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I believe I will be a student of Susan Sly for the rest of my life. Prior to learning the OYL Principles, I had been experiencing some struggle within my home-based business and my personal life. It seemed like I would gain momentum only to be knocked back down. I’m a yoga instructor and martial artist, so I meditate and incorporate mindfulness into my daily tasks. But I couldn’t seem to get a handle on this “something” that was stirring up every area of my life. Through the OYL Principles, I had discovered that one of the reasons I had been stumbling instead of moving forward was because I was getting in my own way and allowing myself to hang onto things that no longer served me. The momentum I felt was immediate once the clearing process began. There were shifts in my business and personal life that began to happen and it felt phenomenal. I was able to close out the month with my highest commissions in my MLM business, and I had other financial opportunities and dreams arise. The greatest gain came from seeing my team transform as I transformed myself. The inner growth that occurred within me by addressing the fears, releasing them, and putting things into action created the drive for each of my team members. It literally shifted how I worked with them, how I responded to them, and how I ultimately began to lead them.

A monumental shift occurred in the middle of learning the Principles. When I openly admitted that I didn’t have my “stuff” together, which was the cause for where I was before starting the program, I felt something inside of me open up. It was as if something was removed, and I felt lighter and free. I always lived my life, in other people’s eyes, as a go-getter. I was the unstoppable girl who would accomplish anything to live up to expectations of how others defined me. I avoided telling the truth of the financial bind I was in because I thought I would be seen as weak. The growth I experienced as I began to apply the Principles brought me to a place where I knew that it was ok. Because I knew that the only way I could grow was if I acknowledged the stumbles and embraced them as mine. On a personal level, I’ve stopped playing small in my relationships by creating boundaries and no longer accepting mediocrity. Instead of feeling sad of letting go of something, I feel at peace in knowing that by setting things free, I am allowing what is right to enter my life. I would never have come to this place of momentum and peace so quickly if I hadn’t begun to apply the OYL Principles to every aspect of my life.



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