Susan’s mission is to help you live a ridiculously fulfilling life. These products are designed to assist you with achieving abundance in all areas of your life.

Digital Downloads

The Shift Mediation

The Shift

The Shift guided meditations can help you achieve balance, gain confidence, get organized, and live a happy, fulfilled life.

The Shift by Susan Sly is a revolutionary guided meditation technique designed to help relieve stress, renew your spirit, and create mental clarity and peace of mind.

And it only takes 15 minutes!

Relax as Susan gently leads you with her guided meditations to your center and helps you unfold your highest potential. Download your copy today (Digital MP3 Download)! 

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When you want to shift, then I encourage you to download Susan’s “Shift” meditation. It has grounded and realigned me when I’ve needed it most!

Dawn Rhodes


Organize Your Life Book

Organize Your Life

Organize Your in 5 Min. Per Day (Time Management and Productivity Techniques that Work)

Does your ‘to-do’ list keep you up at night?
Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and ineffective?
Do you struggle to generate the results you know you are capable of in your health, finances and relationships?

If so, you are not alone! Best-selling author, speaker, entrepreneur, and mother of 5, Susan Sly believes that the number one enemy of success is lack of organization. Get organized and change your life.

This book is great for you if…

  • You find yourself procrastinating on the things you know that need to get done
  • People in your life are suffering because you are not being as productive as you could be
  • You are becoming ineffective in your work and your life
  • You have a strong desire for greater work life balance
  • You want to make the most out of every moment
  • You realize that productivity leads to increased profitability

For years, Susan has been teaching the Organize Your Life techniques to students all over the world and now brings you these strategies in this simple- to-follow book. Increase your productivity and improve time management in just 5 min. per day!

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In reading Susan's book, Organize Your Life, She gave me the secret sauce to change my life. It started with a decision that I will not put up with it any longer. Thank you Susan!

Pam DunwaldCEO of Your Nurse Advocates
The Have It All Woman Book

The Have It All Woman

Take Your Life From Overwhelmed to Empowered

In The Have It All Woman, Susan assists women with creating a solid foundation as a launch pad for a life with less stress, greater fulfillment and empowerment. Most importantly, this book serves as a practical guide to help women get out of overwhelm.

In this book, Susan draws on her own journey from a diagnosis with multiple sclerosis, bankruptcy, divorce and hopelessness to becoming healthy, financially solid and attracting fulfilling relationships. Additionally, stories of phenomenal women who have re- shaped their lives are combined with practical tips for getting unstuck and living a have it all life.

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Rarely does a book a book truly transform your life. When I read the Have it All Woman for the first time, I was at the lowest point of my life. I could not see my value or self worth and I didn't think there was a path to finding it again. After reading The Have it All Woman I believed that it just might be possible and it ignited a journey that has helped me transform my life and through my work, the life of others.

Jessica LeichtweiszCEO of Hope Education Services

Free Resources

So many people today are not getting what they want out of life, not achieving their goals, and are just plain stressed out due to information overload. Now, more than ever it’s important to get focused and achieve results.

That’s why I’ve decided to give away one of my most valuable assets. This is a tool that has personally helped me transform my life – taking me from being literally homeless and at the end of my rope – to become a successful entrepreneur and self-made millionaire. In fact, many people around the world have benefited from my Power Life Planner and you can, too!

Look it’s no secret that success follows people who get focused and organized. In this FREE download you’re going to learn some of my best organizational secrets and how to develop your own million dollar habits.

What a beautiful gift, my power life planner 2021 by Susan Sly. My life is full and somewhat chaotic, this lady has brought value to my being and this planner is helping me focus on the things that really matter.

Eve Bjarnson

The biggest killer of productivity is lack of organization. Wouldn’t you like to know how to get organized and be more productive?

Not being organized leads to feelings of overwhelmed. I have learned from OYL how to gain clarity and certainty about my actions and focus on the priority which keeps me from being overwhelmed.

Marcia DunnCEO of Math with Marcia

Proper stress management is a primary component of balanced livingmaking stress management tips vitally important.

When I relocated across the country this year and started my business over, my stress went through the roof. This simple guide gave me the tools I required to stay grounded and move forward in business. I am very grateful I had this resource.

Jessica LeichtweiszCEO of Hope Education Services