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David T.S. Wood and I have been friends for over a decade.  We have laughed together, cried together, had the occasional row, and definitely consumed some red wine.  David has recently taken a two-year hiatus from full-time business to simply enjoy his life.  Over the past two years, he has added more stamps to his passport, circumventing the globe meeting people and creating new experiences.

We connected recently to discuss living a life on purpose, releasing fears, and making a concerted decision to simplify.  David and I discussed leadership, shared memories of training events together including several of the breakthrough processes that we used to do.  During one event, David and I, had people breaking hunting arrows on their throats and he decided that the leaders should all do two.

People were nervous.  The process involves putting the point of an arrow into your throat and literally walking into it while your partner holds it.  In this process, we taught people to go in for a hug and not to think about the arrow.  That is a metaphor for life – those that can focus on the beauty of what is beyond the resistance often do well.  Those that focus on the resistance often become stuck.

Toward the end of our chat, David and I played a new game – truth or truth.  In this game, of which there is only one rule and that is to tell the truth regardless of what you are asked, we went to full transparency immediately.  David shared his recent drone encounter while making love on a Jet Ski in Mexico and I waxed poetic about my mattress.

I can promise you that this episode (Number 68) will have you inspired to become fearless, simplify, and ultimately have you laughing.

Susan Sly

Author Susan Sly

Susan Sly is considered a thought leader in AI, award winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker, best-selling author, and tech investor. Susan has been featured on CNN, CNBC, Fox, Lifetime, ABC Family, and quoted in Forbes Online, Marketwatch, Yahoo Finance, and more. She is the mother of four and has been working in human potential for over two decades.

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