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Tens of millions of people are looking for a way out. They want to leave their jobs and start businesses however so few of them actually do. Why? They simply don’t know how. Tragically, instead of pursuing the freedom they long for, they spend their days wishing and wondering ‘what if…’ That, my friend, is not you and that is precisely why you are here.

I have spent the last two decades of my career coaching people just like you to start, grow, and scale successful businesses.

I am a true entrepreneur at heart. I started my first business at age eleven and have never looked back. Today, in addition to being a co-founder of a super successful tech startup, I am also an investor,  and advisor to several startups.

This course is my dream come true. Employee to Entrepreneur contains decades of my experience, my wisdom, and yes…even my mistakes, and transforms this into a program with the proven steps to start your own business, become your own boss, and become part of a movement of people who dare to say…

I create my freedom™.

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Susan teaches in a way that is understandable and relatable and she keeps it real. She shares her personal experiences in life and in business and explains how she has achieved amazing success...

Lindy T

“Oh No!! not another online program”. Yes, that is what I thought for a brief second and then it dawned on me, wait, this is Susan Sly we are talking about. With that I did not hesitate, logged on, bought my access, and just got started. This is exactly what I needed at this time and Susan does an excellent job at deploying bit size video content and exercises that are easy to do and deploy. Susan's best work to date. Highly recommend this program for anyone considering taking the jump from Employee to Entrepreneur.

Bruce C

Working with Susan is a full deal experience. I received powerful guidance on mindset, preparation, and real life application for growing my business. I knew something big was taking place when I had a dream that old buildings had been demolished and new foundations were being built!

Ivonne P


This course is designed to help you with all of your fears and give you no-nonsense proven techniques to help you start and grow your own profitable business. Know that you are in the right place at the right time. This course is about helping you be in that top 10% of people who actually execute!

That means that the only way this course will work for you is if you work for it and that begins by committing to actually finishing it.

One module per week will release to give you time to work on your homework and implement each lesson.

There are 8 modules (consisting of 3-6 videos per module) in the program. Each lesson comes with a mini workbook with spaces for you to fill in the key points, reference, and build your ideas.

BONUS VIDEO MATERIALS: Life-Changing Insights From Exceptional Entrepreneurs

  • Dave Asprey – Biohacking Your Brain
  • Glenn Stearns – Being a Resilient Entrepreneur
  • Susan Sly – Your Marketing Playbook
  • JJ Birden  – Seizing Your Opportunities
  • Lori Harder – How To Grow a 7-Figure Business
  • Joe Soto – Digitial Marketing Hacks
  • Avery Sly – Creating Short Form Video to Market Your Business
  • Camilita Nuttall – Live Like a Champion
I Am Ready To Get Started!

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