What Does My Cousin’s Wedding Have to Do With Your Business?

I am writing this week’s 3 from Boulder, Colorado.  Last night I attended my cousin’s outdoor wedding which featured live entertainment and an opportunity to see some of my Canadian family members.  After the wedding, guests were invited to write a ‘message in a bottle’ – words of wisdom for the bride and groom on [...]

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The Thursday 3

Ideas and Inspiration to Improve Your Productivity I hope you are having a productive week. In business, nothing can throw us out of momentum like having to stop everything and deal with credit card fraud! That has happened to me personally on several occasions so I was a little bit obsessed with the Equifax Data [...]

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Staying Productive on The Road, In Life, and Wherever

Do you ever feel unproductive?  Do you go through periods where you struggle to know what to do?  Do you become frustrated because you feel so disorganized?  It can happen to anyone. For twelve days, I am travelling with my kids for a mixture of business and fun.  In addition to hiking, sightseeing, and just [...]

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You Can Successfully Navigate Kids and a Business From Home

‘I would rather hear a baby in the background than a television.’  This is something one of my mentors said often as I apologized for a crying child or an emergency juice spill that forced me to put her on hold.  She herself had seven children, no nanny, and managed to build a multi-million-dollar business [...]

How High Achievers Plan Their Day

According to tax data from 2013 provided by the IRS, the top 1% of Americans earned over $428,712.  Obviously, there is a high degree of variance considering, according to the NY Times list of highest paid CEO’s for 2016, Thomas Rutledge of Charter Communications, raked in $98 million including base salary and stock options.  Essentially [...]

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How Do You Help Your Family Become More Organized?

Can everyone - regardless of age - become more organized? One week before the big move, we were having dinner with another couple.  Over cocktails we lamented the expense, and commitment, of having kids in college. Yes, we worked hard to raise our children right, told them they were smart, and can do anything, and when [...]

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Feeling Stressed About Time?

Let me ask you a question – do you ever feel pulled in several different directions and lack clarity in terms of what to focus on? Does this cause you stress? Are you feeling stressed? In the United States alone, 77% of people are feeling more and more stressed. They feel the physical effects of [...]

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Do You Want to Lose Weight, Be Happy, Make More Money, and Not Loathe the World?

The CDC says 1/3 of Americans aren't getting enough sleep - 7 or more hours a night - and it is a public health problem with the following consequences...

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Get Organized: Taming Your Email

One of my students had almost 100,000 emails in her inbox.  Every time she looked at her phone, her GMAIL icon illustrated the ridiculous number.  I asked her how it made her feel.  Her reply was, ‘stressed and guilty.’  The reality was that some of those emails were years old and frankly, those people were [...]

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