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Relationship hacks help us build or improve relationships quickly.

Often, due to the busy lives we lead today, we may find ourselves in need of quick ways to improve relationships. This may include shortcuts to developing a connection with someone new or strengthening the relationships we already have.

Of course, we always desire methods of improving relationships that don’t further zap the precious little time and energy we have to spare.

That’s when relationship hacks come in handy!

We know strong interpersonal relationships are vital to leading a full and successful life.  Additionally, we know all the things we could do and should do to develop and nurture those relationships.

It’s just that a lot of those things we know we need to do to improve relationships often require us to give more of ourselves than we have available.

Using relationship hacks to improve relationships doesn’t imply you’re lazy. Likewise, it doesn’t mean your relationship-building efforts are half-hearted.

Like any other ‘hacks’, relationship hacks are simply shortcuts to the results you desire.

In fact, the really good relationship hacks aren’t truly hacks at all. They are just little things that all-too-often fall by the wayside that we can do to improve relationships . Yet, when we reinstate them, make the people we meet – and those already in our lives – feel hugely cherished and important.

Here are 5 relationship hacks that take no real time or big effort but help you connect – or re-connect – with others quicker and easier.

  • Relationship Hacks #1: Look into people’s eyes when you speak with them

This makes people feel you’re vested in the interaction. It indicates connection and demonstrates they – and what they are saying – really matter to you. It’s also proven the more important you make another person feel, the more positively they view you.

  • Relationship Hacks #2: Really listen when others are speaking

When listening to someone, really hear to the words they are speaking. Additionally, try to absorb what they are saying. Wait until they have finished talking before pausing and responding. When you do, make sure it’s with a comment or specific feedback about something they said instead of something you want to say. Asking a follow up question gets you bonus points!

  • Relationship Hacks #3: Give a sincere compliment with an example

This is especially effective. Often, we are too busy competing with others that we forget the value of a sincere compliment. This is another example where when you build up the ego of another, it has an inverse effect.  It increases the positive feelings of the recipient toward the person issuing the compliment.

  • Relationship Hacks #4: Praise a job well done

This is similar to #3 above, but usually goes more to the heart of the other person’s core values. Pride in oneself is something everyone needs to feel valuable and accomplish his or her very best.

Therefore, telling another person you are proud of something they have accomplished (or are even in the process of accomplishing) can totally transform a lot. This includes not only the way they feel about themselves and what they are able to do as a result, but also your interpersonal relationship with them.

  • thank-you-515514_640Relationship Hacks #5: Don’t forget the value of the personal note

In these days of email, text, tweets, and snapchats, the impact of a handwritten note or letter has almost totally been forgotten. This is a super quick way to speak volumes to another person about their value to you! Consequently, you will find this appreciation deepens their commitment to your values and objectives.

As promised, none of these relationship hacks takes any real time or require you to ‘go out of your way’ to any significant degree. But the benefits to your relationships – potential or existing – might just be immeasurable!

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Susan Sly is a Balanced Living and Productivity Expert.  She is an author, speaker and entrepreneur.  She has appeared on CNN, CNBC, Fox and Lifetime Television.  Susan is the mother of five children.  She, and her husband, Chris, reside in Scottsdale, Arizona.



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