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Success!!! Organized It!!!

Meet Organize Your Life Class Champion Harvey S.

Week one of Organize Your Life for Entrepreneurs and I am blown away. The level of determination in this class is epic. Small steps make the biggest difference.

We will always have detours on the way to our final destination but they can be handled with calm and clarity if we are organized. That’s the goal of the Organize Your Life class.

I can not say enough about Harvey so I will let him…

Harvey’s Journey in the Organize Your Life Class

What motivated me to start OYL – Organize Your Life?

There’s a few reasons: I’ve recently gone through a lot of personal changes over the last several months that started with leaving my previous company, going through a difficult separation, selling my house, moving, and a few others. 

I made a decision I wanted to improve in SEVERAL of aspects of my life.

The saying goes “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”…and there was Susan and OYL:)

 After a brief discussion with a friend and business partner who had gone through OYL – the Organize Your Life class – it became clear this was a perfect fit.

 It was important to me to make this transition in life as seamless and productive as possible.

Having a healthy balance, maintaining values, and keeping a very productive schedule are all paramount, since I have 2 amazing young boys, ages 9 & 11, who I love being a present and active dad for – I want to continue to set the best example I can for them.

Susan has done it all with grace, integrity, a successful marriage/family with 5 kids, many successful businesses and now an industry powerhouse.

If you want to have what millionaires have, DO what millionaires DO!

Who better to learn from than someone who has not only DONE IT but also helped others achieve it…





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