We have only 31 days left in 2017 and I hope you are crushing your goals. No doubt you have a lot going on and that is why I like to make The 3 brief. Who has time to read long, boring emails? Certainly not a productive person like you so let’s get right to it.

I am an avid reader and this past year there have been good books and a few great books. The great books have been exceptional with the common theme of mental grit, fortitude, and productivity strategies that make this productive gal swoon with excitement.

Whether you put these books on your holiday list or buy them yourself, they are all spine cracking worthy and guaranteed to give you the 3 P’s I adore – progress, profit, and productivity.

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

Who knew that Knight’s liver was almost compromised by late night drinking binges with his boss at Price Waterhouse or that Nike’s precursor – Blue Ribbon – would not have operated whatsoever if Knight didn’t pour his accounting salary into the business? This book is for you if you have entrepreneurial dreams, are looking for stories of creative problem solving, or simply love a well-written book.

Bottom Line – Shoe Dog reads like fiction and will forever change the way you view Nike.

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

Okay – so Tim Ferriss is one of the smartest entrepreneurs out there. His Four-Hour Work Week had everyone thinking differently about time leverage. The Four-Hour Body had even Tony Hseih of Zappos drinking a liter of red wine per day. Will Tools of Titans change your life? Possibly.

Ferriss’ leverage mantra had him transcribe the best tips from his podcast show into a massive tome of excellent advice from billionaires, athletes, and cool people doing cutting-edge stuff. The book is divided into sections of interest such as health, investing, and so forth, and you can basically start anywhere depending on what floats your boat.

Bottom Line – Tools of Titans is excellent for any ADD entrepreneur.

The One Thing by Gary Keller

Yes, I have written about this book, podcasted about this book, and done at least one FB Live on it. If you do not read any other book – read this one. The One Thing is not a new concept and frankly as unoriginal as it is, Keller comes at it with fresh perspective teaching us that by figuring out what our one thing is, and focusing on it, we will achieve more.

Keller is The Keller of Keller-Williams, a mega-giant in the world of real estate. He begins the book discussing how, in order to grow his company, he would have to focus on only one thing; something foreign to him as he had been the typical CEO running around wearing too many hats. By turning secular, Keller of course catalyzes mega-growth in his company and the rest is history.

Bottom Line – The One Thing is the one thing you need to read if you want to accomplish anything. 

Alright, my friend. That’s it for this week. I have a couple of quick announcements and we are done.

  1. Starting Monday, December 04th, I am beginning a new series on my FB Fan Page – www.facebook.com/susanslylive. This series focuses on our mindset, living into our word, and setting ourselves up for an above and beyond 2018. Spread the word.
  2. I have a new Pod Cast dropping next week (Going live on Monday) – Staying Productive During The Holidays. Yup – it has been awhile however I can promise you, my dogs barking in the background aside, there are some great strategies.
  3. My class – Organize Your Life, begins in January. This 6-week kick-butt course is taught live by yours truly and I promise that even the most disorganized of people will get their stuff together. Know that this is the last time I am teaching this live.

Be well. Be productive. Have fun.

See you next week,


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