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Want to improve productivity? Consider going paperless with productivity apps!

Specifically, productivity apps enable you to be more productive and eliminate much usage of paper – making using them a great way to easily “go green” too!

Obviously, anything that can empower us to be better at managing our time – tracking where we spend our time and how well we use our time – is going to help improve productivity too.

That’s the key to how productivity apps work.

Not to mention, these apps also allow us to go paperless. Meaning, using them is a more responsible choice for the environment. Plus, there is no more time wasted tracking down notes, notebooks, scraps of paper, etc. Everything you need to keep you organized and on track—is always at your fingertips!

If you’ve never considered using productivity apps, below are 6 of the newest ones – and some old faithful options – that will help you with time management and enable you to be more productive quickly and easily.


Bolste says they can help you streamline people, processes, and projects. Additionally, the Bolste team claims they can replace most of the other productivity apps, time management, and communication platforms you currently use. One of their marketing lines that sounds promising is, “Increase Productivity: Free your team from cluttered, unorganized email inboxes. Introduce one platform designed to drive business-critical outcomes.” is based on the premise that busy people sometimes forget or overlook things – either personal things or work things – they themselves are supposed to “do.” This app coordinates all your schedules and calendars and lets you assign tasks to others, such as an assistant. It also syncs between all your devices. You can even add items by voice!

Just Press Record

The Just Press Record productivity app does just what the name says… but right now, it appears to be only available for iPhones and the Apple Watch. With a long press of the icon you can start recording. The app will transcribe the recording and sort them for you. Better, you can search your recordings for key terms.

Notion Email Intelligence

You know how we talk about how your inbox can impact your productivity dramatically? The key is making sure the organization process doesn’t take longer than it would just to maintain the status quo. Well, Notion takes care of that for you! It analyzes your email activity to “determine” which type of messages you consider important. Then, a “radar” feature begins to highlight those it considers important to your productivity. It even includes an Amazon Alexa-based feature so you can listen to, and organize, your emails based on Amazon’s speaker system.


One of the really cool things about having an assistant is having help with meeting or presentation “prep.” We aren’t talking about the usual prep of logistics, calendars, etc. (although, that is obviously a HUGE help). What we’re referencing hear is learning about your meeting partners or audience. The Accompany app helps you be more productive by taking care of those tasks for you! It lets you put a face with a name and finds data for both! It also provides company insights and more. Basically, it is an app that is also a personal research assistant.


Droptask is a great to-do app for those who love the concept and organization of mind mapping. A reviewer on CBS news even says Droptask is, “The most unique twist on task management I’ve ever seen.” Their big play includes the following three benefits:

  • You can visualize your task or project workflow with Kanban-style boards for different stages
  • You can get more done in less time with their calendar which allows you to manage your schedule and plan for upcoming work visually
  • You can be more efficient by eliminating the need for email in communication

Of course, none of these solutions are magic. And there is always a learning curve that can sometimes, be intimidating. However, once you get a feel for how they work, they can save you a bunch of time and energy. And likely, help YOU save a tree or two as well!



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