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Work-Life Balance Tips: Put It Away! The Out-of-Sight, Out-of-Mind Benefits of Locking Up Your Mobile Phone


There are many work-life balance tips out there. Probably one of the most effective in this day and age, includes locking up your mobile phone for the weekend…

In researching work-life balance tips, I read recently that Ivanka Trump, the tycoon and multi-preneur, puts her mobile phone away for twenty-four hours to honor the Sabbath. Having converted to Judaism, Ms. Trump reportedly made a decision to shut down from sundown on Friday until sundown on Saturday. She proclaims it is liberating!

Years ago, I made the same decision. I decided to turn off my phone at sundown on Saturday night until Monday morning. At first I feared clients, customers and associates would be less than supportive of my decision.

What I didn’t expect was the number of people who cheered me on. Instead of being condemned, although a few people have been a little put-off when they couldn’t reach me on Sunday, the vast majority have instead found it inspiring.

Thus, this is one of the first work-life balance tips I often share with friends, family, and students.

We live in interesting times; we are essentially available 24/7. This is the first time in history that with a click of a button or the proclamation, made into our voice receptor, we can simply reach another human being anytime and anyplace.

Thinking back to just two centuries ago, if someone wanted to connect with another person they had to physically go to find them, or send a minion to do it.

Our work-life balance tips are meant to help you live a more balanced life so that you can be more relaxed, be happier, and enjoy your life to a greater extent.

Today, many people live, breathe and exist with their phone as an appendage.

An article in the Daily Mail reported that the average smart phone user picks up their phone 1500 times per week and spends over three hours per day using it.

Essentially one day each week, in total, is dedicated to smart phone use. We are using our phones more, supposedly, so we can be more efficient. However, how healthy is it?

Check out these stats we found about the effects and impact of this constant connection:

A study conducted at the University of Essex, in the U.K., found that people who communicated face-to-face and yet had their mobile phone in view, were perceived less positively than those who didn’t.

Another study at the University of Gothenburg, in Sweden, concluded that increased mobile phone use caused sleeplessness and stress in women and depression in Men.

According to the National Safety Council, 1,600,000 accidents are caused annually in America because of people texting and driving. Tisha Nolan, our C.O.O. actually locks her mobile in the trunk when she is driving to avoid temptation.

Some states and provinces have created laws that penalize motorists for holding their phone while at the wheel.

This is something I wish would be strongly, universally, adopted.

Several years ago, one of our students was killed by someone texting and driving on the freeway when she went out on a grocery run. She was a young mom and entrepreneur.

Hey, I am not perfect. I have picked up my mobile on Sunday, especially if I am traveling or speaking at an event. I have also texted at a red light.

The thing I know to be true is that being a slave to our mobile devices is not healthy and most certainly takes us out of balance. It is very difficult to have life balance with this constant connection.

This week I challenge you to adopt this most important of work-life balance tips and schedule some time to ‘put it away!’

Hide your phone in a drawer or lock it in the trunk when you are driving. Make a commitment to unplug from time to time; weekly is the best. You will be fresher, healthier, safer and definitely more balanced.

Susan Sly is an author, award nominated speaker and entrepreneur. She has appeared on Lifetime Television, the CBN, ABC Family, been quoted in Forbes Magazine online and more. Susan is the mother of five children and devoted wife to her husband Chris. To book Susan for a speaking event and to find out more go to


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