in business, technology, and AI. Weekly episodes of her entrepreneur podcast, “Raw and Real Entrepreneurship,” cover a broad range of topics relevant to women leaders in tech.

Award-Winning Women in AI

Susan hopes to be a source of inspiration for women working in or entering the AI field. She considers it an honor to be viewed as a professional role model, a strong advocate for women in technology, and a deep appreciation for how the industry has recognized her dedication.

In August 2022, Susan was awarded an Inaugural RFS Award in Science for her work on Mary Ann Liebert Inc.’s peer-reviewed journals. She has also been nominated for the VentureBeat Rising Star award, joining an incredible group of female leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs, and mentors who are redefining the AI industry.

Susans Experience and Drive for Diversity in Artificial Intelligence

Susan Sly is a shining example of the power women can wield in the technology industry, highlighting exactly why it is so critical that gender disparities are eliminated. Her dedication to ongoing mentorship, education, and investment in women in tech fields is helping reshape the industry’s future as we know it.

Learn more about how Susan Sly is working to transform AI here.

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Susan Sly is an inspiration to women, from overall health, to finance, to relationships.

Jack Canfield-NY Times Best Selling Author of The Success Principles and co-author of Chicken Soup For The Soul.

As a former NFL football player, I’ve had many coaches over the years. The great ones could always inspire me to be better. I’ve had the privilege of hearing Susan Sly speak on multiple occasions, and she reminds me of some of those great coaches. Not only is her information educational and inspirational but she has that ability to connect with the listener, therefore, moving them action. She’s one of the more powerful speakers I’ve every listen to.

LaJourdain J. Birden Sr.-a former professional American football player who was selected by the Cleveland Browns in the 8th round of the 1988 NFL Draft. And now America’s #1 opportunity trainer.

What an inspiring, dynamic, magnetic speaker, presenter, and trainer. Susan Sly has got it all. She captivates an audience with her sincerity, integrity and wisdom. If you are thirsting for the best life you can live, then get in a room with Susan. She will inspire you to heights you never even dreamed of. Her personal story will compel you to live life to the fullest, thanks for the inspiration.

Natalie Cook5 time Aussie Olympian (Beach Volleyball), Gold Medalist 2000 Sydney, Bronze Medalist 1996 Atlanta, Motivational Speaker, Author, Trainer

Susan Sly writes with heartfelt joy and passion. She will improve your life.

Mark Victor Hansen-NY Times Best Selling Author of Chicken Soup For The Soul, Cracking The Millionaire Code, and more

Susan Sly is an incredible entrepreneur with a passion for assisting women.

John Gray-NY Times Best Selling Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

Susan Sly is a trusted expert when it comes to entrepreneurial productivity. She has the heart and integrity necessary to help business owners exponentially improve their results.

Rebecca ZungVoted Number 1 Attorney in America

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