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Life hacks are intelligent shortcuts that we can take in our daily lives – work, professional, and personal – to live more efficiently, be more productive and experience better work life balance.

While mobile phones have definitely made life more convenient, if not used responsibly, they too can become a huge time drain. On the other hand, as life hacks, they can have awesome utility in management our lives as well.

There are some very good mobile apps available today that as life hacks – can actually help us to achieve work life balance by assisting with our time management, enabling and empowering us to be more productive.

Let’s examine 7 time management and organization apps that are life hacks – helping us be more productive and manage our time more effectively…

Be More Productive with PRODUCTIVE 

Productive says it will “Build good habits. Organize your life.”

This app lets you build a routine of positive, life-changing, habits. Within this app, you will completely plan your day – morning, afternoon, and evening.

Of course, while Productive says it’s a ‘good habit creator’, it’s also a tremendous tool for maintaining – or creating – work life balance too! It wants you to set productivity goals in every area of your life and use the app to ensure you improve all-around productivity and not just be more productive in a single area.

As you check things off, you will generate “streaks” of productivity with positive reinforcing feedback visible within the app. It also helps to increase focus and keep your attention on the now instead of too far into the future which can be overwhelming.

Increase Focus with Focus Zen 

The magic of music and tones – and their ability to help you increase focus and improve concentration – is becoming more and more well known.

Focus Zen takes that to the next level with “white noise” and background-type music / sound files that help you increase focus and be more focused. There are even options to help you be more confident and be more productive too! With Focus Zen, you can even set Pomodoro timers! {link “Pomodoro” to the post on Pomodoro}

Learn to Read Faster to Get More Done in Less Time with Accelerated Speed Reading Trainer

There is no doubt that we spend a great portion of our day reading. Whether it be emails, news, trade papers, whitepapers, or reports, we are always reading. What if you could learn to read faster? Would you get more done in less time? The Accelerated Speed Reading Trainer says, “Yes!”

This app claims that most people only read at 50% of their capability and this wastes valuable time. The creators also say that learning to read faster helps you be more productive – a huge factor in achieving work life balance. They even claim you can see results and learn to read faster in as little as 10 days!

Block and Flow to Increase Productivity and Improve Time Management 

One of the biggest roadblocks to being able to increase productivity is not only poor time management but also getting sidetracked or distracted.

This app is based on time-tested and trusted time management technique – the Pomodoro Technique™. It allows you to break down any activity into a 25 minute “timebox” to help you do more in less time. It even enables you to increase focus – or increase focus – by requiring you to give yourself regular and frequent breaks between work stretches and blocks of work (an integral part of the Pomodoro Technique™).

Block & Flow also gives you positive feedback (and motivation to continue and stick with your time management efforts) by showing your completed “blocks”. You can also gain better control over your time by allowing you to see where your time goes.

Goal Setting with Brian Tracy – Life Goals Task Planner and GTD Habits Productivity Coaching

This app claims to be, “Your personal goals achievement and success coaching system.”

Work life balance has always been a focal area for Brian Tracy. His app helps you plan, prioritize, and achieve goals in your personal and professional life.

There is a step-by-step goal setting process and a unique set of tools help to boost productivity and reach your goals you set faster.


  • Complete life management and goal achievement system
  • Identify areas where you need improvement and need more balanced living (work life balance)
  • A smart goal setting process to ensure you focus on those most important goals
  • Helps with effective action planning, time management, and task management to help you be more in control of your time

Productivity Wizard – Increase Productivity and Meet Goals Faster 

This app calls itself, “Your personal productivity booster and goal achievement system.”

This is a get things done faster system – it helps you plan, focus, and create the results you want in all areas of your life.

This app also includes tools to boost productivity and increase motivation. It has a simple interface to help you set goals, create an action plan, set effective and balanced daily rituals (great for work life balance!), boost creativity, and get things done! Also assists with goal achievement, gaining clarity, and instilling a sense of accomplishment.

30/30 Is A Timer App That Is a Simplified Pomodoro Approach to Help You Stay on Track and Get Things Done Fast! 

The premise behind 30/30 is that setting a timer – and seeing it as you are working on a task – helps you to stay on task and get more done quicker. Basically, it helps you get things done fast!

It’s also really simple to use and you just gesture to move on to the next task. Keep track of, “What am I supposed to do now? How much time do I have left to do it?”


The Cheerleader App Gives You Just That – Your Personal Cheerleader to Help You Stay Motivated, Be More Positive, and Be More Confident Too! 

Who doesn’t need their own cheerleader now and then?

Sometimes we all need help being more positive, to be more confident, and someone to help us stop procrastinating or put an end to procrastination once and for all.

If you’re having trouble staying on task or having problems finishing work that you started, cheerleader may be able to help. Choose the time when you need a pick me up to keep going and your cheerleader message helps you get back on track and stay on track.

You really can’t go wrong with any of the options mentioned. Basically, anything that can help you get on track and stay focused will likely improve your time management and help you get more accomplished.  

We hope you find some of these apps useful but we’d also like to hear from you. Share your favorite productivity or time management app in the comments below!


Susan Sly is a Balanced Living and Productivity Expert.  She is an author, speaker and entrepreneur.  She has appeared on CNN, CNBC, Fox and Lifetime Television.  Susan is the mother of five children.  She, and her husband, Chris, reside in Scottsdale, Arizona.





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