Are You Playing Small? Feeling Overwhelmed? Procrastinating?  Not Achieving Your Goals?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then Organize Your Life® is for you.

Many people, just like you, are challenged to prioritize, stay organized, and create supportive routines that allow them to achieve their goals.  They write endless ‘to-do’ lists, are buried in Post-It notes, and although they have great intentions, find that their lives are in a state of perpetual chaos that not only affects them, but also those around them.  They want to be organized but just don’t know how.

You do not need another magazine or to waste copious hours pouring over your friend’s photos of their immaculate home.  What you need is to roll up your sleeves and take a focused approach with a CEO, self-made millionaire, highly trained, NLP certified, mother of five, who has been teaching high achievers for over 20 years.

If you think that I am going to teach you how to write another ‘to-do’ list that you never finish, you are wrong.  My unique approach to getting organized includes mental, physical, and spiritual organization.  I actually believe that work-life balance can exist and that yes – you can have it all.

You may be a procrastinator, like many of my students previously were, however my questions are these – why not you?  Why not now?  Don’t you deserve to make 2019 your most organized year yet?  Doesn’t your family earn the right to have you show up in a productive, high functioning manner?  The answer is YES.

Now – what are you waiting for?  Let’s get going and get you organized.


Program Starts Sept. 24/19.

Power Price $497.00 per attendee

Susan Sly started Step Into Your Power™ because she believes that you can have it all – optimal healthfulfilling relationships, and money to support the life you desire. Susan also knows that this isn’t going to happen if you are not organized.

You must get organized to achieve your personal best. Susan’s Organize Your Life® course helps you do just that.

Organize Your Life – The Fundamentals is designed to get your personal life on track. In this class, best-selling author, speaker, entrepreneur, marathon runner, and mother of five, Susan Sly, teaches you how to clear the chaos out of your life and become more efficient.  When you have this foundation, it is incredible what you can accomplish.

Each Organize Your Life® class begins with celebrating your victories, live coaching, and some Q&A based on whatever is happening in the class. All classes are recorded so if you have to miss one – you can watch on your own time. Reminders are sent out weekly as are the course re-caps. All students are put into a private accountability group for support, idea sharing and mentorship.

Week One – We Teach the World How to Treat Us

Learn how your external world is a reflection of your internal world. Discover the easy strategy for managing excess. Find out how your programming determines your results.  Take massive action in getting rid of clutter in the areas that are creating the greatest negativity in your life.

Week Two – Your Ultimate Schedule

Jim Rohn used to ask, ‘Are you running your life or is your life running you?’ In this lesson we will dive deep into scheduling. From incorporating date nights, kids, workouts, business, and life – learn how to manage it all effectively and productively.

Week Three – Taming Your Technology

Are you wasting time on technology? Are you making the best use of your gadgets and apps? Are you a slave to your devices? Learn how to take back control and organize this key area of your life.

Week Four – Revolutionizing Your Relationships with these Relationship Hacks

What decreases the risk of your child getting into trouble? How can you revive a primary relationship? Can you set boundaries with toxic people? In this class we cover all of these hot topics and more.

Week Five – Managing Your Money

It is one thing to make money; it is another thing to keep it. The more organized we are, the more likely we are to hold onto the green stuff. In this course we cover everything from banking, to wills, to staying on top of receipts. Yes – Susan even has a way of making accounting fun!

Week Six – Keeping It Going

Our students often see results very quickly and they want to keep things going. In this class we cover strategies for maintaining high levels of productivity.

Note – Susan re-arranges course content each session according to the needs of the participants. She may exchange weeks, invite special guests, or spend more time on one topic if students require extra help. The goal is for people to see results.

  • Fast and easy techniques to release your resistance, stop procrastinating, and get rid of fears about getting organized.
  • How to use the power of intention to define what you want to be, do and have in your home and in your life.
  • Tips to clean, declutter and simplify each space in your home – this includes specific tips on how to organize your office  and organize your home
  • How one student ‘found’ $17,000 due to the secrets taught inside the course.
  • And much more…

Program meets for 6 consecutive weeks/1 hour per week

Course Schedule:  Program meets 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm eastern.

  • Class 1: Tues. Sept. 24
  • Class 2: Tues. Oct. 1
  • Class 3: Tues. Oct. 8
  • Class 4: Tues. Oct. 15
  • Class 5: Tues. Oct. 22
  • Class 6: Tues. Oct. 29

Purchase Policy

“I’ve been an adult for 33 years and it took just one hour of Susan Sly’s – ‘The Fundamentals’ class to change my perspective and feelings about how I conduct, live and own my life so I am more effective.   Susan is acutely tuned into what holds us back from living happier and productive lives.  She teaches how to address the monkeys on our backs, so we can be liberated to live the lives we deserve.  I am on a high and continue to be as this class progresses.  I now have standards that will guide me and change my life.  Thank you Susan Sly for kicking off my 2017 on a major personal and professional high!”

Denise Wiggins

Susan’s ‘Organize Your Life’ class is inspirational, proactive and profitable! Learning how to truly breakdown my daily schedule has been a major breakthrough for production and profit in my Enterprise. I have been inspired to celebrate small daily victories and have attracted like minded Entrepreneurs into my life. Thank you for an exceptional class and a outstanding return on my investment!

Kim Players

Susan’s Sly is a natural and magnificent teacher. The viable and sustainable systems offered in her Organize Your Life webinar series addressed the ‘real life’ concerns that were hindering my personal and professional success. For the ‘Have It All Life Pyramid’, ‘creating a clearing’ and my favourite…’binder filling!’, I am grateful to Susan Sly for her guidance in reaching my goals.

Lisa Peacock Boyuk

Reflecting on recent success in my business and a breakthrough in my mindset, I found that much credit can be given to the skills I learned and developed in this course. Being organized and disciplined was lacking and so very required for the rank advancement in my business that I desired and deserved and achieved! Thank you!

Andrea Frassoni