If You Don’t Get Organized Now You Will Hate Yourself Later

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Why get organized now?

Learning to get organized now can be the greatest skill in the arsenal of a busy, success-driven person.

Simply not having to search for lost items will save time and headaches right away, but once you really become organized and time efficient, your world will be much more clear and much less chaotic.

“Imagine a world where you have the time you need to do everything you want to do and more. You are rested, energized, and healthy.” 

Many people might call this ‘Fantasyland‘ or something to that effect. So many people today are overwhelmed and living in complete chaos. In fact, Reuters published an article featuring a study by ForbesWoman and the pregnancy website TheBump.com, which found that 92 percent of working moms and 89 percent of stay-at-home mothers felt overwhelmed by work, home and parenting responsibilities.

It is imperative if you plan on balancing all of the responsibilities of an adult that you get organized now.

Being better organized will allow you to begin to break the pattern of overwhelm and take back your time and take back control over your life.

“Either you run your day or your day runs you.” – Jim Rohn

I love this Jim Rohn quote because it is so simple and yet so true. If you can’t control how you manage your time, you are destined to waste plenty of it.

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By properly managing time, you can make sure to schedule in the important things in life – family, friends, work, health – so that a solid, balanced foundation is in place for your life. Without that solid and balanced foundation, the storms in your life are much more likely to damage the structure of your environment.

The foundation of anybody’s life begins with good health, because without that, you can’t be as useful to others. You can’t be the best parent, spouse, sibling, friend, employee, boss – whatever the case may be – if you are constantly tired, lethargic, and listless.

Picture how much more productive you could be with a seemingly endless supply of energy, thus having the ability to get everything done you need to get done, and even having extra time for yourself, your family, and your friends.

But in order to break through the chaos, you must make a decision, and that decision must lead to action. A decision without action is not really a decision. The “I’ll do it tomorrow” attitude doesn’t constitute a decision, as for many people, tomorrow never comes.

Start today in clearing the clutter in your life so that you have room to breath and you can finally attain the elusive work life balance.



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