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Clear the Clutter!!! Get Organized!

Organize your life when you clear the clutter… Organize your office and organize your home!

In the first weeks of class, much of the work the students do revolves around cleaning their office space.

Releasing clutter, becoming more organized and structured, and creating a proper working environment are the foundation of becoming more efficient and being more productive – and students immediately begin to save time and save money, both at home and in their business. Time to get organized!

I live by the thought that internal chaos is reflected back to us by external chaos.  When we look outward at our space we have mirrored back to us an amplification of something that is disharmonious within. That’s why it’s more important to clear the clutter and organize your office than you might think!

Tradition teaches that when we work on ourselves, the world changes before our eyes.  But I like to ask if the reverse be true – would changing our environment change us internally?

Could something as simple as changing our surroundings stimulate internal change? When you clear the clutter and organize your office or organize your house – can it transform your life?

Clearing the clutter and beginning to release some of the chaos will ‘lighten the load’ in your busy, and sometimes hectic, life. The faster you start to dig in, the better you are going to feel.

Enjoy these inspiring photos from some of our students to see what happens when you get organized.

Purging unnecessary items is the first place to start, and as you purge any room there will be three ways to release any excess:

Toss It

– items that are broken, beyond repair, and that no one could physically use. I am a big believer in donating; however, some things are too far gone and there is generally only one option.

Clothing with tears, deep stains or holes can be tossed also.  Get cardboard boxes for your ‘toss’ items.  Label the boxes meant for tossing with a marker.

Recycle It

– old electronics, batteries, plastics, cardboard, paper (you will shred important documents), scrap metals, paint cans, etc. These are all recyclable.  Boxes are ideal again.  Label the boxes meant for recycling.

Donate It

– the items that our considered excess for us, are often those that are very much needed by someone else.  Over the years I have worked with many women’s drop-in centers whose needs change seasonally. They also required certain items of clothing year round.  Contact your local shelters first and see if there are any immediate needs – you may be surprised.

Let’s consider that you are  already overwhelmed to some degree.  Carving out hours upon hours to clear clutter, although desirable, may ultimately feel like a delusion.  Breaking things down into bite-sized pieces is essential.

Could you deal with five things in five minutes?  Absolutely!!

As you contemplate the items that are in the area of your home that you have chosen to focus on first, simply ask yourself the following questions:

Have I used this in the last five years?

Will I use this in the next five years?

Have I used this in the last five months?

Will I use this in the next five months?

Have I used this in the last five weeks?

Will I use this in the next five weeks?

Have I used this in the last five days?

Will I use this in the next five days?

Have I used this in the last five hours

Will I use this in the next five hours?

We all require breathing space; it creates greater harmony in our lives.  When we are in this place, where we have released things that remind us of unpleasant memories, excess, or anything that disrupts our soul, we profoundly shift our reality.  You may think that clearing clutter is simply about tidying up a mess – trust me, it is about so much more than that. Once your surroundings are clear of chaos, then your mind will begin to work with greater clarity and focus as well.

Way to go Organize Your Life Class!



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