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In this enthralling installment of Raw and Real Entrepreneurship, Susan Sly, the host, engages in a compelling conversation with Matt Holland, the CEO and co-founder of Field Effect, exploring his extraordinary path in the realm of cybersecurity. Having made the choice to abandon the pursuit of his PhD, Holland provides distinct perspectives on the shift from academia to entrepreneurship. The discussion delves extensively into the intricacies of starting a company from scratch, shedding light on the obstacles and victories inherent in the process of bootstrapping a business.

Topics covered in the interview

Fundraising in a challenging VC climate
Company growth
Cybersecurity for small businesses

Matt Holland’s Bio

Matt Holland is a prominent figure in the cyber security industry, known for his extensive experience as an ex-cyber spy and successful entrepreneur. Currently, he is the founder and CEO of Field Effect, a cyber security company that provides powerful and complete protection for businesses of all sizes from cyber attacks. Founded in 2016, the company was bootstrapped by Matt and only recently brought on investors to the tune of $30 million. Prior to Field Effect, Matt co-founded and bootstrapped an intelligence tradecraft company called Linchpin Labs, which grew to become the commercial world leader at what it did. It was sold in 2018 as part of a bundled $200 million deal alongside partner company Azimuth. Matt’s expertise in cyber security comes from decades of experience working with the world’s best offensive and defensive cybersecurity professionals as part of the Five Eyes intelligence community, providing him with valuable insights into the industry. Overall, Matt Holland is a well-respected cyber security expert (renowned in the underground intelligence world) and esteemed entrepreneur who has made significant contributions to the industry, and is poised to continue to change the industry for the better with his work at Field Effect.

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