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Are You Ready to Organize Your Life??

So many people struggle with differentiation between their personal and their professional lives. That's why work life balance has become such a hot topic. It can be tough to juggle the demands and needs of those closest to us since generating income is necessary. The truth is that when we get more organized, we become more productive. When we become more productive, we create the results we are seeking. When results begin to occur, we feel more fulfilled, and this is the cycle. (Imagine how much more you can accomplish when you simply organize your office and organize your home... Susan will teach you how to do it quickly, easily, and painlessly!)

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Looking for self-help skills and assistance overcoming low self esteem? Or need to know how to be more confident? Check out Susan's latest work life balance, organization, productivity, happiness, and other strategies to help you be more organized, achieve balanced living, personal empowerment, and live the life of your dreams!

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Have you ever wondered if you were meant for greater things? Have you ever felt that if you could just experience that one personal breakthrough, then everything would fall into place? Have you ever stopped to wonder, "What if..." and then caught yourself feeling paralyzed by your own reality? It happens to all of us. Yet, we believe that the life you dream about is yours to claim and that through coaching, training, and mentoring, you can be, do, and have everything you dream.

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The Faster Way to Free Travel

SIYP TEAM | August 1, 2017 | 4 mins 30 secs read

In the world of business travel, it is all about status.  In other words, the more you travel, the better the perks.  From free upgrades, to lounge access, to being able to speak to a real person, status does have its privileges.  Unfortunately, when people are new to entrepreneurship, or have been operating as solopreneurs, […]

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Be More Productive While Working From Home

SIYP TEAM | July 25, 2017 | 3 mins 47 secs read

According to recent data by Global Workplace Analytics  non self-employed individuals who work from home has grown 115% since 2005 with over 3.7 million people working from home at least 50% of the time. Job site, Monster.Com reports that working from home can have tremendous benefits including decreased stress, a greater sense of work-life balance, […]

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Calendar_Millionaire Date_740

How Long Will It Take You To Become a Millionaire?

SIYP TEAM | July 18, 2017 | 5 mins 34 secs read

If your goal is to earn a million dollars, as an example, The Economist  estimates that it will take you at least 19.3 years based on the rough estimate of US median household income of $52,000.  In other words, as long as you can keep your job, you will eventually get there.  Forbes Magazine contributor, […]

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