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Join Susan Sly, the host, in a compelling dialogue with the extraordinary Kathy Coover. Together, they delve into the intricacies of entrepreneurship, navigating through crises, and moving forward in the face of life’s most formidable obstacles.

-Kathy Coover

Topics covered in the interview

Overcoming challenges

Personal growth and goal setting

Resilience and positivity



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Susan Sly 00:00
Well, hey there, Susan here, I hope you're having an incredible day wherever you are in the world. And I am deeply grateful for you, and to be able to share this guest with you as we come to the close of the year. And I know for you, as an entrepreneur, or someone thinking of becoming an entrepreneur, that you are perhaps in a position coming into a new year where you're looking to do some things differently to get some new results. And as we were exploring as a team who to bring to you, and share with you, this person was top of list and she has co founded a company that has done over $8 billion in sales. I'm not talking about a valuation, I'm talking about real sales, and she has also overcome cancer. She has overcome losing loved ones, she has overcome losing businesses. And most recently, in this past year, a devastating injury that left her in bed and unable to walk for several weeks. And she loves to work out. And she's going to talk about in this episode, how she stays strong, how she gets results, and how she is super resilient. And before we get into this episode, I just want to thank you, the listeners all over the world, we're now in 166 countries. I pinched myself, honestly, I started the show during the pandemic, really got focused on it, because I was looking for a way to network with people beyond LinkedIn messaging, and really expand my network. And that's how it began. And our team, I put together a team and we're like, let's do it. Let's go for it. And so for several years, I have been recording the show, just when I was on a lunch break from my you know, regular life as an entrepreneur. And it has grown now into a global phenomenon because of you.Our listenership is up 49% this year. And that's all because of you. And so the show is a labor of love. And I pay staff to actually produce the show. And they're amazing. And all I ask in return is if you could give a five star review. The reviews matter. They help to push us up in the algorithm, they get the reach out more, and write something, write something heartfelt. I read all of your review. So if you could do that on wherever you listen to the show, I would greatly appreciate it and the team would greatly appreciate it too. So this final episode of the year is brought to you by our team by Tisha, Diana, May, Abby, and Neville. And with that, let's get started with this episode of Raw and Real Entrepreneurship.

Susan Sly 02:57
This is Raw and Real Entrepreneurship, the show that brings the no nonsense truth of what is required to start, grow and scale your business. I am your host Susan Sly.

Susan Sly 03:10
Well, what is up Raw and Real entrepreneurs wherever you are in the world, I hope you are having an incredible day. And if you're listening to this for the first time, I think you picked the right episode. As entrepreneurs we all go through challenges. We have wall kicking moments, we have challenges in our personal lives, even with our health, with families, and sometimes we're going down a certain road and then life throws us a curve. And so for this episode, I can think of no one else to bring to all of you in 166 countries and growing, other than this woman. She is an entrepreneur and an author. She started her first business at 26 years old. There is a myth though that she came out of the womb as an entrepreneur. I will say I'm going to take that to Mythbusters. She has created four businesses plus, with massive success and the last business that she co founded has done over $8 billion in cumulative sales and counting. And she's helped over 300 women reach over a million dollars in cumulative revenue. She's a philanthropist. She is a mother, she is a grandmother to three. And when she's not building empires and serving, she loves to cook, she loves to hike. I have been hiking with her. She loves to golf and she loves to have fun and she has an incredible heart. So I want to welcome to this episode, not only someone that I deeply admire, someone I call a friend, and I consider a sister. So Kathy Coover, Welcome.

Kathy Coover 04:54
Well, thank you Susan and thank you for hosting these calls. I'm sure everyone really appreciates what you do. You have so much wisdom and experience and it's just great to have you back doing this again, everybody missed your calls.

Susan Sly 05:09
Well, thank you. And Kathy, thank you for carving out time to be here. And we know that you know, you've always got a very full calendar. So I'm gonna Yeah, I'm just gonna start with a just a, an easy question. Inquiring minds want to know. So a woman who is a grandmother to three, building, you know, massive business, and of course, you know, philanthropy, travel. What are you doing for the holidays? What does, what did the holidays look like for you and Jim?

Kathy Coover 05:41
Well, we're having, well, we're going to be celebrating with my family in Arizona. So I'm excited about that. And my nieces and nephews will be there. And then we're headed to a spa after to, you know, do some goal setting and meditating and, and detoxing too. I go to the same place you do, Susan. So yeah, it's a great, a great time to reset and to reevaluate your life and, and really take a look and how you can improve it. And so that's what we're doing.

Susan Sly 06:17
And that's how important Kathy is to pick that time and step away. And for everyone listening, that would be the first key note is, is, it's really hard, almost impossible to be so in it, to try and set goals and to try and take a step back and have that pause and say this is what's going well, this is what's not going well, this is how I want to improve. But when you're so in it, and you don't, you don't necessarily need to leave your home. But you do need to cut out all distractions. And that's the thing, distractions are the, they are the theft of your joy in terms of achieving what it is you want. And so Kathy, one of the things that, you know, people face in terms of distractions, there are distractions with a small D. And then there are the big ones, their literal challenges, and there are lots of people over the past year, maybe they lost a loved one, I think about our friend Erin, who lost her husband. You know, maybe they've had illness in the family, or, you know, I had a surgery, it took me, I was unconscious for four hours, I woke up to all these slack messages, emails, you know, all of the things. You know, there might be some heartbreak and people look at you and they see this accomplished woman who's so incredible. And they might say, well, she hasn't had her share of challenges. But let me ask you this. What is one of the biggest challenges that you've had to deal with that people might not necessarily know about?

Kathy Coover 07:56
I think probably my divorce at 26. A cancer diagnosis at 18. The death of my goddaughter at 40. Losing two businesses even brings tears to my eyes to think about it. So we all have crises and we get through them. We do. And I think you know, Susan, I was thinking about that. That's a tough question. For a lot of people, you could probably write down lots and lots of crises. But I think the more wisdom you have, you get through them quicker, you just, you just roll through them quicker. So I learned a lot through those. I learned not to overreact. And a tip that I have, if you're in a crisis, this really, really helped me, write down exactly what's happening on a piece of paper, write it down, and put the pros and the cons of this crisis and then how you're going to move through it. And that helped me so much. And the other thing too, is we all have mentors. And this is a time really to call in your mentors, and ask for advice. And you may even need to get professional help. And I would say don't focus on the problem. Look for possibilities. I can tell you so many times when like, when I had two businesses collapse, another door opened, because I was, I didn't get stuck in that. I was looking for opportunities, this is happening for a reason. And don't waste time feeling sorry for yourself. I mean, that is just, I mean it's just human nature, it is, and the key is to stay happy and do your gratitude. And these are three wins that I try to do every single day. A physical win is I go out and run, walk, lift weights, you know golf, play tennis or something like that just to have a physical. I used to do that first thing in the morning, gets my endorphins up. It makes me feel great. A mental win- reading, writing, you know learning anything like that is a really a mental win. When I walk, I always have an audio book on every time. I have read so many books that way. And that's just a really good hit. The tip is to get some great audio books, it's a great way to get through them. And then also a spiritual win. It's important for us all to be meditating and praying and, and reflecting, you know, on the possibilities. And I think if people did that every single day, it puts you in a different state and we have to be in that state. And, you know, it's not easy to not overreact, especially when you're young. And I think as we mature in life, you know, we have more wisdom, we have more friends to support us and things like that. So those are the things that I do personally.

Susan Sly 10:45
Kathy, those, those tips are so powerful and I, you and I were having coffee the other day, and I told you I haven't cried in three years, not since our friend Bruno died. And I you know, there have been times when I've been on the brink of tears. And one thing, no matter what the challenge is, I love what you said, I don't paint myself as a victim in the story ever. And, and we're not ever going to be victorious if we're in that mode. And I love knowing you for Good gosh, like, you know, 20 years now that I've never seen you be a victim, you're always so strong and grounded in that foundation. And one of the many things I've learned from you in terms of the gratitude, you know, writing your gratitudes down every day, and sending gratitude messages first thing in the morning, and I know she won't mind me sharing this, but one of the things I've seen Kathy do, because I've been out on these hikes, is she's, you know, leaving voice texts of gratitude, not just to Eric, her son or her husband, but to family members, to business associates. And every single day she's on the hike, I've received one of the breathless ones you know, going up the hill and she's doing it. And how many of us, our lives you know, could be powerfully impact by starting that. I was happy, I was on the peloton the other morning. And I was sending gratitude messages. And I sent one to Mia Chorney, it was like 6:15 in the morning, she called me and I picked up she's like, Thank you for the message. Like maybe the middle of that interval. I love you. That foundation. And I love what you said, I wrote that down to get the three wins in. What is your physical win? What is your mental win? What is your spiritual win? Because when you come from that place of winning, that's when you're in your power. And, Kathy, I know, speaking of power, I you know, I've received my critics not just on social media, but people who will boldly criticize me to my face. The you know, I've, I've seen you be criticized. And you know, it's tough. And especially as entrepreneurs, especially in business, because there are always these people who think they can do it better. And how do you deal with critics?

Kathy Coover 13:16
Well, you know, what I know for a fact is you can't please everyone, it's just impossible. And so I wouldn't focus on criticism. I mean, you know in your heart, that you're doing the right thing. And remember this, this is a really good judge to know, if you're doing the right thing. Remember, your character is your number one leadership trait. And sometimes you have to do things that are hard, you know, and you know, but character is the most important. And remember this too, that you'll never reach your destination ever in life, if you stopped at every time someone said something negative, you'll never reach that destination. You know, and Susan, I was reflecting back on criticism. I mean, when I started into network marketing 33 years ago, everybody laughed at me. And they said, I wouldn't make it. And I had to eliminate these critics from my life. And you know what, it was the best thing I did, because I sought out new friends, I sought out new people that would uplift me, that would help me reach my goals. Surrounding yourself with positive people. You hear it all the time. That's why these people are on this call right now with all of us. It's because you're surrounding ourselves with positive people. And, you know, saying affirmations too, really, really helps. I mean, I do it all the time. I'm healthy. I'm secure. I'm worthy. I'm positive. I'm grateful. I'm doing the right thing. You know, and you say that enough and the magic will happen. And I'll tell you what, there's a lot of negative people out there and sometimes Susan, they want to drag you down in their negativity. And sometimes you have to give a little tough love so I'm not going there. I'm know what I'm doing is right, you have to be firm, you know, I know what I'm doing is right. And I'm sorry, you feel that way. And maybe we can clear it up sometime. But really, I don't have time to, to bother with things like that, because I know I'm doing the right thing.

Susan Sly 15:13
Yeah. And that, that piece, because I've also seen you, too, when you know someone's being critical, I've seen you actually reach out to that person and have a conversation with them, you know, you know, behind the scenes members, like, ah, and that is something else I've learned from you. And it took me, you know, at 51, the maturity and wisdom, I have a call booked tomorrow with someone who I know has been critical that I'm, you know, I always love to end up my year with, are there any relationships, I want to clean up? Do I still want to have this person in my life, you know, maybe they're going through something, or maybe the you know, whatever it is. And it's, it's tough, but it is, it is something that's so beautiful, to be able to do when you know, that person has been in our way. And because you can't, like you've said, You cannot move forward when you're carrying all this baggage, and this resentment, and which is, which is profound. For you, you see the world, you're, you are a very powerful woman, and you have the benefit of seeing the world in a multifaceted way. So you have the, let's say the, you know, the lens of positivity and focus. But you and Jim are also investors, you are business people. There are a lot of things going on in the world right now. And here are just a few of them, we have significant in inflation, the cost of living, I was working with this group of entrepreneurs, and the cost of living, they were sharing, you know, how many of them had kids moving back in the house in their 20s, because the kids can't afford homes, the rent, mortgages are at an all time high, we have layoffs, we have global uncertainty. And it's very easy if someone is just going to scroll TikTok, in X, and swipe right on their phone and look at all the negative news, it's very easy for them to get caught up in that and get very distracted. So because of who you are, and all of the information that you have available to you. How do you stay focused and positive when there's so much negativity?

Kathy Coover 17:27
Well, number one, you know, what I would say is a lot of the same things I've said, I mean, number one is a lot of the stuff comes to the news, the media and things like that, I just turn it off, Susan, because I can't take it. I listen to the news just to know what's going on. But sometimes that is so distorted. And if you focus on problems, you're going to have more problems. I mean, that's just the bottom line. If you focus on possibilities, you're going to have more possibilities. And you know, I know we are in a tough time right now, but we've always come through, we have always come through those tough times. And we have exceeded, you know, expectation. So I know it will happen. You know, prayer helps, too. It really does. And, you know, meditating, listening to really positive music, reading the Bible. And really manifest what you want, really do. I mean, I think you need to manifest what you want. And don't listen to that. And, you know, join, you know, join some groups that where there's positive people, maybe some yoga classes, listen to some motivating podcasts. I do that all the time. Always On Sunday, I listen to you, too, I go into listen to, you know, Tony Robbins, or any motivating speeches on there, you know, because they really get me excited, they do. Your gratitudes as we've done so many times. And then also, you know, you know, every one of us, every single one of us on this call, including me, need to raise our personal standards. And, you know, and remember this, remember this, the economy is not your economy, you can create your own economy. So the economy, what's happening in the US and all over is not your economy, but you can create your own economy. I mean, it's bottom line, if you get focused into that, you know, it's negative. And really hanging around with positive people. I mean, I'm a mentor to so many people and it's really one of the joys that I have. I'm mentoring three people right now that are starting up businesses and so giving back too, makes you feel good. I mean, you got to do you got to do things that are gonna make you feel good. I mean, and you know, giving, giving to people like just an example. The guy that drove me here up the mountain and tall, he was has a little boy, he's a single dad all by himself. He said I want to take my boy to the San Francisco, I mean to the 49ers game. I took him last year, it was $150, is $550. So when he takes me back, I'm gonna give him the five $500 basically because I can, and you know, giving back to people, it doesn't have to be monetary, it can be giving back with support, it can be giving back with love, it can be doing like that. So all the critical, the negative stuff, when you give back to other people, what happens is you feel good, and you don't even see it. You don't even see the negativity. So those are a few things that I do personally.

Susan Sly 20:24
The perspective, right? It's that shift in perspective, if we're just sitting by ourselves, in our own heads, it's very easy to go down those negative rabbit holes and shifting environment. I know you and I are big Tony Robbins fan's. Shift your environment and, and to your point, Kathy, you don't have to give money, everyone's in a different place. You know, the I was having this wall kicking moment a few weeks ago. And I went on, and I signed up to volunteer at St. Mary's Food Bank here in Arizona. And it is a record year for people who do not have food. And, you know, I got there. And they were like, where do you want to work? I said, wherever you need me, of course, I wanted to hand out food. But you know, God had a bigger plan. So I go inside. And this is actually really funny story. They put me in the section where we're building boxes. And they had a bunch of moms, and the conveyor belt is going and all the moms we got like super organized. And they were like, Oh my gosh, we've never seen anyone build boxes, like the unlike you just put the moms in a corner. We're good. We've got this done. But and then, you know, I walked out the door. And during our shift, they had said something like 4000 families, and I was just like, you know, and we, the statistic I was reading, the suicide rate in the United States was 49,000 people last year, it's the highest one in history, and 2023 has already surpassed that. People are hurting, they're hungry. And when we're in our own way, if we have a roof over our head, we have food to eat, we have at least one person we know who cares about us, we're better off than a significant percentage of the country and the world. Another statistic in the United States, one in six American children is starving right now, starving. And so if you can get out there, volunteer, do something, it shifts your perspective, like Kathy says. I want to, Kathy, you, I've learned so much from you in terms of organizing, time blocking, and you, there are a lot of people, I'm just going to lay this out since it's raw and real. I will get on an airplane on a flight at six in the morning and I see business people pounding back bloody marys, six in the morning. I see people as they're building businesses, they're getting, you know, heavier and heavier and the divorce rate for entrepreneurs is so high. You are always a person, you accomplish a significant amount in the day, you still get your workout in. And at the end of every day, you have a result. The average attention span, according to Harvard right now is 8.8 seconds. So what are your best tips on how people can stay focused and get more done and get organized?

Kathy Coover 23:22
Oh, boy, that's a really good one. Focus is you know, for so many people, is a challenge. But I would say that the most important thing about focus are these questions. Why- if you focus on something intensely, you have to want it so, so bad. And so why are you wanting to achieve this goal? Ask yourself that. So let's say you're focusing on your business, maybe you're focusing on a sick person, maybe you're starting a new business. So why are you wanting to achieve that goal? You got to know your why. And you know what I do personally, I still have my old things. I put my things in a picture frame. Really helped because I see it all the time my mind goes there and helps me focus on my goals. It's just basic simple things. Maybe you want to increase your income by 25,000 next year. So how are you going to do this you know, I mean don't just say you know, focus. You got to know how you're going to do it too. I have this like focus and goals, can be center stage and they need to be right in front of you and you have to want it so, so bad. You really need to want to focus on you know, whatever it is achieving this goal or dream or maybe you're running that Boston Marathon like you do, Susan, whatever it is. Like I got injured really bad this, in the beginning of the summer. I've never had an injury like that. I was flat on my back for three weeks and I was determined this was not going to get me down. And so I focused everything on my healing and I had to give up a lot of things. And I had lost a lot of muscle for my injury, I walked with a gait, I couldn't walk upstairs, I didn't know if I was gonna get better. And so you know, I did, I got a coach and helped me and I started working out with weights, I've always worked out with weights, but when you know, Susan, when you get injured, you're scared to work out, you think it's gonna get worse. So I've worked out with weights. And then after three months now, after my healing, you know, I've put on three, five pounds now of lean muscle and eating a lot more protein, I'm doing, I'm twice as strong in the gym as I was before my injury. So you know, I focused on that. And now that has become a habit. Every day, you know, I do this work on my body first. And that also works on my mind. And then I focus on my business, whatever I'm doing, and I look at my goals on there, and I stay laser focused. And it's so important to stay laser focused, because there's so many distractions in this world. I mean, you just pick up your phone, and all of a sudden, you can be at 30, 40 minutes, just put your phone down, turn it off, focus on what you want, and just have, you know, you're the master of power hours, the power hours, just doing things like that. And the magic will happen.

Susan Sly 26:22
Yeah, Kathy, I love that. And people don't really know how bad your injury was, I mean, debilitating, couldn't go upstairs. And, and that's tough too, especially when you're so athletic. Because you are. On your day, you know, no matter where you and I have been together in the world, Australia or Hong Kong, or I think almost every state that, you know, Canada all over the place, that your day still starts the same. And to have that taken away and to, I want everyone to think about this, to have to shift the mindset and say, Okay, I have a new focus. I'm heartbroken, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross talks about the stages of death and dying, but they can be applied to this kind of loss too. There's you know, their grieving and the anger and the disappointment. And to be able to put that on a shelf and say, No, I am going to focus on this. And I am going to come back and I'm going to come back stronger. No excuses. Age is not an excuse. Time is not an excuse. Nothing's an excuse. I'm going to do it. And I want to ask everyone, how many of you, if you had that mindset, and it was a no excuses mindset, how many of you would achieve at a higher level than you're achieving now? Everyone. So Kathy, random question, because I'm super curious, how many grams of protein are you eating a day?

Kathy Coover 27:55
I'm eating over 100.

Susan Sly 27:57
Over 100. Okay.

Kathy Coover 27:59
Yep. And I, I've read, just read the book Forever Strong. If you haven't read it, it's brilliant. And there's so many diets, this and that, and that, but you know, the bottom line, our muscle is our body armor. And that's what protects us. And that builds your immune system. And, and this lady is even telling little kids to start lifting, you know, two pound weights, it's just increasing. She said, You never want to lose your body armor. And so, yeah, the 100 grams. And then of course, when you're taking that much protein, you gotta eat some digestive enzymes, gotta get a huge dose. On my first meal, I probably have probably 40 grams on that one. And then later on the afternoon, I have another 20 grams. And then I usually have another 40 grams, so and then plus all the bone broth and the collagen that I drink. You know, it's, could be even more than that. But it's Susan, I'm just telling you, this made me feel so much better, my body stronger, all my crepiness. And my, my legs was like they did when they were 30. I mean, I can't even believe it. And it did that in three months, it doesn't happen overnight, you know, and when you start consuming that much protein, you know, you want to have a really, really quick clean protein. But first you feel really full and it's like you feel really full but then you get used to it and it's like anything else. It's like I need my protein. So I would suggest that for everyone.

Susan Sly 29:23
Absolutely. Kathy, I love that and I know that one of the, one of the pieces about anytime I do an interview, people want to know that the you know, those personal things around being an entrepreneur and what are those priorities outside of business. I want to ask you, you know, it's interesting because if you look at the statistics of how many people start businesses, all kinds of businesses, and they often face this challenge of not having support at home, whether it's their spouse, whether it is their children, it could be friends, you did speak about earlier about, you know, friends sometimes aren't supportive, but what about when people under your own roof aren't supporting you because, you know, people are going to leave this interview and start to really think about what it is they want to create next. And just like the muscle is the body armor, your brain is your emotional armor in terms of how you put your mindset on. But what about when that person under your roof is not supporting you, as an entrepreneur?

Kathy Coover 30:35
You know, I think so many people face this, and it can come from your spouse, it can come from your children even, because they see that you're not with them as much or something. But I think the most important thing, and I've done this since the very beginning, when I started in business, and I, after I had Eric, I always had a family meeting once a week, we had a family meeting. And we shared what was important to us, what we achieved during the week, and it gets your family talking. I mean, if you have young children, you know, the challenges, they don't talk that much anymore, all they do is text. I don't know if they know how to talk anymore. So it's good to share, have them share their goals, what they're grateful for for the week. So we would start out like that. And then I would share you know, my goals, you know, for the month or the next three months, what I was going to achieve in my business, and I ask them for their support. And, you know, that made all the difference in the world. And then I'd write down all my activities on my refrigerator. And then I built in my family, all my family things were first. Family's always first, put the family things in first, and you build your other activities around it. And I think by being open with your family and talking to them, and let them know how you feel, they're gonna want you to be happy too. And, you know, I'm just, I'm just getting ready to start a new endeavor and, and Jim says, Oh, my God, I've never seen you quite this happy again, you said I see your spark back. I see that coming back. So but it's the communication that I've had with him, I've had communication with Eric, I've had communication with Peta, telling him what I'm up to, so that they give you that support. And if you communicate with him with love and, and ask for their support and ask, I'm gonna need your support, it's gonna be tough, and you're gonna have to keep pushing me. So I think that is one of the best things that I've done. And I will continue to do it. And you have to take the time because you don't want to be, I call it in the moment, you know, angry when somebody's, What the hell are you doing that? Why are you going there? What do you do in that for? Why are you taking off? If they know before, the week before, look, I'm going to this event to really, you know, help me grow individually as a person to learn more business skills, I need your supports, you can just be honest with, it's kind of scary me going off on myself, but I need your support in it. And write down all the things right there and see what they can help you with. I mean, Eric was my Best Supporter. He used to, he used to mail out my packages and do all that because I had an end goal for him that we were going to do something fun together. So have an end goal. So if you have a big, huge goal, have an end goal for your family. Maybe your family, you're gonna take them to Hawaii, maybe you're gonna take your family to Mexico, or wherever it is. So everybody's striving for the same goal. And I'll tell you, it worked for me and it will work for you too.

Susan Sly 33:31
Kathy, I was just writing that down about the family meeting, you know, when you always prioritized Eric and you know, you had your air time when he was little and Jim had his time. And you know, you also, one of the, one of the strategies that I think is so important too, is that you always use your time in ways where you could optimize your time. So I remember you telling a story when Eric was with his golfing coach, he's not paying attention to mom and nor should he be but that's when you were in the car, doing calls. And, and making the most of that time and we all have more time than we realize. Because we're not optimizing our time. And so thinking about that, and there's, you know, a saying if you want something done ask a busy person, right? Because they know how to get things done and they know how to prioritize, which is key. There's a professor at MIT whose class I took called Hal Gregerson. Dr. Gregerson, he wrote a book called Questions Are the Answer. And you got, you sparked me to think about that in the family meeting because the, one of the philosophies with Professor Gregerson is that if you allow people in your inner circle to ask you questions about something you're facing, they can't give you the solution but they have to ask you questions. You will think of new ways to come up with a solution. And we were having, I learned to have the family meetings from you. And we were having a family meeting and I gave the challenge to the kids. And I said, when I'm away from you traveling, I don't sleep. And so they all went around and they said, Well, do you bring sleep spray? And then they're like, do you, I said, then it was like, why don't you sleep? And so afterwards, it really, the all the questions they asked me, it changed the sleep hygiene I have when I go on the road, and I started sleeping better. So these family meetings are so key, and some of you live alone, but you don't have to just limit it to family in your house. Get a group of friends, colleagues, entrepreneurs and say, once a week, can we do a family meeting? And you know, just try for four weeks, maybe there's four or five of you, and share your goals, let people ask you questions, and it can really change things for you. Because we all do need that support. So Kathy, before we wrap it up any final words, thoughts?

Kathy Coover 36:06
Well, what I would say is, you know, I was just thinking how I was gonna wrap this up. And I think in life, there's two things that we can really control. And that's our efforts, how much effort we put into something and our attitude. And we need to remember that and things are going to happen, you know, things are going to happen. But you know, the thing is, is we can control our efforts, the way we, our work ethic, you know, all the things we do, all the gratitudes. And the other thing too, is in the family meeting, thank them too after that, and send them text messages and thank them for their support. And then your attitude is everything. Attitude is everything in keeping your attitude up. You know, people want to be around people that are positive, they don't want to be around negativity, there's so much negativity in the world. So be the light for people. You know, I think that is, that's one thing I really enjoy doing is just trying to uplift people all the time.

Susan Sly 37:06
I love that. You can control your efforts, you can control your attitude. You can control your protein intake. Everyone listening is going to be like, I need to have more protein, right. And you can control your gratitude. And, and Kathy, I can't thank you enough for sharing your wisdom. I want to encourage everyone to follow you on social media. And your social media channels will be in the show notes that everyone can receive so they can follow your adventures and keep continuing to love and support you and gather wisdom from you. Because you have these decades of experience and not just experience but the results to be able to share. So thank you so much.

Kathy Coover 37:53
No, thank you. Thank you. Oh, it's great to see you all have a great, great week. It's great, what a great way to start off the week, isn't it? And Merry Christmas to all of you and Happy New Year and really enjoy your family. I mean, you know a give people hugs and and tell them how much you appreciate them. It means everything. It means so much to people when you really do that. And make a conscious effort to go out there and do that and you'll feel better, your attitude will be up. And you'll just want to do more and more and more.

Susan Sly 38:27
Thank you Kathy. I hope you enjoyed listening to Kathy Coover and her incredible wisdom. And I would just encourage you to make sure you subscribe to the show, follow us on social on all the channels. Because 2024 is going to be amazing. We have so many incredible founders coming to share their raw and real wisdom with you. So with that, I want to wish you an amazing, amazing year ahead. Know that as many challenges as you've had or have endured, that you've got this, you really do and this can be your year. So with that, God bless. Go rock your day. And not only will I see you in the next episode, depending on when you're listening to this. I will see you in the next year.

Susan Sly 39:22
Hey this this Susan and thanks so much for listening to this episode on Raw and Real Entrepreneurship. If this episode or any episode has been helpful to you, you've gotten at least one solid tip from myself or my guests, I would love it if you would leave a five star review where ever you listen to podcast. After you leave your review, go ahead and email Let us know where you left the review. And if I read your review on air, you could get a $50 amazon gift card and we would so appreciate it because reviews do help boost the show and get this message all over the world. If you're interested in any of the resources we discussed on the show, go to That's where all the show notes live. And with that, go out there rock your day, God bless. And I will see you in the next episode.

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