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 “Like my mother, I was always saying, ‘I’ll fix my life one day.’ It became clear when I saw her die without fulfilling her dreams that my time was now or maybe never.”

—Liz Murray, Speaker

Every night before my children go to sleep I tell them this, “You can be, do and have anything you dream.”

Everyone in the world has a different set of challenges but take it from me never let these challenges or obstacles stop you from achieving your dreams.

Liz Murray is just one of those exceptional women who have inspired me to never stop dreaming. Enjoy this excerpt about Elizabeth Murray’s story from my book The Have It All Women.

 Elizabeth (Liz) Murray was born on September 23rd 1980 in the Bronx to two drug-addicted parents who would quickly spend any welfare payments on heroin and cocaine.

To say that her life was hard would be an understatement.

At one point, Liz and her sister split a tube of toothpaste because they were desperate for something to eat.

When they were hungry, they would eat ice cubes to simulate the experience of chewing on food.

It hadn’t always been this way. Liz’s parents had once been hippies and then became regulars on the Disco scene.

A mild drug habit turned into a raging one that led to the demise of the family.

Even when the family was at the lowest point, Liz’s mother would continue to say, “Things are going to get better.”

Liz carried this mantra through as her life began to unravel.

As a child she was infrequent to school and when she did show up she was often lice-ridden and severely malnourished.

By the age of fifteen, Liz’s mother died and her father was moved to a homeless shelter. Liz was now of cially living on the streets full-time. Her sister found refuge on a friend’s sofa.

Liz made a decision to turn her life around and entered high school.

Despite not having regularly attended school, she graduated in just two years and went on to receive a full scholarship to Harvard.

It was Liz’s courageous decision to not be a victim of circumstance that has her now living an entirely different life as a motivational speaker and best-selling author of Breaking Night: A Memoir of Forgiveness Survival, My Journey from Homeless to Harvard .

Like Liz, you may be going through some tough times. You may be close to financial devastation or relying on a shelter system.

Perhaps, financially things are all right, but your health is poor or you are on the verge of an emotional breakdown.

Take courage in Liz’s story and make a decision right now, that no matter what, you are going to turn things around and create a new, more positive outcome for yourself.

Susan Sly is a best-selling author, speaker, trainer and entrepreneur.  She specializes in helping individuals, and organizations, become more productive.  She resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband, Chris.  Susan is the mother of four children and loves her life! To connect with Susan, visit



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