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Susan Sly Podcast Interview With Dave Asprey



Exhausted, severely overweight, and dealing with the effects of subpar health, successful tech executive Dave Asprey realized it was time to make a dramatic change in his life. After unlocking the incredible potential of biohacking for sustainable weight loss, better sleep, and enhanced mental acuity, Dave found himself driven to launch a brand that would empower others to rediscover their best selves. And thus, the cutting-edge Bulletproof brand was born.

In this episode, we talk to Dave about the smart, simple steps you can take to elevate your mental and physical performance and what it means to harness your own biology to evolve into a stronger, healthier, and happier version of yourself.

We also explore what he has learned through his work with the world’s leading doctors, scientists, and innovators and how it has completely changed his perspective on health. Finally, we discuss his own brand’s meteoric rise to success, as well as his thoughts about the future of artificial intelligence (AI).

Topics covered in the interview:

  • The revolutionary concept of “biohacking.”
  • How to achieve optimal health by prioritizing your needs.
  • The critical connections between physical well-being and professional success.
  • How AI will continue to transform our world.

About Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey is a four-time NYT best-selling science author, host of an award-winning podcast, and the creator of the Bulletproof brand. Nicknamed the “Father of Biohacking,” Dave is passionate about sharing his knowledge about how anyone can uncover their own inner “superhuman” with the right approach.

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