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Whether it is the seasonal blahs, or simply a lack of motivation, this time of year can feel challenging when it comes to pursuing our goals.  As has often been written about on this blog, the vast majority of people have already given up on the objectives they set for themselves at the beginning of the year.  The reality is that life marches on and we are always happiest when we feel that we are making progress.

With this in mind, here are 3 things you can do right now to get out of a funk.

1. Start The Day With Physical Activity Combined With Learning

Our brain shirks approximately 5% per decade after the age of 40.  This depressing statistic can also be attributed to why many Gen X’ers feel the strains of stress so greatly manifesting in lack of cognitive function.  I have many girlfriends who lament that they just can’t seem to remember things or that they do not feel sharp.  They blame their kids and call it ‘mommy brain’ however the truth lies in a combination of brain deterioration and stress.

How are we supposed to feel motivated when our brains are literally shrinking?  The good news is that clinical studies show that exercise actually causes our brain to grow.  That’s right – getting our sweat on can improve our neurological function and combined with a healthy dose of education, can be the very thing that stimulates our mind.

Pick a podcast, put it on your phone, or IPod, and get going.  If you haven’t checked out my podcast show – here is the link.  Trust me – there is a lot there to turn on that big brain of yours and get you out of your rut.

2. Measure ALL Progress

As mentioned, we are always happiest when we feel that we are making progress.  Often the progress we want is measured in massive advances as opposed to small steps.  I teach my clients to measure all progress.  Every large goal is comprised of a series of smaller goals.  For example, we may want to earn $250,000 per year in our business – get to $50,000/year first.

Our current human nature tends to desire quantum leaps however look at the current athletes competing in the Olympics and they all talk about the years and years of practice that it took to make it there.  In other words, their progress was measured in workouts that happened in small blocks of time to culminate with what they hope is, an award-winning performance.

Once per week, chronicle your small steps toward your larger goals.  Do not let one week end where you do not make some form of progress.

3. Contribute To Someone Who is In Worse Shape Than You Are

It is easy to lose our perspective.  We can be seduced into thinking that our problems are larger than anyone else’s is.  Sadly, that is never the case.  You may be going through tough times financially or physically however there are always people who have it worse than you.

I am a year into navigating chronic Lyme disease.  There have been days when I feel strong and days when I just want to curl up in bed.  At the alternative clinic that I go to, there are people with the same diagnosis who are in wheelchairs; many younger than me.  Fortunately, I am not in a wheelchair and with a combination of specialists, the right diet, prayer, and my faith, I know that I am going to be the champion.  Even on the most challenging days, I think of the people in wheelchairs and it gives me perspective.

Getting out of a funk can be as simple as volunteering at the food bank, making an impactful charitable donation, or walking down the street in your city where people slept on grates to stay warm, or park benches.

There is absolutely no time in business for a pity party.  Every day, we must get up prepared to seize the day, and stake claim to our future.  We all have our moments however let them be moments and not days, weeks, or months.  You do not want to finish this year in exactly the same place so make a decision right now to get out of your funk knowing that anyone who has ever succeeded at anything had times when they didn’t feel like taking action however they did it anyway.  Take action and move forward toward your dreams.



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