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Be More Productive

Sometimes it can be tough to be more productive. As entrepreneurs, there will be times when the last thing you want to do is think about your business…

As an entrepreneur, we all will have times where we need to be more productive. We might say we are stuck in a rut. We might have difficulty finishing a task; maybe we temporarily lose vision of where we are headed in business, or perhaps we are so stressed out that we cannot focus.

Whatever the case is, know that every entrepreneur has obstacles to overcome, even the most successful ones.

When we are stuck, it is easy to become apathetic, and that struggle can bleed into all aspects of our lives. Having the breakthrough that allows us to return to productivity and clarity might take some effort, but the end result can be very beneficial, if not even transformational.

Be more productive like Robert Kiyosaki, when life kicks you down…

Robert Kiyosaki was once stuck in the entrepreneurial rut. After a semi successful wallet business ended up in bankruptcy and a failed t-shirt endeavor, Kiyosaki was 38 years old and had very little to show for it. Nine years later, he was able to retire at 47 as a multi-millionaire, although he still does write books and do some speaking engagements. I cannot promise that you will be able to retire rich within the next decade, but who knows? Maybe there will be that huge development that leads to greater prosperity, but at the very least, we can get back to focus, productivity, and clarity.

So how do we get out of that rut when we do find ourselves there? The following are some suggestions that will help us to get back on track with a renewed sense of purpose and passion:

1. Learn something new.

Whether related to our field or not, it is important to always be learning new things. Knowledge is power, and the more we know, the better equipped we will feel to handle anything in life.

2. Set a goal outside of your area.

Sometimes we just need to put our energy and focus on achieving a goal outside of what we do in business. By achieving a goal, we feel more confident and uplifted, and the apathy toward work will begin to fade.

3. Read.

Reading is a great way to distract our minds and put away whatever difficulties we might have at work. Try reading biographies of other successful people, and learn what habits they have used to become prosperous.

4. Take some time off.

Everyone needs to get away from time to time and recharge the battery. It could be a full blown vacation, or something as little as taking an afternoon away from the office and unplugging for a bit.

5. Set small achievable goals.

While it is important to have larger, long-term goals in business, they can often seem unattainable and far from reach. Try setting a few smaller goals that are more manageable along the way and see how productivity can increase.

If you find yourself stuck in the entrepreneurial rut and struggling with how to be more productive again, you are not alone. Even the most successful entrepreneurs have been there. There are ways to get through and back to the path of prosperity. I believe in you. You can be, do and have anything you want.

Watch the video below for how to overcome obstacles and dig yourself out of the entrepreneurial rut.

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