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Get ready for a captivating episode of Raw and Real Entrepreneurship where we go on a deep dive with Jon Ricketts, the brilliant mind behind the game-changing platform,

Jon Ricketts’ Bio

Jon Ricketts is a highly accomplished co-founder and CEO, renowned for his exceptional leadership in the technology industry. With a career spanning over 12 years in the SaaS sector, Jon has established himself in the field of artificial intelligence and business innovation. He currently holds the position of co-founder and CEO at Writerly, a generative artificial intelligence SaaS platform catering to businesses and enterprises. 

A native of Tennessee, Jon’s journey as an entrepreneur began as an early employee at Transcard, a pioneering fintech company specializing in payments processing. During his tenure, he spearheaded partnerships and business development, demonstrating his acumen for forging strategic alliances and driving growth.

Topics covered in the interview

Entrepreneurship, risk-taking, and mentorship

Start-up challenges and social media struggles

AI, generative models

AI and potential applications

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