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Best-selling author, time management expert, and work life balance specialist Susan Sly explores life hacks like popular productivity method – the Pomodoro Technique – and the Draugiem Group Study.

Scottsdale, AZ — April 6, 2016 — Best-selling author, speaker, and entrepreneur Susan Sly recently published a new article, “Life Hacks for Time Management and Increased Productivity to Achieve Work Life Balance: The Pomodoro Technique & the Draugiem Group Study.” In the article she discusses the specifics of the famous productivity technique and how to perform it for maximum effect.

The central theme of this methodology is that productivity is improved by utilizing “timeblocks” of intense focus and concentration followed by short breaks. As Susan explains, “This technique claims to garner its effectiveness in regards to time management by standing on the premise (proven by scientific study) that frequent breaks during productivity periods increase mental agility and acuity.”

She goes on to say that basically, this theory also falls back on the idea that the brain is a muscle that can be overstressed and that putting in more hours all at once does not ever equate to getting more work done.

Susan then shares how a 2013 study by the Draugiem Group tested the theories behind the Pomodoro Technique and found that the most productive employees were not the ones who worked the hardest or longest but those who worked using a very specific formula that Susan also outlines in her piece.

The entire article can be found here:

About Susan Sly

Susan Sly is an author, speaker and entrepreneur. She has been featured on Lifetime Television, The CBN, ABC Family, The Morning Show in Australia and in the fall of 2015 will appear on CNN, Fox and CNBC. She is the author of several top self help books including the highly acclaimed book about women having it all – The Have It All Woman and Organize Your Life. She has co-authored the best selling book – Soul II Success with NY Times Best Selling Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul – Jack Canfield and is working on another book collaboration featuring Sir. Richard Branson. Susan has also been featured alongside Rich Dad Poor Dad Author, Robert Kiyosaki, in the movie – Rise of the Entrepreneur and in Sharon Lechter’s Book – Think and Grow Rich for Women.  

Susan is a passionate philanthropist, working with World Vision Cambodia on a special project liberating girls from trafficking. She’s had other strategic collaborations with the UNHCR, Make-A-Wish and Sistering in Toronto. Susan’s projects have focused on the welfare of women & children. Most importantly Susan is a mother of five children and loving partner to her husband, Chris. She truly believes with a positive mental attitude we can have it all.



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