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Danny Hawman, and his family have endured cancer, losing their home in a natural disaster, and many other life events that would have crushed anyone’s spirits. Danny, however, has used the power of gratitude to not only survive these challenges but to thrive through them.

As an entrepreneur, team leader, and author, Danny shares his strategies on how to thrive through the tough times.



Danny Hawman is a dedicated husband and father of four. He and his wife, Amber, have faced life’s challenges (including destruction of a home, bankruptcy, and most recently a cancer diagnosis) with faith and optimism. By day, Danny is an Executive Vice President of Technology Marketing Toolkit, where he and his team help clients harness the power of consistent processes and automation. “By night,” Danny is co-host of the growing podcast “Life Is Awesome,” he serves in his church as a youth advisor and mentor and he is author of the recently published book, “Santa Claus and the True Meaning of Christmas.” Danny and his family live in Arizona and are desperate for Disneyland to reopen.

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