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Organize Your Life® – Business Academy

Do you have a great idea that you would like to turn into an online business? 

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed when it comes to figuring out how to market yourself online? 

Do you have some basic knowledge of social media and marketing but are unsure of how to implement it?

In Organize Your Life®– Business Academy, our goal is to help you become empowered, stop wasting time, start articulating clearly to your service providers exactly what it is you want, and get you in profit mode quickly.

In today’s business landscape, people are creating five, six, multiple six, seven, and multiple seven figure businesses online with little to no experience.  What they have is a good idea and the key steps to effectively launch a business.

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What You Will Learn:

  • How to take your idea and develop it into a marketable business.

  • How to take existing products, or services, and bundle them to make them more attractive in this competitive environment.

  • How to create videos that get more views.

  • How to write email copy that people actually read.

  • How to brand yourself.

  • How to create an irresistible offer.

  • How to build a solid email list.

  • How to implement your work.

This Program Includes:

  • 6 sessions of live training with Susan Sly

    Expanded program – 2 sessions at 90 minutes, 4 sessions at 120 minutes each.

As someone who already runs a very large organization and Million Dollar Business, I was looking for a way to become more efficient and automated so that my time would be more available for my strengths and have a higher profit margin. When it came to learning these things, there is noone I trust and respect more than Susan Sly. She doesn’t just teach it, she is doing it. EVERYDAY. Walking her talk, she is in the trenches with us and genuinely cares that we understand the how and the WHY behind it all. If you are looking to Level Up your business in every aspect, this is a MUST course for you.

Tracy O'Malley

“I’m currently taking a graduate-level business course with the esteemed Susan Sly, but the cool thing … the registration is a fraction of the cost of universities, and it’s real-life business skills that I get to apply it to my business NOW. I’m studying social media, analytics, building landing pages, lead generation, blogging, and so much more. Thank you Susan for an amazing Business Academy!”

Dawn Rhodes

Prior to taking business academy, I had no idea how to shift from being self employed to creating passive income. I already had a successful business but the truth is, even working for myself, I was still trading time for money. During the eight short weeks of business academy, I was able to build a solid foundation that will allow me to do what I love, serve in a greater capacity and I have already started generating income from my online business. 

Jessica Leichtweisz

“Business Academy exceeded my expectations in preparing me to be a successful business owner and social media influencer. From the very first class when we talked about Red Ocean/ Blue Ocean to the final project submission today, I have gained knowledge and insight into my strengths and weaknesses as an individual and business woman.”

Amy Garbacz

Programs like this generally cost at least $5000 or more.  Often, they are not taught live.  Over the years, we have spent a fortune learning these techniques and our goal is for you not to waste another dollar and instead become empowered so that when you do hire people, you know precisely what to ask for and are not left hanging in the dark.

Unfortunately, this is an intimate program and we only take a small number of people.


Registration Is Now Closed!


Product Creation

In this week, we will be taking what you do, and are passionate about, and bundling it into a product.  If you already have a product, you will be bundling ‘extras’ around it so that it is more enticing.


Branding Your Product

This week we will be branding your product.  From simple tips to create color schemes to the creation of images that sell.  This week, you will become your own branding expert.


How to Create Videos That Captivate People

In this week, we will learn a simple NLP (neuro linguistic formula) model to help you create great videos that you shoot yourself or develop with programs like Renderforest™.


How to Write Email Copy That People Actually Read

Ah yes – email!  Love it or not, email is still a very effective method to communicate with your list.  In this week, we will show you how to create effective email copy.


Creating an Irresistible Offer

Your irresistible offer can be a video series, book, free coaching session, or coupon for your product.  This will encourage people to opt-in to you list.


Creating Your List

In order to market your product, you must have a list.  Your Facebook™ personal page is not enough!  Lists come from opt-ins and this week you will create consistent means to have people opt-in to your list.


Implementing Your Work

You are going to ready to go with your sweet new program.  This week we will talk about how to unleash your work.

The Hustle!

In this session we will put the finishing touches on your plan and be ready for your launch.

In this week, you will get out there and hustle.  Your favorite word is ‘yes!’ From getting yourself in front of people at a networking event to being a guest on someone’s podcast – you are out to promote you and that requires hustle!  If you are really good – you can earn an interview on Susan’s podcast.

Our Schedule:  Each class meets at 1:00 pm est.

  • Class 1: Wed. Nov. 7 – 90 minutes
  • Class 2: Wed. Nov. 14  – 90 minutes
  • Class 3: Wed. Nov. 21 – 120 minutes
  • Class 4: Tues. Nov 27 – 120 minutes – Please note this class is on a TUESDAY.
  • Class 5: Tues. Dec. 4 – 120 minutes – Please note this class is on a TUESDAY.
  • Class 6: Wed. Dec. 12 – 120 minutes
Registration Is Now Closed!
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