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Sometimes, success principles are considered life hacks, business hacks, or even relationship hacks. In other words, “shortcuts” that – when followed correctly – allow you to achieve a desired outcome faster, with fewer obstacles, and greater potentiality.

Time… there never seems to be enough of it and we always want more. Yet, when we have it, we often find ourselves wasting it.

Why? Usually, because many of us have poor time management. Poor time management skills have been the downfall of many a would-be successful entrepreneur. And what is the worst of these poor time management skills? Procrastination.

Want to know how to organize your life and achieve greater work-life balance? Stop procrastination and you will see magical things begin to happen.

When you stop procrastinating, your personal development and professional development will shift dramatically. This is a success principle because as you tackle this habit, you will begin to experience greater personal and professional success.

Success principle: Better organize your time – better organize your LIFE – with these 2 simple time management tips. Get rid of procrastination once and for all.

Stop Procrastination with Time Management Tip #1 – Organize Your Time

Plan your time carefully and thoroughly. Set a schedule for each project and task you need to do.

One of the greatest reasons people procrastinate is because the job at hand is overwhelming. When anyone is overwhelmed, the tendency is to “look away” and divert attention elsewhere. This is also when procrastination comes into play.

Procrastination is the diverted attention. It’s a way of avoiding the overwhelm. Yet, in reality, it just makes it worse.

On the other hand, when you get organized, you take control of your time and you become the master again. Likewise, overwhelm is reduced and the attraction of procrastination is minimized.

Procrastination Buster Time Management Tip #2 – Organize Your Space to Organize Your Life

When you organize your space, you do several things actually, that help to stop procrastination.

First, the obvious way getting organized helps you stop procrastinating, is things are easier to find. This saves you time and energy and puts you in a more productive space in general.

Second, when you get organized, it clears your head. It’s been proven that when you get organized in your physical space, it optimizes your mental space as well.

While different, both these benefits of getting organized are actually very similar. At least as they relate to time management and your ability to stop procrastinating.

See, they both boil down to one fact. They decrease the internal resistance that is the primary driving factor in procrastination.

When you have nothing in your “space” to claim your energy, your resistance to working is diminished. With the diminished resistance, you are then able to feel more productive. In turn, this decreases your desire to procrastinate and thereby, increases your ability to be more productive too.



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