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If you’ve ever felt as if you were stuck in an inescapable rut, you aren’t alone – but you also aren’t without the ability to make a change. In this live recording from UME 2022, we speak with the world’s top international speaker and multi-talented entrepreneur, Camilita Nuttal, about the life-altering shifts that can help you redefine your identity.

We’ll explore how mindset, consistency, and discipline are the keys to shaping the stories we tell about ourselves and the world around us – and why believing in the possibility for change is essential to your success.

Camilita will tell us about her journey from a childhood spent in poverty to her present-day success, sharing the life lessons she learned along the way.

—Camilita Nuttall

Raw and Real Entrepreneurship with Camilita Nuttall

Topics Covered in the Interview

  • Camilita’s early life
  • Shifting identity
  • Branding
  • Building a list
  • Mindset

About Camilita Nuttall

Often called the world’s number-one “rock star” international speaker, Camilita Nuttall is an Influencer, Founder & CEO of Event of Champions®, Multi-Millionaire Property Investor, Business & Wealth Coach, 7-Time Award-Winning Sales & Growth Expert, Entrepreneur, Author, Editor in Chief of Global Champions Magazine & Radio Show Host at The Camilita® Podcast.

Her expertise has been featured in FORBES and many other international publications, and she has made multiple appearances on new programs and provided quotes for best-selling books. In addition to her myriad of professional successes, Camilita is also deeply dedicated to giving back and inspiring others. Through the Nuttall Foundation, she supports children, families, and entrepreneurs, and she continuously seeks new ways to share her knowledge.

In the face of extreme adversity (hustling on the public dump at the age of 13 just to attend secondary school), Camilita rose against all odds to become a dynamic powerhouse of success and inspiration to help others reach their full potential. With a “think big” philosophy, her message has changed the lives of thousands across the world. Her larger-than-life personality is relatable and genuine, and she gives everything to fulfilling the dreams of others. Camilita is who entrepreneurs across the globe trust to take their business to the next level. Now, it’s your turn.

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Show Notes

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Susan Sly 00:00
Okay, I just want everyone to take a deep breath right now and let it go and get ready. Because you are about to laugh. You're about to cry. You're about to be inspired and your hand is going to hurt from writing. This amazing lady, I love her so much and she is incredible. The number one thing in her bio is world's number one rock star. I don't know if Chris Martin knows he's got the competition or what's going on. She's the number one rock star, world's international speaker. She's an influencer, founder and CEO of Event of Champions, which has spoken out twice, is amazing. Some of you have been in attendance at that. She's the editor in chief of Global Champions Magazine, business and wealth coach, seven time award winning sales and growth expert entrepreneur, author, multimillionaire, property investor, which we are going to talk about, and we're also going to talk about the metaverse. Radio show host of the Camilita Podcast, and her vision is to help business of, businesses of all sizes increase their wealt. And so, Camilita Nuttall from the UK live. Forget Princess Kate, forget the queen. Because the real queen is in the house. Camilita , I'm so excited to talk to you today, girlfriend.

Camilita Nuttall 01:23
Yes, you're my sister from another mister, listen, you know, I love you. I love you.

Susan Sly 01:29
I love you too. And, you know, okay, super diva. People look at you. They're like, she's the queen of LinkedIn. She's the queen of Twitter. She is like, she is everywhere all at once. She's like a Marvel superhero. But what they don't see is that you like, you know, many people here had some very challenging beginnings and, you know, including, you know, foraging in the dump. And can you, can you talk about your early childhood, because, you know, the people only see the glory, they don't know the story. And they're like, oh, it's easy for her to be a multimillionaire and her to be like the, you know, the guru of real estate investing, in speaking and coaching. But let's talk about your early life.

Camilita Nuttall 02:20
You know, I love when you say that, the girl because I just love that. I call myself the blackbrook, do you know what I mean? And you know, you know, growing up, I always saw television, the black and white version, I would watch a Dallas and Dynasty. Growing up with no food, very little to eat, struggling to go to school. Some days we had, I mean, just, it was, it was so, it was bad. Living in a country. So I don't have access to things. But I would watch television. And we'd watch Dallas and Dynasty. And I would see so and I'm one of them with the polls and JR. And in the end who shot JR? And I was like, I want to live like them. But I want to have that kind of wealth, that kind of money. But I had no idea. But my mother, and we talked about your dad, I can't wait to meet him. My mother said to me, look at my friend down the road. She's got five properties, six properties, and she doesn't have to work anymore. You want to do that? You want to live like her? And I was like, okay. But as I said, mother, what do I do? She said, take your education, take your education, at least do something to get you out from where you are. So I studied hardest. And it was cool. I was topping this and topping that. And then I decided to come to London to start law school. But Susan, I had no money, so I came to London without any money. But prior to that, at the age of 15 and a half, my mother said, we're going to find a way. My father said we no longer have money. I'm the last of 11 children. And my father said I'm tired of spending money for school books. You're just not going to go to school. I said to my mother, mommy, what can we do? She said, Well, we'll do something. And my sister said, well, people are hustling on the dump. Why don't you go there? At least so you can attend secondary school. It's like Mommy, let me go. What am I supposed to, I know where I'm and I know I don't want to be, let's go and hustle on the dump. And two and half months, big shoe rubbish. The things that you throw away that people take for granted. Dig into rubbish to get glass bottles to sell just so I could attend secondary school, Susan. I had no shame because I wanted to win so bad. And some people look at me and they think yeah, you know what, all the accolades stuff you've read. But that's what I had to do to do what I'm doing right now.

Susan Sly 04:37
And you haven't stopped with that attitude. As your sister I so see that it's that tenacity that you're still willing to essentially dig through rubbish even to dig through people's emotional rubbish, to help to find those glass bottles which is like been this, this whole beautiful overreaching theme of your life. And you know, there are a lot of people who will live Camilita in their story, and in victimhood, but you are one of these rare women that you know what, I'm not going to be a victim, that's not going to define me. So how did you shift your identity, because a lot of people can't, right? And then they, they'd much rather on social media, talk about how rich people are horrible, and no one can get ahead, because they, they have, they haven't managed to shift their identity. How did you do it?

Camilita Nuttall 05:39
For me, it was why? Why did I want to make money? Why did I want to be different? Why? What's the why behind the money? For me, it was never about the money. It was about helping my mother. Because I saw my mother taking pretty rubbish with me. Having an old house, in the Caribbean, we call it a latrine. And having to go up the hill in the water at night to go and use the toilet. That is what I saw growing up. And I said, I don't care what I have to do, I am going to look like a dog. And I'm going to help fix my mother's house. So she never has to do that again. And I want to be in a place where I can always help her and give her money. And then I also saw other people that were just like me, who I helped when I was in the same situation. And I thought, I want to help more people like that. So for me, it was never the money situation. For me, the money came because I had to make money, because I wanted to help my mother. And that was my driving force. And then it became, I want to help other people, then it became I want to help children who were just like me, then it became, I want to teach humans how to build allies, because if I could do it, they can do it too. So there was a reason behind the drive. I think for a lot of people who are struggling and have this victim mentality, oh look at me, always me, find something like fire you up, find something that will put some some fire in your assets, and use that as your driving force to win. That's how you're going to do it. It's never about the money. And when you make money, when we became a millionaire, we didn't even know. So it was never about the money. The money is a byproduct of you giving value. Your focus has to be on the why and the value you intend to live in this world.

Susan Sly 07:23
I wish you would be a little more passionate. A little more! Could you be a little more? You, you know, I'm thinking about you digging through the rubbish to find the treasure. And there are people watching this right now who have a business and they're saying, Oh, well, that industry isn't alive anymore, or no one's making money in this business. But you found a way to make money with rubbish. What do you say to the person who has an asset but they aren't making the money they want to? What do they need to do?

Camilita Nuttall 08:03
I'm a Christian. So I'll say this from a Christian perspective. I've been to a conference recently. And it was Matthew 20. You think it was Matthew 11, 20, and 21. And I said, No, Matthew 18, 20, 21. And I said, it talked about your talents. Yeah, we all have talents in us. We we're all born with something. I don't care how broke you are. None of you have to dig through the rubbish so don't come in and crack craziness to me. Every single one of us have got talents. And the talent may be to write, it may be to read, it may be your voice, it may be to so, it may be to create, it may be to protect. Everybody's got a talent. I wish I had your kind of tech knowledge, Susan but I don't, I don't. And I have a tenacity to win. And I have a knack for property. So you've got to find what is that one thing that you're different from everybody else and learn monetize that. Because that talent don't get that to me. Because Susan, because we decided to utilize our talents not to get rich but to help other people. Zig Ziglar, you have enough people get what they want. So all our goal was never about oh, gonna make millions. It was about how many people can we help get what they want? That's the plan. So don't come and say oh, you know, what is me? You know, how do you know I don't have much and I don't have anything. Use what you got. What is your talent? What can you do? Can you do hair? Be the best at it. Can you do eyebrows? Be the best at it. Are you going to tech? Be the best at it. Can you create some NFT's? Do that. I don't care what you can do. Do something. Just do something. Lead, follow or get out of the way.

Susan Sly 09:44
Oh, okay. Lead, follow or get out of the way. I want everyone to write that down, lead, follow or get out of the way like, it's yeah. Let's talk about, we'll talk about NFTs in a minute. I can't wait. Camilita and I should make an NFT. And people will be like, yes, there'll be like a digital version of us screaming at people. It'll be so good. But people will love it. It'd be weird. Let me ask you, let's, we've, you know, branding, branding, branding, branding, and, and there are people who don't think they need to have a brand. Preach it, why does everyone need to have a brand?

Camilita Nuttall 10:31
Look behind me? People buy brands, okay, if either by personal brands or by business brands, but people by brands, people align with brands. If you have an empty cup, where you got a cup of with Starbucks logo, you tell me the price. The brand, it is the brand, because people align themselves with the brand and is what the brand stands for. Is it one of a mission brand? Is it a celebrity brand? Is it a you know, business brand? What is the brand because people are lying with that, why? Because everybody wants to feel as if they're part of something. They want to feel as if they belong. So your job is to create a brand, whether it's a mission, to save the world, to save the world, or whether it's a celebrity, because you want people to look at your lifestyle and believe that they could do it too. Or it's a business plan where you're providing a service or product. Your job is to build something that people would recognize, because that recognition is what people buy into, that don't necessarily buy into you or your name, they buy into the brand you or your business brand name, because that's what they remember. So everybody that has a business, you are focused. I tell all my clients this that I coach, your main focus has to be first, you are building a brand. Trademark it, protect it, keep it going, make sure you got the right colors, the right, the right everything first. If you run off and go and make money, because some people do you know what to do? Oh, yes, I've got an idea. And they just start posting it on social media. And oh, they buy a domain name. A domain name is not a brand. They buy a domain anything. Yeah, I'm in business. You put it out there, somebody snap it up, then a shot, your job is to protect that brand. Make sure you have all the trademarks in place, and build brand loyalty because people will pay for brand loyalty more than they will just pay for some other thing. So regardless, build a brand, align with somebody who knows what they're doing. Get to work.

Susan Sly 12:31
Camilita, I love that. And I love the Starbucks analogy. It's like that, you have the cup with the Starbucks logo, you have a plain white cup, which are you paying more for? And we are our own brands. So even for the people who are watching and they have a product or service that they're promoting, say they're in direct sales or something, they're promoting someone else's product, at the end of the day, who do people choose to follow? It's that person with a stronger brand, who's associated with a brand, right? So how has your brand evolved because I know it has evolved.

Camilita Nuttall 13:10
I tell you what, when I started off, so I have got several brands. I'v got the Camilita brand which is my main which is my personal brand. And I got my business brand, Event for Champions and I've got a property brand that I'm building and then I launched another one last month, that retirement kind of brands anything that launches. It's trademarking as we speak. Everything set up, everything right for it. For me, how I built my brand was number one, I protected a brand. I had everything trademarked and I was very clear on what the brand stands for. I was not going to be cheap. And I was not going to be like everybody else. I didn't care what everybody else was selling, I was selling what I was selling. Your job in building that brand is to focus on what you are doing. I don't care who else is doing what you can carry on, as my mother says, mind your own business. So my focus was building this, this Camilita brand, this is how you're going to do it, these are the people we're going to serve, this is how much I'm going to charge. You think I'm too expensive. Then I'm building Event of Champions, this is my hot brand. This is where I teach entrepreneurs how to build their lives and I have amazing speakers like Susan come on stage and share her story. And then help all of those people if they want to work with all the clients. It's not, that brnd is not about me. That grant is more about how do we help entrepreneurs like us become who they want to become. And then my property brand is giving people a home, people who don't can't afford a home, people who have lost their home. And they're like, thank you so much for helping me. I'm so grateful to have a house. I'm so grateful for what you've done for me. So you're going to decide how you're going to build it, who you're going to align with, because you need to align with influencers. You need to align the people who have money, and most importantly people who have initiative that will get off their assets and do something, that's key in building this brand. Honestly, that's what I did with the Camilita brand. I aligned with people that I know was going places and also, Susan, and this is one thing people don't like to talk about. You have got to spend money to build that brand. I live in that world either.

Susan Sly 15:11
Yeah, yeah, that is such a good wisdom. And I love what you said about what you're, quoting your mom, mind your business. Your brand is going to evolve however, it is an extension of you. And that includes what you post, what you say, the colors associated with the brand, everything. Let me ask you, if you could go back in time to some of your early branding, just like if we were going back in time and looking at some fashion, because you mentioned Dynasty in Dallas, you know, the big hair, 80s. Is there anything from your early branding that you look at it and go oh my gosh, what was I thinking?

Camilita Nuttall 15:55
I didn't have any brand. Just for me, Susan, it was just slapped down, slam bam, thank you, ma'am. It was just slapdash any old how, but and I wasn't thinking that I am building something. I thought I was just starting a business. I thought I was just making money. And anybody could start the business and anybody could make money. But it takes a different type of person to build a brand. I look back and then I think, Wow, you actually did that, you actually did it like that? This is, that is bad. Because people just let, let me give you a perfect example. Why I am so glad I built a brand that I built. A lady came to me for coaching, and actually tell her, she came to my event in Toronto. I had an old website without any branding, it looked dire, to say the least. And somebody invited her to come with them. Do you know when she came, she saw an event, she was amazed. She was like, oh my god, this is amazing, Event of Champions is brilliant. I love it! You know what she said to me? When I spoke to her one to one, she said I looked at your brand. I looked at your website. And I almost didn't come and I almost didn't pay you 25 grand to coach me. Because I thought how could you say one thing and your brand looked like that? But because I heard you, that's when I bought into you. How much money I missed if I had got that right from day one? How many people-

Susan Sly 17:24
I hope everyone is taking notes. How much money are you missing because you are not paying attention to your brand? And everyone has heard me say if all you're doing is posting on social media, that's like building your dream home, on rented land. So Camilita, let's talk about your email list. Because Oh my, I'm gonna lose my mind. People are like, I don't need to have an email list. I have 3000 followers on Instagram. Let's talk about that, shall we?

Camilita Nuttall 18:03
3000 followers on Instagram. 100 of them is probably broke and can't afford your products, brand or service. They just want to see nice pictures of your videos and they just love your personal development. Another 1000 of those people are probably people who are in school or university and who can't afford and it just you know, they're learning from you from afar. And then a 250 of those people are probably people who are just like you who trying to glean from you what they should be doing to build their own brand. Then you've got another maybe 100 of those people who are jealous who don't even want to like you, who'a just there because they want to watch what you do. And then you've got about 150 people who actually may want to learn and grow and know more. And we know how Instagram and Facebook and everything else change their algorithms. You can you can just email or message people as is. It goes into the other folder so that the primary or secondary folder. So how are you intending to reach those people, really? Your job on social media is to take them off the platform and bring them into your platform. Because those platforms don't belong to you. They can shut it down. If there's a problem, you're in a mess. So your job is to take them from there by offering a product, bring them into your list where you could nurture them with information and then you could sell to them. Because then they become a part of a community of what you're doing. They're not your people. They belong to Facebook and Instagram.

Susan Sly 19:29
They belong to Mark Zuckerberg and he has more money than you do. Camilita, how do you list build? What are, what are some of your excite your your most effective lead magnets? What are you doing right now?

Camilita Nuttall 19:50
Definitely. I give away a lot of things. I give, I do summits, I do webinars, I give away ebooks. I promote you know, you know, some other stuff. Anything whereby people will find it easier to give you their name, phone and email, because that's what you want. Names, listen, you don't want email alone. Let me tell you when you sell, you don't want email alone. Give me your name. Give me your email. Seriously, you could ignore me. I want name, phone and email, and then you get my ebook. Because I'm giving you a tool that I will try to build. My life is in that ebook. So give me a name, phone and email. With that I have a chance to sell to you. So I do, I do webinars, a lot of webinars. Again name, phone, email, give me a blood type and all if you choose. I do summits, I mean, any way I could data capture, that is what I do. I give away free things, I offer 15 minutes, I'm not doing it, my team's gonna do it. And anything where I can get people to respond. I'm not bothered how many people I've got in Facebook, because there are people who've got 3000 people and has monetized a lot more than someone who has 20,000 people, for instance. So your job is to be able to get that lead by giving away a lead magnet, ebook, whatever it is you can give away. I remember last year, but no, not last year, before now, when Facebook was running really well, I did quarter of a million in a short space of time, a month, two months, three months on Facebook, by just doing webinars. Just through webinars. I wasn't trying to sell, I will just wanted to give people information and just say to them come, you want to know more, come to me. I did the same thing on purpose. I did almost half a million in four months. Why? Because I'm saying to people, come take this entrepreneur assessment, take my free ebook, take my three days, take it free. But in that little note, you're gonna tell me what you're looking for. Are you looking for coaching, training, speaking, who you're looking for? And that is what I'm looking for to sell to you. Because I know everybody does downloading. A book, a program, a plan, a podcast, they're actually looking for help. They're not just coming to you for, they're looking for something. Your job is to make sure in that form, they tell you what they're looking for. So when you call them up, you can say, Hi, John, thank you so much for downloading my ebook. I see you're interested in business coaching, can you tell me a little bit more?

Susan Sly 22:03
And now you can sell. And I hope everyone got that. Half a million in four months on clubhouse, a quarter of a million and a couple months on Facebook. And here's the thing everyone has to understand, some of you are like, I've just planted my flag on Facebook for Camilita and I, we are everywhere. We are going to haunt you. We are on Twitter, we are on Instagram, we're on Facebook, we are on LinkedIn, we are haunting you all over the place. Because those algorithms change in terms of how much people can physically see. And it is a hustle. It's a daily promotion multiple times a day, putting it out there testing, doing a lead magnet. Have you helped lead magnets that didn't work so well?

Camilita Nuttall 22:50
Of course, we all do. Especially after Facebook had the audacity to change the algorithms after I made all that money.

Susan Sly 22:59
We need to call Mark. Does he know, I mean really.

Camilita Nuttall 23:04
He knows. People we're cursing him off on Facebook. The Facebook groups don't look anymore. This doesn't happen. That doesn't happen, then people are still there. It's good to build a personal brand. Okay, I'm really grateful with Facebook, it has helped us to connect with a lot of people. We're grateful. Don't get me wrong, we're grateful. But it has not worked. So there are some times I've done some stuff and I'm thinking what the heck, why did I waste all that time? But listen, let me give you, let me give you, let me give you a little tip, everybody. Your work is never in vain. You may not get paid today, but you will get paid. There are some people that need to see you 50,000 times because they're following 10,000 other people and some people come and go, they spend hundreds of thousands with this one, and all they're thinking you're just the same, and they spend with this one, and this one is there for three, six months, two years, and then they're gone. Your consistency will pay off 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 years later.

Susan Sly 23:56
Amen to that. Like seriously, and Rebecca Zung, one of my good girlfriends, Camilita's coming to my 50th in Italy, Rebecca will be there with you. There is going to be a lot of wine consumed. That's all I have to say. And cheese. Anyway. So Rebecca had produced this Learn on Demand. She brought in the videographer, the work with everything, doesn't sell anything. But as she's growing her YouTube following, she's getting her narcissist checklist going, this past year, in that course she produced two years ago, she made almost $2 million. And that's the whole point. The first year like, almost none. She was telling me. She's like, Susan I hardly sold any of them and I invested you know,tens of thousands of dollars make a quality product and that is what is going to happen. Entrepreneurs give up because they expect the payday to be today, but it might not be today. And so let's talk about LinkedIn for a minute. Because you, all hail the queen. So Camilita has over 20,000 connections on LinkedIn. What are you doing on LinkedIn?

Camilita Nuttall 25:07
LinkedIn has changed again, like Facebook. You know, LinkedIn has allowed more videos.

Susan Sly 25:11
That's Bill Gates. It's Bill and ark. They're not our friends.

Camilita Nuttall 25:15
We love you guys. But I'm telling you, we don't like you.

Susan Sly 25:18
We need a social media platform designed by Camilita and I, because it would be different.

Camilita Nuttall 25:25
It will be very different. With LinkedIn, it has changed a lot. LinkedIn obviously is b2b. It has, it's moving a lot into b2c, but it's still b2b. So it's clearly a lot of people would like us after the name, oh, people have a lot of ego. But a lot of people have moved on to LinkedIn, because they realized a Facebook crowd won't be making any money, okay? When when that whole Cambridge analytical problem started, people start shifting across Instagram and everywhere else. LinkedIn is a platform whereby you've got to be very consistent. The statistics show the average person, and there's millions and millions of people on LinkedIn, they probably have a very minute amount that actually use LinkedIn every single day. And why is that? Because people feel they just have a LinkedIn profile. Some people don't have a website, they use LinkedIn as a as a place where people can find them. And they can make money that way. With LinkedIn, post engaging stuff. A lot of people to comment on your stuff. I post a lot of stuff about my story on my journey, and a lot of stuff about what's going on in my teams, I want people to know what we're doing. But where I get traction, is posting stuff, where you're giving value, number one, and where you're touching people's hearts. Everybody on LinkedIn has a business of some sort. And everybody is looking for the same dollar or the same pound, the same Euro. Okay, so your job is how do you differentiate yourself and you differentiate by the story, making sure that your content is very different. If it's very visual, you know, keep it like that. And change with the times. I mean, LinkedIn brought in LinkedIn live. I tried it out a couple of times, not really bothered, didn't really work for me. So you got to find out what actually works for you within the platform, and how your audience responds. My audience will respond the way your audience responds. But you got to find out how your audience responded. You got to feed that audience, because they are looking for you. And just like I said before, there are people on LinkedIn, Susan, who saw me for years, didn't do a thing. And all of a sudden, Camilita, I need your help. I need, I need a coach. So, but you're gonna build it. And it takes time. And you've got to comment on other people's posts. Be interactive with a lot of other people, comment on LinkedIn news, because then LinkedIn, if you have your set featured, you go way at the top of that of that news feature, and then everybody else wants to add you then on LinkedIn and find out what is is you do, so there's a lot of things to do with it. But it's, it's a very, very, very underutilized, powerful tool.

Susan Sly 27:59
I could not agree more. And people are willing to spend more on LinkedIn, it is a higher ticket item, because you are dealing with, the average income of someone on LinkedIn is over, household income is over $20,000 higher than it is on Facebook. And that you are dealing with it just a different group of people. I think smart, funny, and I love what you said touching people's hearts and that consistency. And I can't emphasize enough about commenting on the LinkedIn news. And then going in and if someone says something you like, connect with them, follow them, reach out, tell them because they're, it's amazing. It's like voyeurism, Camilita. Like people will say, they're watching but they don't comment.

Camilita Nuttall 28:52
LinkedIn is the best place where you can get to the CEO. Which other platform on this planet, you could send a direct message to a CEO of a major company, and potentially have them or someone respond? Very, very few. And I'm gonna make one tip, for those of you who are looking for funding and you are looking to build a business whereby you can potentially get investors, they are watching your LinkedIn profile.

Susan Sly 29:19
Yes, they are. Let's talk about hashtags for a minute. Because hashtags are so key. And I see people, Camilita, they're using certain hashtags on one platform and certain hashtags in the other platform. They're all over the map. I look at who they are on Twitter, they're different than who they are on Instagram. They're different than who they are on LinkedIn. What is your advice for hashtags?

Camilita Nuttall 29:45
One of the things I find, especially on Twitter because it goes quickly, whereas on LinkedIn, stays there a lot longer and on Instagram, especially on Twitter, find the hashtags that's happening today. Not controversial hashtags, of course. Find a hashtag, so what's trending? You want to put up a lot more on Twitter than anywhere else, what's trending, but have the consistency of the same hashtags on Twitter as you do on LinkedIn, as you do on Instagram, because then people can see that consistency across the board. But for Twitter, what's trending, what's in the know, what's in the now, what's happening in the news, not the controversial stuff or the craziness, but everything else, you might want to comment on something and hashtag that, because then that encourages a lot of other people to see you. And then obviously, Twitter spaces, if you're there, you're hashtagging, what you're doing use with the spaces as well, because that will also help you but at least be consistent across all platforms. On LinkedIn, you can put your hashtag on the top, or you can find everything to do with that hashtag. And again, you don't want to put, I have a lot of hashtags on Instagram, on Facebook or on Twitter, because I know that people are looking for different things. But if you, if you want to go a niche, then have very few hashtags that are very, very focused on your brand or your product in a different way. Because people will hashtags and look for things a lot quicker. And they will actually type in a word.

Susan Sly 31:10
I love that. Hashtags are part of, they're like a Google search. And that's how I've been, this year getting free press. So I was just interviewed in a magazine, I love it. See, this is my sister, good friends celebrate when other friends have wins. And so when Camilita has the real estate empire that she's building, we'll talk about that in a minute. But I want to, so that's how I've been getting free press, Camilita. So I do hashtag CEO women across all my platforms. And then so I was just reached out to by a major magazine and the gal's like, I found you because of your hashtag. And so one thing I would say is that on Twitter, I use hashtag CEO women, hashtag women in tech. And there are different bots that are going to retweet some of your things. But pick a couple of hashtags that follow you across all of your platforms based on what your brand is, which is so key. Now Camilita, let's talk about one of your favorite topics, money. You are a self made multimillionaire, you have coached six figure earners, and you've coached millionaires. In your opinion, what is the difference in mindset between someone who can get to six figures a year versus someone who can get to seven figures a year?

Camilita Nuttall 32:33
So there's two things there's this mindset, and your ability to not worry about failure. Besides taking risks, that's that's a whole different thing. But it's, for me, when I went from five to six, and six to seven and multiple seven, it was, the mindset was, I have got nothing to lose. I've got nothing to lose, I've got nothing to lose, if I fail I'm not going to be worse than I was today. I mean, a bit closer to where I want to be. But it's so, so what if I fail? So what? And I just did it anyway. Feel the fear and do it anyway, we know the book, just do it. And that's the difference in the mindset that people say, you know, get into action, action dispels fear. Get into action, start doing something towards where you're going. The more you get into action, even if you do it wrong, you're not doing anything at all. Get into action, because this feels that mindset of disbelief and the fear and just get on and do it. Regardless of how you feel. There's no feeling. My whole, see my success formula is focus, plus work, times belief, minus fear, equal results. Because all of those things play in you going from five to six, six to seven, seven to multiple seven. Focus on what you're doing, mind, plus mother says, mind your own business. Focus, plus work, from nine to five. If fortune is made after five, work, focus, times believe. You gotta believe. Who do you believe in? You believe in you, your brand purposes. When everybody else says no, you believe. And believe is action. Remember, believe is action. Focus, plus work, times belief, minus fear, because you will be afraid every single day your future quit when you're building. Your ability to carry on regardless, it is working, that's what determines whether you are winning or losing. And the pandemic has actually taught us about an old thing to do with fear. The ones that made more, we make more money in the pandeic. We got more property, we quadrupled our income. Why? Because we weren't focused on the fear. Focus, we were focused. Plus work, we were working like a dog. Times believe, we believed. Minus fear, equal results. That's my success formula for your mind and your pocket.

Susan Sly 34:55
And when Camilita speaks, does anyone else feel like I either need to say amen, I need of a coffee mug with her Camilitaisms, or like a T shirt or motivational signs like, girl your, everything is like wisdom bomb, wisdom bomb, wisdom bomb. Oh my, I love you so much. I want to talk about using your money to make more money. It, there is a great shift of wealth happening. And when I did your event, we talked about the metaverse, NFT's, crypto, means stocks. And there's a massive shift in wealth happening because there are a lot more opportunities, entry level opportunities, whether it's crowd funding or whatever, for people to invest in things that were previously privileged. So when people hear about you buying up all this property, in their minds they're like, but Camilita, I'm not sitting on millions and millions of dollars. Right? So will you share with us a little bit of the behind the curtain scene into your burgeoning real estate empire?

Camilita Nuttall 36:06
Listen, I love property, like I could buy everybody's house, honestly. Everybody knows. I love it. I want to give you, I want to tell you the backstory first. But then I want to tell you this. In 2020, I had a major surgery, major surgery, most people don't know, I told you, most people don't know. And it was like a month and a half after I said, I said to my husband, we need to keep going. I mean, we were buying loads of property before. But at that point, I decided, You know what, I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna do it. And this was the start of the pandemic. And everything went haywire because everybody went home, and nobody was in the office and everything else. And I said, we need to buy every single property that we need to buy, even though we've had loads before that we can find. When you have no money, you got to find money. There are, there are loans, there are, I'm not telling people to use credit cards, because I don't do that. There are loans you can take, legitimate loans, there's funding, you can do rent to rent, you could do rent to buy, you can, you have a lot of people living in one house, HMOs we call it here. There are at least 20 or 30 different ways to buy property with zero money. So your job is to educate yourself and find how you can do that. Because there was a report from Forbes it was sometime last year during the pandemic, it said 64% of the wealth in this world is in real estate. 64%. It said 20 something or the other people that was wealthy, the wealthiest people in the world, I'm talking about all people that had, all the Sam Waltons that you know, his children and grandchildren, great grandchildren, all of those people, that the majority, 64% of them had money that wealth was in real estate. 30% was in listen to this, digital assets. I was like, what does that look like? So it was all, to do with anything, any digital asset you can think about. And this was before crypto and blockchain and all that business. This was before all of that. And then you had a percent this is just other things. So I thought, right, I'm definitely in the right game. So as an entrepreneur, your job is to make money and to buy income generating assets. Whether it's crypto, whether it's property, whether it's whatever, that's your job, because the plan has to be your money to make money so you don't have to get up out of bed. You know, my plan, three years, done work. I'm done. Because I've been working on this now for years. Because I've been investing for the longest time into income generating assets, most of it, a huge portion of it, I've got lots of digital assets, but most of it is property, because that's what the book says. Most of the wealthiest people in the world have 64% of them. They own the wealth in real estate. So what should you learn from that? And I'm, this was last year, when I mean this, we were doing this for years. last 15 years. This was last year, what does that tell you? Where should you put your time? And then I said the digital assets and what we're going to talk about. So where should you put your time? Right now you got no choice. You want to stay ahead? You got no choice. And especially when everybody is freaking out and worrying, you need to get to work and you need to get busy.

Susan Sly 39:26
Well, you were just given the recipe, everybody. I mean 64% in real estate. I couldn't, I can't even believe it. And it's, I just got back from New York, National Retail Federation Big Show the single largest retail show in the world. So you have Brian Cornell, the CEO of Target. You have Patrice who's CEO of Ralph Lauren. I was in sessions with the head of the metaverse team for Estee Lauder. They're talking about these digital playgrounds and all of these companies are acquiring virtual real estate in Roblox, in Decentraland. I'm looking at real estate in Decentraland. I just need to be home for a hot minute to make my acquisition. I messaged, when I was in, Camilita, when I was in New York, I'm messaging Emery, my 12 year old I'm like, Are you on Roblox? She's like, Yes, Mama. I said, Will you teach mommy about Roblox? And she's like, okay, sure, I'll teach you. Like, there is so much money to be made. And I predict that the people who love real estate in the real world, they're gonna start snapping up real estate in the metaverse. I want to, you and I, when I did your event, we were talking about NFT's. We're talking about crypto, we're talking about all of these things now. So what is on the roadmap, for in addition to acquiring properties in the real world here, what is on the roadmap for wealth building for you?

Camilita Nuttall 41:03
Well, I mean, if setup is property in the metaverse, then so should Camilita, right. So if I'm looking, yeah, I've got sort of that piece. And I've got a bit of the other piece. My goal for the next 12, 18 months, two to three years, is to focus heavily on the digital space. To focus heavily on creating NFT's, my own, you know, whatever, we tend to do it. Connected with some people already. Focused heavily on investing not just in the crypto but all different types of digital assets. And looking heavily on buying land in the metaverse. I like to do my due diligence. I've studied law, I did land law, I kind of understand that whole contract side of things, I ain't buying nothing until I see the paperwork. So I focused on that. But I want to learn because that's where the world is going. Your job as an entrepreneur is to find out where the world is going. And you need to be ahead not behind, because then all those people would have made their money. And then you know, tailing along trying to buy scraps of what they don't want or selling what they don't want. That's not happening. I'm going to learn, you could learn, we could learn anything, you could learn to fly a plane, you could learn anything. So if this is the area where the world is going, go and learn because I am going to learn and I'm diving into that, and I'm going to get the right advice. And I'm going to learn because if that's what the billionaires in this world are doing, that's where I'm pitching my tent.

Susan Sly 42:33
And you can tell that Camilita is serious. She's not just curious, and that's the difference between someone who becomes a multimillionaire is because they can execute, right? And Camilita executes, she executes and she is not afraid to fail. So in the chat right now, what I want to see, based on what Camilita has shared, what are you going to execute on? I want to see that right now. Because here's the thing, we can be here a year from today. And I am very confident in a couple of things. One, I will be a year older, and I will be wealthier, and Camilita will be a year older, and she will be wealthier. And the third thing I'm confident in is we'll both be looking really good. Last question I have for you. Walk us through your day, you know, like people, you're you know, you are such an achiever. Walk us through your day. What time do you wake up? What's your morning routine?

Camilita Nuttall 43:38
So I get up at six. I try not to get up before because I really want to mentally sleep right. I don't, I don't want that day to be my last. So sleep. I get up at six. I read personal development, I pray, just talk to God, get my mind in the right space, I go downstairs, I go on a treadmill. I go, I walk on my treadmill. I do a reel while I'm on my treadmill and I might be reading something on social media or I'm making notes of all the things are flooding out of my mind. And I'm making notes on my phone while I'm walking. When I'm done, I come upstairs, I have a team meeting with my team. After breakfast, I do not have breakfast at my computer. Zero. I stop dance. I stay downstairs. I have breakfast with my husband, cooked breakfast. We eat and then I come upstairs.

Susan Sly 44:30
Who cooks the breakfast?

Camilita Nuttall 44:32
Me, of course. I love to cook, darling. I'm Carribean, I love to cook.

Susan Sly 44:37
I didn't want to be insulted. I dind't know. Maybe,

Camilita Nuttall 44:39
I love, that's one of my pastimes. I absolutely love to cook. I love to cook nice things that I can enjoy. I think, it's for me it's savory and it's nice. So I come upstairs, shower, and then I get in front of my computer. First thing, I message my team. You know, Hi good morning, Hope you guys have an amazing day today. I give them the task but it, you know, whatever. And then I get on with my beat. Sometimes I'm doing, my day is very structured. I have a planner. My planner here is very structured. So it's every hour, every half hour is minuted and structured in what I need to do. So when I'm doing property, and it's color coded, color coordinated as well, what is urgent, what is important or what can wait. And so it's structured, where I know exactly what's happening, and what's going on. If it's property stuff happening, if it's Camilita stuff, it it's Event of Champions stuff, and I make use of every single hour of the day. I stop for lunch. I might have a salad. I stop for lunch. I am not going to eat lunch at my computer. I am not going to die for this business. No chance. I'm going to stop and we'll have proper lunch. And then I'm going to come back in my office and then I will carry on. And when I, if I'm doing calls and stuff in evening, fine. I can get that done. Have some food. I have a whole lot right here. I will show you. I'm playing because I'm not gonna do junk all day to try to make money, not happening. Right here, right here. Nice, I'm having fruits because I'm not going to eat junk. So it's right next to me. When I'm done with you I'm gonna have some oranges. And then when I have a show it would be in my bag. And I'm going to talk to God. And I'm gonna just mentally be in a place of rest. And I'm going to make notes of anything else that I forgot. So I can empty my mind as a whole of those things. I pray and I go and sleep.

Susan Sly 46:22
That is beautiful. And you're not going to get scurvy.

Camilita Nuttall 46:29
Right here.

Susan Sly 46:34
Camilita, the discipline, that is the difference between an achiever and a non achiever, you know, as Jim Rohn used to say, either you run your day or your day runs you, and that, it's that deliberate, that consistency. And, uh, you know, one of many things I love about you is you have your wall kicking moments that you dig in, and you get gritty, and you're like, okay, but you know, I'm not going to be down for long, maybe a minute or two minutes, and then I'm going to get back in my routine, and I'm going to get in there. I'm going to make more money. I'm going to serve more people, and I'm going to crush it. I love you. I can't wait. I cannot wait until Camilita and I are in Italy. It's going to be Camilita, Rebecca Zung, and my friend Alexandra, who is, she runs a magazine called the Global Fashion Lawyer. And she's from Milan. And it just, it's over. It's like, I can't. We will have to make a YouTube series of this. Be like,

Camilita Nuttall 47:48
You guys need to fly into London. You can have dinner at, before you go darling. One has to do that when one is in London. Of course.

Susan Sly 47:57
Of course. Because I love lemon curd. Like I can bathe in it. I'm not even kidding. I'm not kidding. That's a whole other story. Camilita, where can people connect with?

Camilita Nuttall 48:10
Oh my god, all you need to do is with a very simple. One name, Find me everywhere on social media and you know what, go get one of those ebooks. Remember don't forget, get some things, some tools that can help you win fast and win big. Do it right now.

Susan Sly 48:35 It's one name, it's like Lord of the Rings, one ring can rule tham all it's like, one Queen to rule them all. I love you. Everyone in the chat right now, a love note to Camilita. What are you taking away? Go to And thank you Camilita, again so much for being here.

Susan Sly 48:37
It was my pleasure. You know I love you. I love you. You're my sister. You my sister. I love you.

Susan Sly 49:06
I love you too, girl.

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