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Best-selling author, time management expert, work life balance specialist and professional speaker Susan Sly shares 2nd part of series on decision fatigue and impact on productivity.

Scottsdale, AZ — April 13, 2017 — Best-selling author, work life balance speaker and expert, and entrepreneur Susan Sly recently published a new article titled, “Decision Fatigue: 5 Ways to Combat the Negative Effects of Decision Fatigue on Productivity.”

In the first part of this series, Susan discussed the etymology of decision fatigue and what it means to productivity in general. In this piece, she provides additional detail about the origin of the issue to segue way into ways to combat it.

She begins the article by sharing that the roots of decision fatigue can be traced back to social psychologist Roy F. Baumeister, who loosely based it on the Freudian concept of “ego” or self-energy being depletable.

However, while Freud frequently correlated this theory to sexual repression leading to sexual over-expression, the idea of decision fatigue addresses decision-making in general. Instead of decision-making only related to sex.

As Susan says, “Decision fatigue is the general idea that we literally exhaust our brain – or limited mental power – with decisions and choices so that “downstream decision-making ability suffers.”

The result is often that the sufferer makes poor decisions or not decisions at all. And neither is a solution to the problem. Susan explains, “Confusing, right? Making too many decisions results in poor decisions later. Or decision fatigue results in not making decisions when you should, which is also not desirable. So how do you avoid decision fatigue if not making decisions, is not an option either? “

From there, Susan goes into some specific, proven, ways to fight decision fatigue. These range from consuming sugar (yes, really) to rest, decision reduction, establishing good habits like getting more organized, and finally, just relaxing and “being.”

The full article can be found here:

About Susan Sly:

Susan Sly is a best-selling author, speaker, trainer and entrepreneur. She has appeared on CNN, CNBC, Fox, Lifetime Television, The CBN, The Morning Show in Australia and been quoted in Forbes Magazine Online.

Additionally, Susan is the author of 7 books. Her book project with NY Times Best Selling Author, Jack Canfield, made six Amazon Best Selling lists.

She has completed the Boston Marathon 6X and placed Top 10 in the Pro Division of the Ironman Triathlon in Malaysia.

Susan is passionate about philanthropy. As such, she has dedicated a significant amount of time and money working to liberate girls from trafficking. Furthermore, she invests in education to support women and girls who have survived trauma and abuse both domestically and overseas.

Susan is the mother of five children and resides with her husband in Scottsdale, Arizona. Find out more about Susan at

Susan truly believes we can have it all.



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