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Get More Done in Less Time (Show Notes from BPM)

Well, happy Bulletproof Monday everyone. I hope you are having an outstanding day. If you are here live, this is the last Monday in January, so I hope you are crushing 2020 and you’re exactly where you want to be. And if you’re not, then I’m so happy you’re here because today’s show is just for you. We’re going to be talking about how to achieve maximal results on minimal time. And here’s the thing, we want our goals, we’ve set the resolutions, and whether it’s earning more income or it’s growing our business, or whatever goal it is that we’ve set up for ourselves, our health, our relationships, it’s very easy to get distracted or to have life pull at us in a different variety of ways. But what if I told you that you could take the time you have and do almost everything you want to do, whether it’s Netflix and chill, or get your workout in, or whatever, and get increased results? That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

So before we get into that, a couple of quick things. Number one, my signature event, 04D, is coming up on April 16 to 19. This is a social media and digital marketing event. It is for small business owners and founders. So whether you are a solopreneur and you have no staff, or you have a small staff, you’re a health practitioner, we have many doctors who attend, attorneys, CPAs, this event is for you. We have the most incredible speaking lineup. It is unbelievable. We just confirmed last week we have Jeffrey from JR Garage. His YouTube channel has over a million subscribers. He is monetizing TikTok, YouTube, and he is just the nicest human, he really is. So he’s going to be speaking and teaching you whatever your business is, how to monetize on YouTube and TikTok.

So we have a huge lineup of speakers so you can check it out at only4 … the number four … That event is going to start Thursday night. We’re going to finish off Sunday. It’s going to be amazing, with some celebration. We have lots of time.

People say, “Well, am I going to … Getting away for four days for my business, how can I really do that?” So the way the event works is we teach you and then you go back to your business. We teach you for about 90 minutes, you go back to your business for about 90 minutes, you apply what you’ve learned, you return your emails, texts, and then you come back and learn some more. So the biggest thing business owners say is, “I went to the event, but unlike other events where I came back and I had all this catch up to do, I actually came back and I was further ahead.” And that’s the goal for you. Check it out. The code ACTION, all capitals, that’s going to get you $200 off the ticket price. You want to get that ticket now, they’re selling out fast and when registration closes, it closes. There can be no more.

All right, a second quick announcement. We have a special at my digital marketing agency on Keap, and so if you are looking to be able to have better communication with your team members, organize your leads, follow up, invoicing, that kind of thing, Keap is an amazing app. Generally speaking, the Keap Pro app goes from $99 a month. Right now we have a sale at the Agency. It’s 30% off, $99 your first three months, and we are going to throw in a customized onboarding session just for you. You have to purchase the app before the end of the month. So you can go to and check it out because we would love, love, love to work with you.

So with that, let’s get into it. So here’s the thing, you have a business, you have a career, maybe you have a job and you have a side hustle, maybe you have a job, a side hustle and kids, or job side hustle, kids, aging parents, pets, you’ve got all these balls in the air, and at times it can feel really overwhelming. Would you agree? And so sometimes what happens is you get a bit tired or you get distracted and then you’re in a place where you go, “Oh gosh, what did I actually accomplish?” So today I’m going to share with you a strategy that I wrote about in my book, Organize Your Life, and I’m also going to share with you how you can take this strategy and get more done in minimal time.

If you’re new to Bulletproof Monday, this is my opportunity to serve all of you, to give back. I do the show, I train some amazing techniques in terms of social media marketing, branding, building your business, sales and mindset. And so that’s what we’re going to do today. I know many of you come and you take notes, and whether you’re listening to this on iTunes, or watching on YouTube, or you’re here live on Facebook, if this show helps you, I would just love for you to share it. So anyway, let’s get started.

So 90 minute blocks are one of the most effective ways that you can work. I have some notes. So there are 1440 minutes in a day. Okay, 1440 minutes. Let’s say we allocated 480 minutes for sleeping. That’s an eight hour night of sleep. I know some of you don’t sleep that much, but let’s say you did, eight hours. And then we took 60 minutes for personal care, that included showering, getting dressed, hair or no hair or whatever you got to do there. 480 minutes for your job, so that’s eight hours if you have a day job. 60 minutes to exercise. That leaves another 360 minutes to do other things. If we took 90 minutes from that, 90 minutes, and you carved out 90 minutes to go for gold, build your side hustle into your main hustle, you’d still have 270 minutes to spare.

But the reality is we’re wasting about 360 minutes a day. What are we doing in those 360 minutes? We’re binge watching videos. The average adult now is watching well over an hour a day of online videos. We are procrastinating, we’re gossiping, we’re complaining. We’re not physically doing the activities that are going to allow us to pursue the life of our dreams. And where today’s show came from, I was with my friend Margo, and we were at a yoga class last week. So if you don’t follow me on Instagram, do. It’s @susansly. That’s where you see a lot of the fun photos. Margo and I are yoga, and we were talking about a couple of years ago, we had rented a house, a beautiful mansion in Las Vegas, and I had done a training. And because so many people say, “Susan, if I could just spend the day with you, I know I’d become more productive.” And I’m like, “I don’t do that.” But I do seminars once in a while where I’ll go and I’ll spend a day with a group of people and I’ll show them how it’s done.

So I have these group of women, amazing, amazing women in this house in Las Vegas. And what we did, we would work for 90 minutes and then we’d take a break, a self-care break. We’d go for a power walk, we’d do some yoga, some meditation, then we’d come back and we’d work for 90 minutes, and then we did the same thing. And guess what? Every one of them, 100% of them said, “I got more done today than I usually do in a week.” If you could sit your butt behind your desk for 90 minutes, and whether it’s generate more sales for your business, or bring in more team members, or if you’re doing a startup, bring in more people for your funding round, you would probably get more done.

If that’s what you did, you put your blinders on for 90 minutes, than you would doing a little bit and then returning some emails, and doing a little bit and then going on social media, and doing a little bit and returning your sister’s phone call. You would get more done in that period of time. It’s proven time and time again. I’ve been mentoring people for over two decades on productivity and organization strategies. So I have seven tips for you in order to do this. And if you are a regular, hey Bruce, it’s great to see you, and SJ, and Ruby, and all of you. Shouts out and love to you. Again, if you’re new, I want to welcome you. I’m here every Monday.

So I’m going to give you a sample schedule. So imagine it looks something like this. So let’s say you wanted to generate more sales, or bring on more team members, or bring in more people to your funding round for your startup. So you could do something like this. On Monday, your 90 minute block could just be sitting there and scheduling appointments for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. So let’s say on Monday you scheduled 12 appointments. You’re like, “Okay, I can do this, Susan. I’m going to schedule three appointments for Tuesday, three for Wednesday, three for Thursday, three for Friday.” You’re tracking with me with the math.

Then on Tuesday you do three presentations or virtual meetings, or you do face-to-face meetings, whatever it is, but it’s 90 minutes of total productivity. Wednesday, you do the same thing. Thursday, you do the same thing. Friday you do the same thing. After four weeks, check this out, in terms of the numbers, you would have done 48 presentations. If you failed 90% of the time, you would have 4.8, let’s round up to five, five new customers, five new investors, five new team members at a 90% failure rate, and all you did was 90 minutes a day. Is that crazy? But most people don’t do it, right?

You do a little bit, you get a little bit of money. You do nothing, you got no money. Most people won’t do that, but you guys are not average. You’re exceptional. 90 minutes a day, that’s it. And it could be that on Monday you might get up earlier and book your appointments and send those messages. Or you might do it after work or whatever the case is, or do it 30 minutes at your lunch break, 60 minutes after the kids go to bed. But could you do this? Could you do 90 minutes a day? Yes, you could. We all could.

So I’m going to take this further out in terms of the math. So after three months, you would have 15 new investors or customers. After six months, you’d have 30 new investors, customers. After 12 months it’d be 60 new investors or customers. And let’s say each investor gave you $100,000, that’s 6 million in funding. Let’s say each new customer including reorders, everything, was worth $1000, that would be $60,000 extra in revenue for you, if you just did 90 minutes a day. Crazy.

Now, let’s say in the latter case, let’s say in Teresa’s business, let’s say. She said, “Okay, Susan, I’m going to do this 90 minutes a day. I’m very focused. I’m booking 12 appointments a week. I’ve got this math.” That each of her customers gave her two referrals, she would make 180,000 in revenue. Now that’s some serious money for a side hustle, right? That’s when the side hustle becomes the main hustle. Would you all agree with that? So when you think about that, that anyone can follow that system, it’s very, very simple. But just because it’s simple, people will take it for granted. It doesn’t mean it’s not effective. It’s highly, highly effective.

Here are my 7 best tips to get more done in less time:

Number One – if you’re going to do the 90 minutes a day, number one, you have to figure out why you’re going to want to do it. So what difference is it going to make in your life? If you’re like, “Susan, I’m going to do it, 90 minutes a day. I can do it. You already proved the math to me. I’ve got 90 minutes.” So the question is this, why do you want to do it? Number one, only you can answer that, but you reaffirm it with things like vision boards and your motivational Post-it Notes you put on your mirror. Even my mentor, Harvey Mackay, puts motivational Post-it Notes on his mirror.

Number Two –  you want to figure out what value you’re adding to someone else when you’re going to book those appointments. So one of the things I do when I’m going to book an appointment, whether it’s an investor meeting for Radius, or a customer for Radius, or for my direct sales business, a new client, and you remember for my Agency, a new client or a new member, I think of three reasons why what I have to offer can benefit this person. That means that when energetically when I’m having the conversation, I’m not all about getting, I’m like, “What is it that … How is this going to add value?” Even before I prep a Bulletproof Monday, and again, this is just free training, even before I prep it, I’m always like, “Okay, how is this going to help my viewers?” Because if they can take away, whether you buy something from me or not ever, if you can take away one or two things every single week that are going to bless your life and help you become more successful, that’s all I ask. Take this information and pay it forward.

Number Three – plan your 90 minute blocks in advance. So what I do is I go into my schedule and I plan out these 90 minute blocks. I’m doing 90 minutes of just full-on, very focused, whatever it is. With Radius, as an example, when we were bringing in our seed round of funding, millions of dollars in our seed round, I blocked out 90 minutes. I had a list of who I wanted to contact to become an investor with the company and that’s what I did.

Number Four –  eliminate the distractions. So during those 90 minutes, unless the person phoning you is for an appointment, no. And you can say to people, “Look, I’m not going to be available for the next 90 minutes.” And it’s no one’s business what you’re doing in those 90 minutes, but you shut down all of your social media, you don’t have any browser tabs open on your laptop, and you just get very focused on the task at hand.

Number Five – is get clear on your communication. So when you only have 90 minutes to do something, you can’t do an hour long presentation. You have to be able to say, “Hey, Tina, I’m so excited to share this information with you, but I have a hard stop at the bottom of the hour because I have another appointment coming up.” People like to know that you’ve got other prospects. They like to know. They’re like, “Oh, she’s actually pretty busy.” And you’re not coming off as desperate, you’re just allowing people to know that your time is valuable and that you’ve got to set those boundaries.

Number Six –  this is the toughest one, is you do your 90 minutes, even if you don’t feel like it. So in years ago, back in, oh gosh, the year 2002, I was in a direct selling business and my son, he was little, he was just a baby, and a lot of times I did not feel like prospecting. I used to buy these lead lists and I’d put my headset on, my phone, and I was like, “Oh gosh, I’m exhausted, the baby’s been up all night,” but I would make myself prospect for 90 minutes. I’d put on a pair of high heel shoes, I’d get dressed up in a suit, no one could see me, and I’d walk and I’d do my calls. And then once the 90 minutes was done, then I take a break and do something else. But I made myself do it. And when you’re hungry for something, you become so much more focused and committed. Would you all agree with that? Just give me some hearts or thumbs up if that’s true. So force yourself to do it no matter what.

Number Seven – evaluate your progress. So you sit there for 90 minutes and at the very end of those 90 minutes you stop and you take some notes, journal. What did I accomplish? How many appointments did I book? How many presentations did I do? It doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in. All businesses come down to appointments and presentations. If you’re considering say buying a piece of software and let’s say that software is $10,000 a month, you can schedule a demo. The people selling you the software, they get paid by the number of presentations they do, the number of appointments they book. And same thing in real estate or whatever your profession is. It comes down to appointments and presentations.

So anyway, with that, this has been another episode of Bulletproof Monday. I do read every single comment you have. If today’s show has been helpful, most shows around 20 minutes, today we’re a little shorter, please do go ahead and share it. If you have an idea for a topic, my subscribers … Go to, get on my list. I only email you content. I also email the show notes. So if we have a really good show and I see a lot of positive fan feedback, I actually have the whole show transcribed and I mail the subscribers the show notes. I’m working on some show notes from my Dennis Yu interview that I did a couple of weeks ago on social media trends. Those are going out to my subscribers. So anyway, with that, if you’re not on the list, do get over there, Get on the list. I won’t spam you, I promise.

So anyway, with that, God bless, go rock your day and I will see you here next Monday. Goodbye, everyone.

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