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In the world of cryptocurrency, there’s a new kind of token taking the scene by storm and is becoming some of the most sought-after in the world— Nonfungible Token (NFT).Why? Because they represent ownership of something special – digital assets that can represent real-world items.

If you want to learn more about this exciting new trend, or if you’re thinking about investing in NFTs, then this interview is for you.

Gordon Bufton is a creator, humanitarian, and serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of Genius Creators, a conglomerate of companies connecting and empowering Genius Creators building the future. In addition, he is an award-winning speaker who has spoken worldwide in more than 120 venues. Bufton specializes in helping people connect to what is essential in their lives and business.

— Gordon Bufton

Raw and Real Entrepreneurship with Gordon Bufton

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Gordon Bufton’s Bio

Gordon Bufton is a creator, humanitarian, and serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of Genius  Creators, a conglomerate of companies connecting and empowering Genius Creators building the  future. He is an award-winning speaker who has spoken around the world in more than 120 venues.  Bufton specializes in helping people connect to what is essential in their lives and business. 

Bufton’s clients include royal families, billionaires, inmates, and fortune 500 companies. Currently,  he is investing in companies in the mental wellness space using Genius Creators NFT. He has been  featured in CBS, NBC, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and countless publications more. Currently, he lives in  his body and has been creating digitally since August 2019, while exploring the world.

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People will pay $10,000 or $100,000 for that, or they say, you know, if you hold our Apple NFT, every new product for the next 10 years, you automatically get shipped to your house.

Welcome to Raw and Real Entrepreneurship, the show that dares to bring no nonsense insight to those who have the courage to start, grow and scale a business. I'm your host, Susan sly.

Hey, what's up, Raw and Real entrepreneurs. I hope you're having an amazing day. And I'm so excited to have today's guest. He has been a guest on the show before and today we're going to talk about NFTs. We're gonna talk about the metaverse, we're gonna talk about like, what happens when you're $40,000 in debt and then like two and a half years later, you got a staff of 10 people, you're crushing it, you're working with Mark Cuban, you're like it's insane. What can happen? And for those of you who are sitting there listening or you're in your car, Hey kids, I love when you guys write me and tell me your kids listen. As a mom that like, lights my soul on fire. So whatever it is you're doing, and maybe you're going through something right now, always remember what I say, it's not what you're going through, it's what you're going to. And my guest is proof positive that you can change your outcome. So check it out. He is a creator humanitarian. He is a serial entrepreneur, that's true. And my sometimes yoga buddy. He is the founder of Genius Creators, a conglomerate of companies connecting and empowering genius creators building the future. He's an award winning speaker, he's spoken around the world in more than 120 venues. And he specializes in helping people connect to what is essential in their lives and businesses. Check it out. His clients include royal families, billionaires, inmates and fortune 500 companies. And currently he's investing in companies in the mental wellness space using Genius Creators NFT, which we're going to talk about that. If you don't know what an NFT is, we'll get into that, don't worry. He has been featured in CBS, NBC, Forbes Entrepreneur and countless publications. And currently, he lives wherever he is sleeping. That's what I am going to say. But Gordie Bufton, thank you. The author of The Connection of Fact, Eluding Reality. It is so great, my friend to catch up with you here on Raw and Real Entrepreneurship. I know. Thank you, Susan so much. I have missed our hot yoga sessions, not being in Scottsdale and traveling around the world the last two and a half years so we can talk about what it's like traveling the world during COVID as well. But one of my favorite stories from you, Susan, is when we did three hot yoga classes in one day. So if anyone listening or the kids have done hot yoga, it's no joke and Susan is no joke at everything she does. She convinced me and one other, I'm totally drawing a blank on her name. Tracy. Tracy to do three hot yoga class a day. So what we did is we went to, I think it was like 7am and then we went to Business Mastermind, a whiteboard for two hours then we went back then we mastermind again, had some food, and then we went back to the funnel. And then Susan like wanting to always top it. I'm like we should do four she goes no, that's that's an unlucky number. We're just gonna do five and

we'll have to, we'll have to do like an NFT and five hot yoga classes. At some point for for charity or something fun. I think, I think we absolutely should. And before we get into NFTs, for people who haven't listened, I want you to go back and listen to the first show I ever did with Gordie. That was like 200 shows ago or something. But Gordie, I want to talk about like, before we started the show you were telling me, you're like, Susan I can't even believe like, I was $40,000 in debt, right now Gordie is in Miami, he's about to launch something massive. And it turns out, we found that, this is like such a God drop. I'm going to be in Miami when Gordie's in Miami and I keep getting called back to Miami if, for those of you don't know, just super quick. I am going to be in Miami keynote speaking at The Weekend MBA in April. So with Brad Lea and Sean Crastina so check that out. And I'm also going to be in Miami live doing the NASDAQ show with Jared Yellin who is helming Grant Cardone's 10X Incubator, so I am going to be in Miami, check out those things. But Gordie, let's go back in time before COVID, $40,000 in debt like, walk us through like, what the heck happened?

So when we had originally met through Harvey Mackay's mastermind, I believe I had just left Rich Legacy. And so this was a very successful business I had with a partner where we were traveling all around the world, working with the wealthiest families in the world to empower their kids. And the, my former business partner and I had different core values. So I decided to walk away from this very successful business, basically hand him the business. Tragically, he was actually shot and killed a couple of years ago at swara Lake. Obviously, you know about that, but it was just, his wife was four months pregnant. And so, you know, my heart goes out to Samantha and their daughter Fiona, who, ironically, but not ironically, was born on the exact same day as my first niece. So my sister's

daughter, Parker was born on the same day as Fiona. So, um, you know, it's it was really, you know, a tragic, but, um, so when that happened, I go, What do I want to speak on for the next 10 years? And this is when we connected is I had hired a bunch of coaches and a bunch of people. And I landed on this concept of connection. Because my past, there was substance abuse and psych wars, and you know, my first book Eluding Reality: A Memoir About Psych Wards, So Drugs, Psych Wards, and Recovery. And, you know, it was just completely

you know, different topic. I've, you know, spoken in at your kids schools in Phoenix, I've spoken in over, I can't even remember, like over 100 schools. And so when I go, What do I want to be known for? Like when you say, Gordon Bufton, what comes to mind, and I landed on connection, and we started to work together when you had the agency and using Infusionsoft and all that stuff. And I would always go to you, Susan, like, I can't even turn on a computer. I can't turn on my iPhone, I'm the most un-tech savvy, like, can I just pay you and your team to build this? And you're like, No, you need to know how to do it. And I'm like, No, I don't. But you know, so it ended up not everything that you told me to do, like three years ago, I'm now doing and executing. So it's, it's really fun to see the evolution. So what ended up happening is I just basically hired all these coaches and invested all this money into these books and with division of getting speeches and being able to quickly pay it off. And it just wasn't panning out for whatever reason. And so, I ended up partnering with somebody who was running a mastermind to run sales and run the mastermind for him. And within three months, I went from 40, Well, here's, here's one of the caveats, I left the US and I left Scottsdale, put myself in a storage unit. This was August of 2019. And I moved to Europe for three months with the vision to write a new book. And I ended up like not being under say, the energy of the states or whatever, like the shift to change of environment, I was able to pay off that debt in three months. And so three months, just go back to even, so this was 2020. We obviously pivoted because of COVID from live events to more online, and we were able to go from 30 members to 150 members during my my time, which was, you know, I was working with the best, brightest minds in the world. I interviewed 500 COOs. So like, I knew revenue, I knew employee, I knew their problems, like I, I literally did 100 MBA programs in, in one year. And so now it's really interesting. I decided to leave that in May of 2021 to like, just focus on building my own masterminding community. And so we founded Genius Creators Collective, which, so think YPO for under 35. You know, because we're in so many mastermind, Susan, and there's really nothing for those young creators, right, like the Connor Blakelys that are 18,20 that are crushing it, running multi million dollar businesses to hang out with their peers. So, so we have that. So we host events all around the world for Genius Creators Collective which is really, for me now, it's kind of like my passion project, as you know, talking about accelerators in the startup community, I love pouring into these young kids. I love when you know, I hang out with your son, AJ and give him like some personal development or I, back when I was living in Scottsdale, I'm driving down the road and he's running. And so I'd send him a text and spend some time, like when my, when my, see, uh, you know, EO, YPO mastermind friends are like, hey, my son's 18, 19, 20, I'm happy to jump on the call. I got a, a client who just went, he's 21, he started a small business selling Hawaiian shirts. He's now in France, and my buddy's like, Hey, I think such and such. And I'm like, let me jump on a call. And so we jump on a call. And he goes, Man, this was way more valuable than my MBA program in 30 minutes. It's because we've studied businesses. I've been, I had my first business at 10 years old. And you know, I'm not always so proud of my, you know, my drug dealing business. But I was a serial entrepreneur from 10 years old. And, and this was, you know, because you've been an entrepreneur for so many years before it was cool.

Like when I was launching my first business at 26, Gary Vee wasn't mainstage, Mark Cuban wasn't a rock star. Elon Musk was probably not even worth a billion dollars then. And so it's been really interesting to watch. And this is— goes back to the NFT that I'm launching. Celebrities want to be entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs want to be celebrities. And rappers want to be film stars and

and producers and all that stuff. So, um, you know, one of the things that we've gotten really good and you know, I love your NLP conferences that I've been to and one day workshops is we know human psychology, we know sales, we know how to tell a compelling story. And so right now, we are launching the world's most exclusive community where we basically create once in a lifetime experiences for our members. And their access code is their NFT. And so we have our first launch launching in Miami, February 22, we're going to release 2022 individual pieces of art. And so how we're doing a little bit different, like what we're doing with amazing artists. So the first 22 are going to be actual physical paintings. And we're going to auction those off at an investor tour. So Miami is going to be the first event where we're going to have celebrities and it's going to be basically like a massive concert. And then we, we haven't finalized the dates, but we're going to do an event in Atlanta with an entrepreneur who just exited her company over a billion dollars. Her husband who is a total rock star, who you know, you had on your show, right? Like they've agreed to do it, we're going to come to Scottsdale and we're working on, um, we'll say the most decorated Olympian and someone super high in politics. And, you know, obviously, Susan, like we have access to these people. And then we're doing Austin as well as Vegas. But the, but the big piece that I'm so excited and passionate about is we're creating a whole new category. So right now we're calling it Create 360, because nobody in the, in the mental health space is taking a 360 degree approach. So we're introducing mental health, we're introducing the emotional piece, we're introducing the spiritual piece, the physical piece, as well as biotech, and technology, right? Like nobody is, is looking at the human experience from a whole 360 approach. And we've had countless conversations about this and gotten to Mexico to work with stuff that isn't legal in the States. And so I'm really excited to be able to use NFT in this platform of these people to really change the global conversation around addiction. Last year, in the US alone, there are 100,000 overdose deaths up from 80,000 year before and there are 47,000 suicides.

And so how do we— those are 150,000 deaths in the US alone that don't need to happen. Exactly. And, and Gordy, I want to, I mean, you said so much there. Okay, so firstly, to everyone listening, if you're not, if you're just, if you're listening, and you're not watching on YouTube, Gordie's face literally lights up. Like I was saying this, if you didn't listen to my show with Henry Kaminski, Henry I was like, dude is lighting up. And C-Rock, it was the same thing. So if you just pop over YouTube at some point and see Gordie, he's like, he is lit up about this. And I know when he gets like this, it's like it's, it's just a done deal. It's like get out of his way. Just like don't even like, he's doing it. But Gordie, I want you to back up for a minute because there are a lot of people listening, they don't know what an NFT is. And so I just came back from the National Retail Federation. The statistic is 30% of Americans don't know what the metaverse is. They don't understand— No, it's the reverse of that. 70% of Americans don't understand the metaverse. They don't understand NFT's, they don't understand crypto. So let's back up. I just minted my first NFT we're talking about that. I took AJ's art. I'll show it to you after the show. I took AJ's art and maybe Neville, maybe Hey— Neville does our video graphics, we can pop a photo of AJ's art up here because I'm a shameless promoter of my child. But anyhow— like I, I know the art's good. So like we just figure out how. It is. It's very Feng shui but um, so I made it into three pieces, into limited edition NFT's but let's walk back and could you just explain in your terms to everyone what is an NFT? So just the sheer definition is Non Fungible Token. What it really means is it proves ownership of digital things. They're not even digital like digital is one thing, but it proves ownership so let's use the example. Some of our influencer friends have a jet, a Lamborghini and a house. But Susan you and I know because we received the phone calls they go hey, I'm $20 million in debt. So to the world it looks like they're super successful yet we're the ones fielding the phone call. They can't make their electric bill, which, ironically, like my family experience, we got kicked out of a multimillion dollar house in Florida back in the real estate crash. And so what an NFT does is it

proves ownership. So right now you have to have crypto to buy it. And you can't, some of the stuff is changing very rapidly. But you can't go buy an NF— you can't go buy a CryptoPunk or BoredApes, which are all trading for over a quarter of a million dollars on a credit card.

That changes the game. Because very soon your real estate transactions, all those men or people, the title agent, the insurance, the real estate agent, are all going to be out of a job looking at us running NFT companies going Jesus, I should have saw this coming. Yeah. And I'm like you. The company has called me. So this, this guy calls me he, this guy calls me, he's second in command at this company that does over $10 billion a year. National retailers like, Susan, do you understand this NFT stuff? And I said yes, I do. Like I, but I hadn't minted one at this point. But I want to share this example for our listeners, Gordie because you will love this. So I was sitting in a talk by the woman who's helming the metaverse project for Estee Lauder. And she was talking about imagine then— and this for, the audience is going to paint a picture. So imagine I go buy an Estee Lauder mascara and I use it in the real world. My NFT version of that product shoots flames out of my eyelashes in the quote unquote Metaverse, whether that's Roblox, whether— and I'm gonna learn Roblox from my daughter, Emery or whether it's you know, whatever Metaverse you want. One of the companies that I invest in, I sit on their board it, we're doing the metaverse of good and Gordie, I'll talk to you about that. But anyway, so that, think about an NFT. Another way to think about it as Gordie said, so it's simply proof of ownership. And imagine for those of you with products, it can even be an extension of a product in a way that couldn't even happen in the real world, which— So here's the other, the next level, think of NFT not as a JPEG not as art. Think of it as an exclusive community.

We're working with one of the largest global brands. And when you buy one of their products, we will make you a free NFT. Right? So let's just use, let's use Apple as an example. So Apple, my iPhone here, if it gets stolen, which hopefully I showed my password and all the, everyone, everyone on YouTube can see who's texting me, which is on focus mode, which we talked about in the connection of fact that my favorite chapter has a whole chapter about digital disconnection. So we'll— I'll send you that chapter, you can put in the show notes. But we do an NFT. So you buy an iPhone from Apple, they make you an NFT which proves your ownership. Therefore, when somebody steals it, they won't be able to sell it because they won't have the NFT. Mm hmm. That changes everything. Yes. And the second layer to this is, when was the last time you got an email or a text message from a company and you actually read it, and it was a salesman? You don't. Like, we get so many emails. I've unsubscribed from everything, but very rarely do we read our emails. So now that's going to be in the discord. And if you are the owner of the Apple NFT and they have a new product coming up, all their NFT holders can get 5% off or 3% off. Or when they do their launch party and they announced it, 10 special people get to go to the headquarters and experience that. People will pay $10,000 or $100,000 for that. Or they say, you know, if you hold our Apple NFT, every new product for the next 10 years, you automatically get shipped to your house.

I love that. That it's, that, and I know some people who are listening, they're like, Oh my gosh, my head hurts. I want to, I want to say it's not as streamlined yet as it's going to be because before, Gordie and I were catching up and I was sharing with him, and he was like, oh, okay, this is a funny story. So I mint these NFT's for AJ. I'm like I minted NFT's like I'm feeling like I accomplished something.

And I think the kicker is you run one of the largest AI companies in the world, Susan, right? Like so you run a massive tech company.

Yeah, I run a tech company. And I was like I'm in AI, I'm studying at MIT. If you're new to this show, I'm like, I'm turning 50 this year and I'm going to school. I'm back in school. I say MIT

Susan is, like I've met people all around the world. And I was always telling my Chief of Staff I'm like, Susan might like— not might, you're definitely in the top three most impressive women I have ever met. You're in the top like, five humans I've ever met. Like not even separating men and women. Just the quick one of your first vote like— when we first met, you had like 40 Kids, you have 400 boards that you're on, you have over 100,000 people in your downline, and you're running three companies. I'm like, I can't even brush my teeth.

I can't even connect my wallet to my OpenSea account. So I make AJ's NFT's on NFT Creator, which is an app, you can download in. It's attached to OpenSea which is a digital marketplace where people sell NFT's and so on. And so I'm like, I minted the NFT's. This is going to be easy. And I have several different crypto wallets. I'm like, because I've been acquiring and holding crypto for a long time. And I can't connect it, Gordie. So like my friend Jess, who's a great friend, Jess Feldman out of New York. He's an art broker. So I text him I'm like, I had dinner with Jess in New York, I'm like, Okay, on your mark, get, set, go. Let's see if h'es going to mint his first NFT. So I'm like, ha! I did it. And and he's like, this is what you should price it for, right? And so I call my son, I'm like, This is what we're gonna price it for. It's minted. It's on Open Sea. And for some reason, I can't get in and even set a base price. And so I go to, I go to MIT, I'm a co founder, co CEO and board member of an AI company, and I can't do it. Gordie, can you talk about that, because the people are overwhelmed right now. And they're like, how do I, I don't want to miss out they have the FOMO. But they, they're

overwhelmed. So there's a couple of, there's a couple of different things here is, let me come at it from this angle. So obviously, you've been in crypto for a long time, you've made all these amazing returns, and you don't believe in the old monetary systems, you're not pulling that out as cash. So a lot of these crypto whales, they're pulling out some cash buying a house or buying a Lamborghini or buying the jet, but they're pretty much holding in crypto. And there's not, it's just sitting on these exchanges or these cold wallets or, you know, they are smart codes. And like, there's people who've watched billions of dollars of an ad or a crypto that's either been stolen, or they've just forgotten the password. And so that is confusing. But NFT's are the first real world application of crypto. They can use crypto to buy these assets or get access to these communities. And so like my buddy, he bought with, with Bitcoin, his theater seats in his home theater in his house. Now those theater seats are worth 600,000, like a quarter of the value of his house. And he's like, Oh my god, like these are the most expensive theater seats in the world versus, you know, and, and that, like, you just want to do a transaction and see, or the guy who bought the pizza with 10,000 Bitcoin, like—

I have a friend, he's, he's one of the smartest big brain people in the world. He's like, in his 60s. He's like, hey, he goes, I paid off my house with Bitcoin. Because he was like, very, very early. I didn't not get in super early. But one of my mentors was like, Don't sell it, just buy it and hold it. And Gordie and I are, just all of you all, listen, we are not giving you investment advice. We're just telling personal stories. So I was actually late to the party. I, there are about 14 coins that I invest in. And you know, and but to your point, it's very easy with like, you know, whatever, you're going to use Coinbase or whatever to acquire it. But you can't be freaking out when it goes down. It's like the stock market—

When it goes down, we buy more, right? Like I love to nose down at 30. And I originally got in at, like, I remember going on a run with our mutual friend Zack. And it was at like, 18 and I'm like, This is gonna be a bubble. But I first heard about it in 2012 at like the couple hundreds. And I'm like go to my buddy like, Man, if I only bought $1,000 back then but he's like, there's no way you would have been able to hold it for that long. Mm hmm. Yeah, he's probably right. Um, but so here's one of the ways I'm thinking about NFT's and then I'll go into the aspect of it being so difficult.

And I want to know which coins you're buying. That's the other question I have for you.

I'll pull out my my coin base. I'll just answer it now. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the main holdings. I do 50-50. I have some Polkadot, I have some Solana, and I have Cardano, I think, and there's a couple other ones that I've looked at that I just haven't necessarily got in, I think my strategy, and you have a fairly similar strategy with a lot of like, we just get so many deals and so many things. I'm just like, throw 1000 bucks here a 1000 bucks there because supposedly, and I haven't fact checked this, and the person who gave me this information isn't the necessarily the most reliable, but at in January—

Raw and Real Entrepreneurship, people so this is like how Gordie and I would speak if we're just sitting there talking. So—

yeah, so on January 1st 2021, had you bought $1,000 of a Shibu or whatever the— supposedly, that would be worth $400 million.

So I will give you the the fact check. So there was a, I had Mark Divine, Navy SEAL, five New York Times bestsellers on the show. Mark and I are, both buy and hold crypto. So we were having like coffee or, you know, juice one afternoon in California. And so we found that we're both members of the Shib Army. And I'm like, Dude, how much Shib you have? I'm not going to disclose his portfolio slide. He's like a Shib well, and but the, so the story comes out that the guy who invested 8000 in Shib, one year later, it was worth 6.8 billion. And then what, one of the things that cause sheep to go down was this whale he— he started selling. Yeah, why wouldn't you? Oh my gosh, 8000 to 6.8 billion? I would sell too but he moved into different wallets, and invested in different things. And everyone's like, Oh, you know, whatever. And, and that's what people keep hoping with crypto is they're gonna, it's like playing the lottery. And my disclaimer, and I always say this on the show when we talk about crypto, like Gordie said so beautifully, is you shouldn't be going in debt to buy it, you just take extra money. So you didn't have a glass of wine, put that money and so you, you know, didn't go out for dinner, you stayed at home, take that extra money and just put it in if that's what you want to do, Gordie let's talk about NFT's and your project because I'm so freakin excited.

And so the way I'm looking at buying NFTs, which is why all by ages project is I'm just finding really good art. Stuff that I'm happy to put on that TV and just like siphon through. Like the first ever piece I bought was $1,000 and then like, the second ever piece for all your viewers, and I'll answer how to buy and like how to get that information. My second ever NFT, I was so proud of this piece. Like I thought it was so cool. It's here. I can just pull it. I pulled it up. Let me see. Let me just do a screen share.

If I could get my OpenSea open like, I might be buying NFT's today.

Let me, let me share the only, let me just share cuz you have disabled the screen share. Let me drop it in the chat. Um, my, so this is like my OpenSea account. I don't know maybe people can watch this and like steal Omar. But the second ever NFT, do you want to pull it up?

Yeah, I'm gonna share.

First ever piece, I have no idea what I was doing. So the first ever piece is the, the monkey on a rocket. I think that's a cool piece of art. I paid $1,000 for that. No Uturn like I'm going to the stars, no turning back. I love that. The next piece I bought is one just to the left, that Third Eye Apes. I think that's a cool piece of art that I'm happy to have on an iPad or something in one of my houses around the world. Well, I sent it to my buddy, you know, Adam Turin. And he goes dude, Gordon, you got totally duked. This is a fake NFT. I'm like, What do you mean? It's the Third Eye Apes society, da da da. He's like, No, it's not. You and two other people got schemed for 350 bucks. And I'm like, There's no way. This is ridiculous. And I thought there was something a little bit funny when I went on their website. And the, one of the creators image was this exact same image. So now I know the thing. So I bought the one on the left, which is an actual Third Eye Ape, which gets me access to the community. Just because I know I'm going to be speaking on it just perfect example is like, hey, look, I'm one of the world's thought leaders on this. And my second ever project was a fake project. So what my team is doing. So I haven't even seen this other guru 4110. I just got that. And I just kind of like the project. It's like 777 pieces that are all about mindfulness. And then I added some others on another wallet that I haven't seen, like I don't even like, I buy these things, mint them, I don't even know how to like, that just randomly showed up in my wallet. I don't know how to get them to change and update your data and all this stuff. So what I've done, because it is so complex, which is also part of the way that they control it and you know inflate prices and drop floors and all this stuff and there's so many scams is my team is building an information product where we have the top 10 resources that you can watch. As Gary Vee goes, There's nothing more important for any of these kids or anyone than go spend 50 hours learning about NFT's. Because NFT's are the internet in 1996 that 98% of the projects are going to completely crumble but in a decade or 20 years, 10 of us are going to be standing around the table and we will forever have changed course in history.

I love that you said that because I have, I was writing this commentary and discussing how Google. What a lot of people don't know the name of Google. So I'm gonna ask the listeners. I'm sorry. Yeah. The, What was the name of Google before it was Google? It was Backrub. And I'm not, if you, if you look at it, you can find the original logo. Can you imagine? Hey, Gordie, could you just Backrub that? Like what the heck were those guys thinking, Right? So to your point, it you know, you buy, you hold, you're in there, and you know, you might get kicked around a little bit. And that's why it's important to be like connected with someone like yourself. I'm going to show you AJ's NFT. There's a series—

Yeah. The other piece like I, as soon as I bought that fake thing, I go, Okay, this is tuition. I just spent $500 on tuition. And I know I'm gonna make 1000s of dollars, because I'll be able to monetize that story. That's really cool.

Yeah, so he has Fortune Koi, Serenity Koi, and Enlightened Koi. So it's a, it's a series. And because of our like, Asian history, and AJ, as you know, he's been drawing lucky koi fish since he was five years old. So anyway, so this is like a passion of his. And anyway, so And there's so much love. And for those of you don't know, AJ is on the autism spectrum. And so we're going to—

We're all on the spectrum. Come on, Susan, you and I are on like, the different side and, but everyone's on the spectrum. And this is, I like, I love, so I'm just completely obsessed all in as you, as I said before the call, like, I've never been this excited about anything. This is changing. Like when I get off and like we go through the roadmap, I'm literally reinventing multiple industries of how we do. And we can, we can talk about some of the other things that, that you're working on how they, they correlate, but the, so all the kids listening, all the parents listening, if you want your kids to be successful, and Susan and I talk about this all the time, have your kid learn coding 30 minutes to one hour, every single day, from the time they're say 10, or 12, to 18. By the time they're 18, they will be making six figures. And one of the things I'm most excited about, obviously, you know me from back in the day when I was a youth speaker is what I am doing now is my ideal dream job. I get to connect with the most successful people in the world. I get to invest in young founders, I get to create once in a lifetime experience, I get to go hang out at the best sporting events and events in the world that I want to do. And host gatherings and houses and like, these once in a lifetime experience with artists and celebrities and musicians. And investing companies. This job quite literally didn't exist six months ago. This whole NFT thing came because I wanted to launch a clothing brand. And I was going to have artists submit artwork for this clothing brand that we were going to sell in five different cities of like one of 1000 and then I'm like, this was about a year and a half ago. And now the NFT craze, I'm like, I'll just do an NFT and they'll say spend $1,000 for this NFT and we'll give them some quote. And then you know how the universe works is like, No, you're not gonna sell for 1000, you're gonna sell for 10,000 and then like, a few days later, it's like, no, you're not gonna sell for 10,000, you're sell for 100,000. And so just obviously, we both know Grant Cardone is 10Xing our thinking. And, and now like I have my team, I'm like, Okay, how do we 10x that thinking? And when you 10x your thinking, the best thing it does is it has you completely thinking differently.

Oh, yeah. And that is the, I'm glad you brought up Grant. Grant is working on a project with Jared Yellin, where they're going to launch 10,000 tech startups in the next 10 years. And that is massive. And so everyone needs to stay tuned, because I have some big announcements coming up about that. Hint, hint. But anyway, I'm so excited about it. But anyway, the thing I you know, it's a massive vision and 90% of tech startups fail. And so much of it is there's lack of mentorship, there's lack of know how and you know, and so there are a lot of great people like Grant who are out there doing that. Gordie how do people, how do you want people to connect

with you? Yeah, so the, we needed what, we needed to switch our websites because we now have so many different companies. The overarching company website that shows all the stuff that we're doing, all our agency, all our different ventures is So is overarching parent site. And if you want to get on say, so the NF T is going to be But the the easiest way is just send, send me, my team an email at Just put Susan in the subtitle and just how can we help you whether that's, you know, getting you our free resource of top 10 resources for NFT's, whether it's, you know, some of the projects that you're excited about, our NFT projects, but just, just send us an email is the best way. Just and we'll hand you off to the best teammate, and in the best way to help you. And this is the thing I love most about Susan. Back in the days when I was way in debt and doing all kinds of things, Susan has always been so generous with her time, so generous with her love, so generous with her Rolodex. And, you know, she's, if you couldn't tell, one of my favorite humans, because she's just always, and this is why we get along so well. It's like how do we create a better future for people? And how do I spend that five minutes with the person at the grocery store? And instead of asking, how are you doing is what's the funny thing that's happened today? Or what's one thing with your kids? What's one thing you're grateful for? Or what was one thing you learned today versus how was your day? Because all the parents on here know what they're really asking is what's going on in their world? Most humans are just lazy and horrible question askers.

Well, Gordie, you're one of my favorite humans and I can't wait to catch up with you in Miami. Follow us both on social because you'll be like a Will Smith like, going to Miami. I'm reading his bio right now. It's awesome.

I almost picked it up in the airport and I'm like I'll just buy it on Amazon because I, so here's another quick thing for your audience.

It's a huge book FYI. You could do weights with it like if you're carrying, anyway. That's

awesome. So one of my rules is if there's a book I want to buy it's been difficult traveling the world just buy it. Because Will Smith has spent, his whole life is in basically 300 pages. If we can't get $20 in value from that, we're horrible. And books have changed my life I know they've changed your life so—

Well since we're, since we're here, I'll finish with a story. I'm going to give it to you for a final thought. So I am, what you know, Jared Yellin and I are talking about you know, when we're mentoring startup founders is thinking about what their exit party is going to be like, who's gonna be there and stuff. Anyway, I had a dream last night that when we eventually sell Radius that the exit party, so I, my dream is Will Smith who we share a birthday, September 25th. Will comes in and I'm like, thanks for coming to the party, Will, I'm so excited. It's a great exit. I just wish that DJ Jazzy Jeff would be DJing this party. And Will's like, look over there. And I look over there and it's DJ Jazzy Jeff. So that was the dream I had last night and my, my real dream is Steve Aoki DJs the party but apparently DJ Jazzy Jeff is visiting me in my dreams now because I'm reading this book. But Gordie, final thoughts for the audience.

If there's one thing to spend 10, 20 hours is study NFTs. They're changing the way that we do business globally. We've never been a more connected— We didn't even talk about Web 3.0 or the metaverse which Metaverse scares me. But, but that's a completely different topic. You know, and I'll kind of finish on this, which for me is scary. Recently, the World Economic Forum, which basically is the most influential people in the world, tweeted by 2030, nobody will own anything, nobody will have any privacy and people will like it. I disagree with that. And NFT's are way to prove ownership. Still have privacy, because I mean, Facebook already owns most of, Google and all these things. Apple I just read Tim Cook's biography, right? Because Susan told me anything, his readers are leaders. But it's amazing what Apple is doing for privacy. It's the only company out of the big four, which is Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google that I really respect and I would do business with. But they have all this information. They have all our data. And so how do we take back control? How do we still when we close the door, and we have the you know Alexa or the iPhone in the room that we're not seeing these ads. And I believe NFT's are really a way, if COVID showed us anything is humans crave community more than ever. NFTs are the modern day Facebook group. They're like-minded people coming together to impact whether it's mental well being or whether it's go hang out at the board games club, or whether it's, Hey, we're gonna you know, we like three toed sloths and we're doing a NFT for three toed sloths. You, you thin it up, you can create it. And another aspect which we never taught up, talk about being creators is it gives so much of the power back to the creator. Because when you're son minted NFT and I buy it, and then I go sell it for a million dollars next week, AJ in the smart contract can get 10 or 20% versus if I bought that physical piece of art and I go sell it for 1000 bucks, AJ gets nothing. But think of Van Gogh, his foundation was getting royalties for all these hundreds of millions of dollars of sales, how that could have impacted art? And so the thing that I'm, why the brand is called Genius Creators is we are all genius at something and we are all creating. You and I are creating our relationship, we're creating this conversation, we're creating this moment, we're creating companies. And so it's my moral obligation to wake as many people up and remind them they're genius at something, we just need to figure it out. And now we're creating.

What a fantastic way to end this episode. And guys, if you have really appreciated this episode as much as I have, go ahead, make sure you like it. We have a— and share on your social. Tag Gordie and I. We have a you know, I'm going for that next level of reviews on iTunes. I know you might be listening at iHeart Radio, wherever you are. So definitely do that. If you're interested in the privacy piece, I interviewed Dr. Susan Liautaud of Stanford University. She heads AI governance and ethics and we go deep into Apple and Facebook and what's going on in Congress. Check it out. I totally geeked out with Susan like, she's like my ethic spirit animal. So check out that episode. And with that anyway, God bless. Go rock your day. This has been another episode of Raw and Real Entrepreneurship.

Thanks so much, Susan. Love it.

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