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The number 1 killer of productivity is lack of organization. Get organized and get productive.

Don’t believe me? A 2013 survey by market research firm, Brother, estimated that the cost of disorganization to US companies is $177 billion annually. When you combine the time spent searching for misplaced items in the office with the time spent searching for lost files on the computer, $177 billion is the value of the productivity lost.

And it’s not just the lost time that can be detrimental to your bottom line. Disorganization can also impact how others view you and your business.

The cluttered, disorganized, workspace is considered unprofessional by 86 percent of respondents. Worse, 80 percent agree that someone who is disorganized hurts the productivity of the whole office. Most people would certainly shy away from doing business with someone whose desk is a disastrous mess, loses important files, and can’t stay on schedule.

Lastly, disorganized people also tend to feel worse about themselves. An Office Max survey from 2011 found that 40% of people say that disorganization leaves them feeling unhappy. 65% say that clutter affects their state of mind, and 53% say that disorganization reduces motivation. In addition, the stress of feeling unprepared for work-related meetings, sales calls, etc. can also be extremely detrimental, as stress has been proven to contribute to heart disease, depression, and several other illnesses.

Whether you are a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or a professional, we could all benefit from being better organized. The amount of time and money saved just from not having to search for lost or misplaced items can be widely impactful; moreover, when we become better at creating our schedule, leveraging time, streamlining communications, and cultivating healthy relationships, the sky is the limit.

The most successful people (or at least the majority of them) are also some of the most organized people. They have tight schedules and cannot afford to waste time. After all, someone who makes $2 million per year has an hourly wage that is calculated at $1000 per hour. Would you waste time if you earned $16.67 per minute? Heck no! Spend 5 minutes looking for your keys and you just burned $83.

Value your time. Become more productive. Think like a millionaire. Organize Your Life!

 Susan Sly is a best selling author, speaker and entrepreneur. She has appeared on CNN, CNBC, Fox, Lifetime Television and the CBN. Susan is the mother of four children and resides in Scottsdale, Ariz




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